Ep.72: Peter Mark Adams on The Power of the Healing Field and Energy Healing

In this episode we speak with author, poet, esotericist, and energy healing practitioner about his new book The Power of the Healing Field: Energy Medicine, Psi Abilities, and Ancestral Healing, some of the different modalities available that work with subtle energies, from EFT (meridian tapping), to Reiki, to Mind Connection Healing (that his partner Kenzie developed) and more! We talk about different states of consciousness, from rational to intuitive, empathetic to psychic and all the way up to unitive mystical states. We talk about entity attachment and removal, about the importance of coming from a place of service, what the “Field” is, and the ethical framework integral to it. There’s also an upcoming event we share about in the intro called the Plant Spirit Herbalism Summit hosted by our friend Sara Artemisia (see Episode 36 of our podcast to listen to us interviewing her). Use this link to view more info, register for free or purchase the all-access pass for the weekends’ recordings https://www.plantspiritherbalismsummi…. That’s our unique affiliate link so we will be getting a percentage of any sales, so it’s a great way to support the show while soaking up the wisdom of some amazing plant people like Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood, Margi Flint and many more. The event is March 18-20th online and has 33 amazing speakers total sharing about their special connection to plants. See you there.