Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine

There is something bigger happening in the world currently, way beyond what we see on a 3D level. The mind can’t grasp it, no matter how much you try to “figure it out” by trying to stay updated on an intellectual level through the alternative or mainstream news. However, there is a great opportunity at this moment in history and there is a huge spiritual lesson for humanity occurring right now more than anything else; yet, this opportunity holds no guarantee.

The world is going through a massive change and it won’t just get back to “normal” in a few weeks or months. In fact, there is no “normal” to go back to as the world was never “normal” to begin with. For most of us what we might see is a world gone “crazy”; but what we are really seeing is that the pathologies, control mechanisms, and shadows are coming more and more to light. Everything that most people have ignored and avoided looking at, within themselves and within the world, is rising up to be faced and transmuted.

As I’ve written before, this process is primarily one of Death and Rebirth and facing the shadow of yourself (personal) and of the world (collective); for both are interconnected and cannot be separated. The old needs to die before the new can be reborn. It’s an alchemical process. For those who can see through the lies of the mainstream propaganda know—there is a deeper agenda at works here; one which has produced an artificial crisis and exaggerated this “pandemic” to further the globalist NWO agenda. This is not a “conspiracy theory” anymore, as there are too many facts leaking out in the midst of all this chaos which are revealing the truth.

From a higher perspective of the Divine and the evolution of consciousness, even the so-called “evil” we are seeing has its purpose. It serves as a trigger to awaken us and face that which have looked away from for so long. It is the “Kali Yuga”, after all, the darkest age of ignorance and materialism. These shadows need to be revealed in order for the supramental consciousness to anchor itself onto the earth; spiritualizing matter and humanity—body, mind, and spirit.

This opportunity for alchemical transformation can only be taken if we collectively rise to the occasion and engage in the greater Work; for the outside will always reflect the inside. The mud and forces of the unconscious and the underworld are rising up; all that you/I/we have suppressed (fears, wounds, and traumas) are coming to the surface, begging to be integrated, healed, and transmuted into wholeness so we can ascend to higher levels of Being; transforming ourselves and how we show up in the world as embodied frequency anchors.

The supramental consciousness of the Divine is also descending, which is what is stirring up the shadows by what its Light reveals. This evolutionary journey is a long process spanning over lifetimes, but these key “junctures”—like what’s happening now—and the choices we make when we meet them will determine the outcome. Disillusionment, as we are faced with the parts of ourselves we tried to avoid, IS part of the process. This collective Dark Night of the Soul is a necessary process. The only way out is (with)in and through.

Therefore, all lies need to be revealed, within yourself and in the world. No one is excluded from this process. No steps can be skipped. The process of the evolution of consciousness entails making the darkness conscious, as this expansion encompasses a widening on all levels as we become aware of ALL. There is no ascending spiritually without descending into matter (the body karma) first. It’s an internal and external process, as they are one and the same. Don’t just wait for a “Great Awakening” and “mass arrests” without being willing to face your own “stuff” as well. Shadow work is the name of the game during these end times; thus the Divine will be testing our sincerity, humility, and integrity as we face ourselves during these “end times”…and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

This alchemical transformation will also give birth to new opportunities, quantum leaps in creativity, and true abundance (beyond just materially) but it must be rooted in these concepts of integrity and sincerity as this is, in general, a lesson for Capricorn on an evolutionary level; and a big overall lesson of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn that we saw occurring in the sign back in January. We must rebuild the world upon a spiritual foundation and hold true aspiration grounded in our bodies, as these vessels become spiritualized as conscious transducers of the Divine Force. During this process we may find there is no escape anymore; old coping mechanisms no longer work like they used to, as there is no place in the world is “safe” from what is happening. Ultimately, the body has to become our “safe space”, and if we spiritualize matter via the body, the body can be a source of true strength and refuge.

Inner work is imperative for anyone who doesn’t want to get tumbled under the colossal universal forces of change, but there is also a necessity for conscious action and resistance of these hostile forces as they stage their final desperate attempts for full take-over. Considering the increasing draconian Orwellian control measures in the unfolding of this planned-demic crisis and coronavirus fear-mongering, I have included an excerpt from my essay “The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being”  adapted to the current situation. I will also go deeper into the necessity for us to activate the warrior archetype within us and to engage in spiritual activism; and how to transmute anger and channel it appropriately.

Spiritual Activism and Anchoring the Divine Force

The spiritual life of surrendering to the Divine is not a passive experience but one that we must engage in consciously. It is about becoming an active force in service for the Divine and knowing that any gifts or power you hold is meant to be an instrument for the Divine and the Divine only. The Divine’s assistance is always there if we act accordingly from the truth of our being and align with Divine Will, but action is required as well. It is important to engage in spiritual activism to push back against the asuric hostile forces, and not fall into a self-centered passive spirituality and waiting for “saviors” to do the work for you/us. Yes, there are other forces assisting us but essentially, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The world is in a very fragile balance and we haven’t reached the “dark night of civilization” yet (which the Mother Mirra Alfassa referred to) which is pointing to a further disintegration for humanity. This “dark night” is not going to be helped by us getting into a fear frequency or a negative or paranoid state of mind, but can act as a sober reality check for the direction we may be headed if things keep going the way they seem to be headed. This impending potential reality means that we cannot spiritually bypass our inner work and shadow any longer, nor can we bypass looking clearly at the darkness in the world and doing what needs to be done to resist these asuric hostile forces that control the matrix. We must rise to the responsibility to engage in both inner and outer work, Being and Doing.

If insufficient human beings wake up to the reality of how the dark/matrix operates by actively resisting its influences while also doing the necessary inner work to come in alignment with their psychic being (soul) to connect with the Supramental (Divine); we may experience what various ancient civilizations have experienced in past cycles (such as Atlantis), resulting in our full destruction and the Divine pressing the “reset button” on our evolutionary journey. In order to avoid this mass cataclysmic destruction/reset, we need to reach critical mass, creating what is called “the tipping point”.

But this resistance and activism need to have a spiritual foundation and be in service to the Divine, so we don’t repeat the old mechanical way of past revolutions. We need a complete shift in consciousness and not just another “revolution”. As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” The majority of the current state of activism on this planet is still based on this outdated “human operating system” of mental consciousness, shadow projections, and emotional reactivity.

It’s important not to get caught up in the reactionary revolutionary mind (along with the savior/martyr trap) without this spiritual foundation, as ultimately we end up distracted by the 3D shadows on the walls; projecting our own unresolved issues on to the world. Generally speaking, many activists lack the foundation of sincere inner work and spiritual aspiration, and therefore whatever they fight “out there” ends up falling into the Divide & Conquer matrix frequency. Hence, it’s important to understand the “rules of the game”, on a 3D and 4D (occult/hyperdimensional) level, as well as universal/occult laws to know thyself, engaging in both inner and outer work. This is an ongoing process for none of us can “know it all” and see with “the eyes of the divine”, and the Truth reveals itself in stages.

Sri Aurobindo also hinted at various outcomes for humanity: either there will be sufficient push back by awakened humans to counter the asuric dark forces or humanity will be destroyed due to their passivity and ignorance, refusing to be “spiritualized”, resulting in the necessity to repeat the cycle.

“An inert passivity is constantly confused with the real surrender, but out of an inert passivity nothing true and powerful can come. It is the inert passivity of physical Nature that leaves it at the mercy of every obscure or undivine influence. A glad and strong and helpful submission is demanded to the working of the Divine Force, the obedience of the illumined disciple of the Truth, of the inner Warrior who fights against obscurity and falsehood, of the faithful servant of the Divine. This is the true attitude and only those who can take and keep it, preserve a faith unshaken by disappointments and difficulties and shall pass through the ordeal to the supreme victory and the great transmutation.”

– Sri Aurobindo

In this current state of the world, we still see that the majority of humans are very ego-driven and slaves to their mechanical conditioning and vital desires. Any action coming from that ego-centric foundation will be usurped by the occult asuric matrix forces eventually. There are also those on the spiritual path who are not aware of how the matrix occult forces operate and hence don’t push back (relating to an imbalance in inner/outer work); even going so far as to “go along with the program”, acting out their Stockholm Syndrome as they become “Agent Smiths” to this agenda as they begin to police their friends and neighbors, resulting in further separation consciousness and perpetuating the frequency of fear. Some are only willing to serve the Divine if they “get what they want” in return, as their ego hijacks this process of surrendering to the Divine Light.

What is needed is for us to be ready and willing to serve the Divine completely—yet how many of us have made that commitment, sincerely? Putting the mirror on myself, I can see my ego’s resistance, fears, and demands. It’s of no use to look at the world and see if people are waking up when you aren’t relentlessly examining yourself. The question is, how sincere are you and how sincere am I? Not only concerning my inner self-work, research, and spreading awareness: but is my aspiration and surrender to the Divine unconditional and how does it manifest in my actions?

Sri Aurobindo hinted at this cataclysmic global destruction if a significant part of humanity doesn’t wake up and engage in “spiritual activism” in service to the Divine. We see that possibility mirrored in other esoteric traditions such as in Esoteric Christianity (“The Time of Transition”) and the Hopi prophecy (“There is way up or down”) as well. Yet, the future is not set in stone. The Divine will succeed eventually, but it may take another twenty, fifty, hundred years or another thousand years (or longer if we must repeat the cycle) if we don’t “heed the voice of the Divine” and instead sink deeper into the Dark Night of Civilization.

Both possibilities exist right now in this fragile balance, and it’s up to each one of us which direction we will go. The Divine responds and acts in proportion to our own sincere collective and personal efforts. If we take full self-responsibility to learn our lessons, engaging in the necessary inner work (this includes shadow work, addressing core wounds, trauma healing, developing a spiritual practice, stilling the mind, and replacing our cultural conditioning with true Knowledge), and prepare our bodies to receive the Divine force, we increase our ability to anchor the Supramental consciousness onto this planet. We are asked to surrender to the Divine Will which is encouraging us to make this shift. For anyone who cannot embody the Divine (supramental) force that is descending onto this planet, they can become pawns to the dark agenda and fall deeper into confusion, ignorance, disembodiment, and suffering.

The Dark Forces are currently much better organized and more “unified” than the forces of light in humanity, yet the asuric hostile forces are becoming desperate as they are indeed starting to lose their power and control. But don’t kid yourself, they won’t give up that easily. Too many of us are still mostly only concerned about ourselves and operating primarily from an ego-centric perspective (not to be confused with a healthy sense of self and relationship with ourselves which gives us the fundamental confidence to do our work in the world). This doesn’t imply to get into a savior/martyr state or the trap of asceticism (escaping the world), but it requires a deeper faith and trust in the divine with a constant aspiration towards becoming more defined embodiments of this higher force; while also rejecting our egoistic tendencies/desires/attachments of the lower nature/vital and matrix temptations. The Mother mentions that we must be “willing to lose everything we have” when referring to this process.

All of this requires consistent practice, and for this Faith and Trust are important; as for many of us it will be a while before we can “see” or “feel” the Divine presence that is always within and all around us; however much veiled by our own ignorance. But once we have had a glimpse of it, we realize that in “losing everything we have” we gain the world, for this “everything” that we lose is mostly related to our false sense of self and the lies we’ve been living because of it (our authenticity) and in the letting go we find complete freedom and our true Self. To be reborn we must learn how to die first, and as we die to the old world the new one can be reborn; as this rebirth process happens both collectively and individually.

The Warrior Archetype

These are also the times to start being authentic, so you may want to check your attachment to what other people (strangers, friends, boss, co-workers, neighbors, family) think of you and be willing to destroy their projected ideas on who they “think” you are so that you can stand up for what is right (based on what your conscience tells you). Look for where you are placing self-interest first, meaning, you might want to ask yourself where in your life you are putting your concerns about your public/social image before truth, as ultimately this truth is bigger than who “you” or anyone else thinks you are.

In times likes these it is about embodying the warrior archetype, for both INNER self-work and OUTER work in the world, along with right action, are needed.

“A warrior acknowledges his pain but he doesn’t indulge in it. The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness; on the contrary, he’s joyful because he feels humbled by his great fortune, confident that his spirit is impeccable, and above all, fully aware of his efficiency. A warrior’s joyfulness comes from having accepted his fate, and from having truthfully assessed what lies ahead of him.

Warriors have an ulterior purpose for their acts which has
nothing to do with personal gain. The average man acts only if there is a chance for profit. Warriors act not for profit, but for the Spirit. Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simple challenges.

The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or as a curse. The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man.

The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone.

The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity [Spirit/the Divine].”

– Don Juan Matus

The real danger right now is obedience, complacency, and people attacking/shaming others for speaking out, questioning the official narrative, and not going along with these irrational draconian Orwellian orders for your “safety”. Mass mind control based on lies and implemented fear is the biggest danger for everyone’s freedom. It was NEVER about your health, to begin with. Our evolutionary task is to become spiritual warriors, resisting the increasing threat to our freedom as divine sovereign beings, becoming fearless in facing darkness (within and without) and teaching ourselves and others so we can heal ourselves, as individuals and as a species.

In doing so, we permanently seal off the energetic entry points in our auric field which these occult forces tag into and siphon our life force from and break free from the Matrix’s system of control. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we can use the forces of darkness to anchor and hold an even more brilliant light, anchoring the light and supramental consciousness onto this reality. This is the current journey that humanity is being called to take.

Anger and Rage in Times of Crisis & How to Use These Energies for Transformation

This is also not the time to “spiritually bypass” your anger, for anger is an appropriate response when your boundaries are being repeatedly crossed—as they are being done to all of us now with all of these new Orwellian control measures being put in place which severely limit our freedom. What they say is for our “safety” is actually based on lies, and will leave many people much sicker and more vulnerable than they were before. This anger I am referring to is not based on shadow projection, but the creative and constructive use of the powerful force of “righteous anger” which is necessary to counteract the anti-divine hostile forces. This is about using the force of anger consciously and channeling it appropriately in service of the Divine as spiritual warriors via engaging in conscious resistance, not a reactionary mechanical revolt.

“The ripus (passions) too can help in the spiritual life provided you know the secret of the game: for instance, anger may help you if you turn it against all who are hostile to the Divine.”
– Sri Ramakrishna

“Sri Ramakrishna was quite right about anger. The hostile powers are proof against gentleness and sweetness and soul-force, but a current of righteous anger often sends them flying.”
– Sri Aurobindo

“You can’t fight the predator with niceness.”
– Don Juan Matus

Anger becomes toxic and very dangerous when it gets intermixed with hatred, which usually means our own unresolved issues are behind this force, which weakens our immune systems and our strength. This anger is demonstrated when we just lash out on others (even on the “cabal”) because of our own unconscious pain. The more unconscious self-hatred we carry within ourselves, the more we will project that hate into the world. This hate-infused form of projected anger only works in favor of the matrix forces and it also serves as a perfect “food” for the occult hostile forces, as they feed off of that projected emotional “loosh”.

For example, any hate you project on Bill Gates only feeds that which is working through him. This doesn’t mean to not speak out against him and his global vaccination/microchip agenda (along with the WHO), it simply means not to let hate-infused anger control you and get the best of you. In martial arts, it is a common strategy to get the opponent so angry that he/she over-reacts emotionally, as when we are infused with hate we are weak, ungrounded, hence we become vulnerable to making huge mistakes. Our hatred can also dissolve much of the merit we generate in our spiritual practices, along with weakening the trust in our relationships with the people we love.  It is not about suppressing the emotion, but purifying it and knowing how to channel it constructively so that we can bring this force to act under the guidance of the Divine, your Spirit, and Higher Self, using it as fuel for conscious action in whatever form is unique and authentic to you.

In times like these, there is also a need for some fiery compassion and not hide behind blind compassion of just “being nice”:

“Real compassion kicks butt and takes names, and it is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this fire, then find a new-age, sweetness-and-light, soft-speaking, perpetually smiling teacher, and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But stay away from those that practice real compassion, because they will fry your ass, my friend.”

– Ken Wilber

“When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.”

– Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

There are multiple energies at work currently that will trigger our “stuff”. On a global level, there is the collective “death anxiety” and fear frequency because of this staged “pandemic” and the resulting lockdown/social distancing/self-isolation. Even if we’re not consciously aware of our emotions/body, it all affects us subconsciously and thus can trigger our deepest fears and suppressed wounds/traumas, especially our suppressed rage which often first comes up as little “annoyances” and frustrations with others and circumstances. Obviously, we see that playing out with the high level of “loosh” we see social media lately as well, with people constantly getting triggered by one another (more so than usual).

A somatic therapist that my partner Laura studied with compared the current situation of the world-wide lockdown and people self-isolating to a wild animal being caged. Our instinctual animal self doesn’t like to be boxed in within our houses and eventually will fight against it. We all have this “wild animal” within us, but it’s unconscious, very suppressed, domesticated, and “civilized” with decades (and lifetimes) of suppression, repression, and armoring. And now even more pressure is being put on that “inner animal” which just wants to roam free. Hence, we/people are easier triggered, annoyed, and reactive which can manifest in all kinds of ways, usually via projecting the suppressed rage/anger on to others, be it from just being annoyed, passive-aggressiveness, to full-on lashing out, insulting others, ad hominem attacks, or even physical violence (which is starting to happen as well, as we see with the increase of domestic violence). There is also internalized suppressed rage/anger of being lied to, for the body KNOWS the truth, but for most people, this is all happening unconsciously.

Then there are more and more people wearing masks which also has a profound effect on our psyche and animal nature as well. When you go out and see everyone with masks on you cannot see the person’s facial expression fully, hence your body will contract because it doesn’t know if it’s “friend or foe”, becoming way more suspicious and afraid of others. On a basic somatic level, it keeps the body/nervous system in fight & flight or freeze because it is constantly perceiving “danger” (unconsciously) by not being able to “read” another person due to the mask. Unless you are aware of your body sensations, emotions, and track your nervous system much of this fear will also happen on unconscious levels, which creates more trauma via the constant need to suppress emotion, as we all are suddenly being made to adjust to this new Orwellian world.

We are in the midst of a massive collective initiation ritual. A collective MK-Ultra mind control experiment with billions of people (literally) programmed to accept and manifest a new “reality”. Take back your power and be mindful about what you consent to, believe in, and align with.

On a metaphysical/occult level, occult/entity interferences also increase by tagging into these suppressed wounds and their resulting triggers so they can feed off of the reactive projected emotional “loosh” as we fight/blame/argue with each other. We need to be spiritual warriors in these times for there are much bigger universal forces at play (which we have no control over) but we can use these energies as friction for inner transformation. That is the bigger lesson here in light of the evolution of consciousness.

I’m not implying that it’s as easy as just reading this article. I know I have my own triggers/projections and can act mechanically at times and am still learning my lessons. It’s a process. There is a lot of anger/rage in the air right now and people who have no spiritual/psychological foundation and have never engaged in any sincere self-work but only focus externally will have the hardest time to process the emotions that are arising in the collective field

And processing suppressed anger/rage is not easy. You want to neither suppress it nor project it onto others, for that will just feed the hostile forces and will keep the trauma within your body as well as increase the karmic load for your soul. Purified anger, on the other hand, is a powerful creative force!

Here are some very basic suggestions on how to deal with anger, all of which I use and have used at different times:

  • Dance at home! Put on some of your favorite music, something that gets you fired up and allows you to consciously tap into your anger and then “sweat out your demons” via dance as Gabrielle Roth (founder of 5Rhythms) used to say. Let your body express how you feel! Uninhibited! Fucking let go!
  • The good old “punch a pillow/couch” or if you have a punching bag, even better.
  • Scream! Yep, scream as loud as you can, ideally into a pillow (so your neighbors don’t get freaked out/worried). Let out your frustration and pain. Scream while dancing, even better! Or scream in your car (not while driving, please). A good scream can do wonders for your well-being.
  • Express your anger in any other creative way: make music, play drums, painting, journaling, etc. But the more you can get your body involved and process it somatically the better.
  • The point is to express anger CONSCIOUSLY without projecting it on someone else.

“The more anti-continuum the culture, in general, the more pressure is likely to be brought to bear upon the individual to present a facade of conformity to a norm in his public and private conduct. I was once astonished to see a Yequana take it into his head to climb to the top of the hill overlooking the village to pound a drum and shout at the top of his lungs for a good half hour before his impulse was satisfied. He felt like doing it for reasons of his own and did it without any apparent concern for what the neighbors would think, though it was not a “done thing.” My own surprise was because I had never questioned my society’s unwritten law that sane members of the community inhibit their odd or “irrational” impulses in order to avoid being feared or mistrusted.”

– The Continuum Concept

When you process your pent up unconscious anger/rage, feelings of sadness, shame, guilt, and fear may come up after. That is because anger is actually a surface emotion, a protective layer covering up deeper unconscious pain/trauma/wounds. Allow yourself to feel those feelings too via somatically tuning into your body, disengaging from the mind, thoughts, and stories. Allow yourself to cry and grief and give love, compassion, and acceptance to these parts in yourself you have denied, shunned, and rejected. Hug it all in and hug yourself!

It is important that we give anger a conscious outlet in a more yang/active way for suppressed/repressed anger can literally make us sick or we will project it unconsciously onto others, creating more harm and feeding the occult hostile forces. Obviously, somatic meditation practices, breathwork, yoga, qi gong are also very effective and necessary tools/practices to help us regulate the nervous system to stay embodied/grounded and clear ourselves from stagnant energies.

Once we have processed and “purified” intense anger in a more conscious way, we can then use this potent force for conscious right action and creativity without it letting it overwhelm us. It’s about moving from freeze/hyperactivity/stress towards productivity and peak performance connected more to your essence, true self, and God/the Divine. It also “turns off” any occult hostile interferences who usually pull your strings when you are coming from a lower vibrational state of emotional reactiveness or numbness/paralyzed non-action.  This work is a constant process so be gentle and have compassion for yourself.

Answering the Call

We cannot wake up others through force, nor can we offer “truth” to them when it has not been sincerely requested. This is a violation of their own free will. Likewise. Blind revolutionary impulses, like truth-seeking without a grounding in sincere self-work and carefully-vetted knowledge, will transform a person into that which they are fighting against. This is the trap of the reactionary mind (which is only focused on the outside world of our third-dimensional reality) gets locked in a vain struggle against the shadows projected onto the walls of our cave, shadows stemming from our own unconscious suppressed/wounded self, the collective shadow, and created by our hyperdimensional prison wardens manipulating us from occult realms.

The path of the wanderer, renegade, or spiritual warrior (all of whom, in their own ways, are dedicated to bringing genuine light into our world by making the darkness conscious) is far from an easy road to travel, and this path gets narrower and narrower as we continue on it as there are so many traps, temptations, and distractions that can steer us away from what we are here to accomplish.

It is also important to keep in mind that not everyone is suited for this truth-seeking path (nor is it their calling in life), hence we need to remain “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” (as the esoteric axiom states) whilst standing firm in giving the lie what it deserves: the truth. And this stance entails calling a spade a spade at times, and not allowing our “make nice” societal conditioning to dampen our inner voice and inner knowing.

When it comes to those who have answered the call it’s vital to remember that we’re all in this together. We’re all teachers and students alike, but we also have different lessons to learn and possess knowledge that we each need to integrate on an individual basis. We need to assist each other in this Time of Transition whilst doing the best we can to move from a ‘Service to Self’ to ‘Service to Others’ frequency, creating community bonds, and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, all of this based on Sincerity and Integrity in service of the Divine. If you can’t truly be yourself with the people that you are hanging out with, then you may want to ask yourself: “what does true friendship really mean, if I am not being myself”? What it may mean is that within these “friendships” we have chosen this attachment over our authenticity, and we must assess if each friendship is worth that price.

On the path towards awakening and seeking truth, family members and long-time friends my fade from the picture in order to make room for new people to enter the frame who will encourage your evolutionary growth. This is a normal part of the process, as we change from within, the outer world we inhabit changes as well. It can get lonely at times (and painfully-confusing on many occasions), but there are subtle energies and divine forces all around which assist and uplift us in the choices we make, even if we can’t see or communicate with them. After all, the truth WILL set us free, even if the process is a challenging journey to make.

Whatever happens (whether in the world-at-large or in our individual lives), we must be careful to avoid getting stuck in a frequency of fear and other negative emotions (without spiritually bypassing them), for that frequency is what these hyperdimensional overlords would like to continue perpetuating upon the inhabits of Earth, deploying all kinds of deceptions and thought-control techniques so as to keep us disconnected from our true Self and holistic Knowledge – from transcendent Love and universal Understanding. Our path to (Self-)Knowledge, Truth, and our Divinity is the biggest threat to the tyrannical rule of those who seek to control humanity in order to satiate their own scarcity-consciousness cravings.

Thus, it’s important to remind yourself to drop any expectations that taking up this path will be a smooth ride (in any respect). The centrality of pursuing sincere self-work and gaining knowledge (in order to vibrate on a higher frequency of TRUE Love in this time and age of transition) is so very obvious and self-evident when looking at the state of the world from an expanded vision of awareness.

We are in the midst of spiritual upheaval in service to Remembrance, and the battle to reclaim our birthright is being fought through the portal of our human experience.

“This is a historic time, a time when the gods in the unconscious are transforming. We are living in a time that the Greeks called the “Kairos”—the right moment—for a “metamorphosis of the gods,” that is, a transformation in and of the collective unconscious itself. The peculiarity of our time, which is certainly not of our conscious choosing, is that the timeless unconscious within us is transforming itself in unprecedented, dramatic ways. Coming generations, if there are to be any, will undoubtedly appreciate this monumental transformation in which we are all currently participating, as it will deeply influence their very form of being. We are blessed to live in such “interesting” times. It can be helpful to consider the possibility that those of us who are alive today may have chosen to incarnate at this time in history so as to help birth this realization into living form for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

As a species we are experiencing an undeniable uprising of the dark, destructive forces of the collective unconscious. As thinking, reflective, conscious human beings, we can no longer deny the dark stirrings of the unconscious as it plays itself out ever more conspicuously on the world stage. These overwhelming psychic forces are active powers that cannot be fitted into our rational world order, explained away by our reason, nor argued out of existence. If we are not in denial, it is obvious that the powers of the underworld, as if they have a severe “control process,” are attempting to centralize power and global control over our entire species in a way that is devoid of any pretense of democratic legitimacy, compassion, or redeeming charm whatsoever.

We are being confronted with the naked darkness of the soul, and asked, make that demanded, to come to terms with and face up to this darkness. The dark side of our nature, or we could even say the shadow of God, is revealing Itself and incarnating through the unconscious of humanity. In these apocalyptic times we live in, the dark God, the “deus absconditus”—which is an essential element of the psychological self—is incarnating. This hidden God is paradoxically present in its apparent absence. Something is being revealed to us in the process. The times in which we are living are truly initiatory.”

– Paul Levy