Episode 1 Barbara Stone Peoples President 2024 – Welcome to Barbara Stone Live

In this Episode 1, we will discuss: 1. how the U.S. government is waging a war against humanity by stealing, stripping and depriving the public of our Unalienable Rights; 2. enlightening the public about their Unalienable Rights and that their Rights are their most precious, valuable and important possessions; 3. To WAKE UP AMERICA and the WORLD that the crimes committed by the deprivation of our Unalienable Rights are the worst possible crimes under international laws known as Atrocity Crimes. We are in a U.S. Holocaust far worse than any in the history of the world; 4. To reveal some of the tactics used to divert the public from understanding the true agenda of the U.S. war on humanity is to enslave its population and confiscate their assets, their families, their liberty and their lives by stealing their Unalienable Rights; 5. That the Atrocity Crimes can only be remedied by the lawful actions of We the People; 6. that the only way remedy can happen is for the public to stop deluding itself that the government is going to self-correct its systemic, deliberate and highly profitable human trafficking crime syndicate. Just as was stated in the Declaration of Independence, we are stating “To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”