Edgar Cayce, Medjugorje and Fátima: All Prophesied that Russia Will Save Humanity During the End Times

Very few people in the US know what is actually happening in Ukraine right now – and the Fake News is definitely not the place to find out.

What is certain is that many early reports, including photos and video from the scene have turned out to be PSYOPs, such as Russian tanks running over motorists, the bombings of residential buildings and the “Ghost of Kyiv”, that have turned out to be fake. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger has shared no less than three such fake stories on Twitter.

I’ve seen reports that Russian forces vaporized both the Ukrainian air force and the navy within the first hour, I’ve seen video of a truly massive explosion from a weapons depot that was bombed in Cherkasy and a video from an American living in Kyiv, saying that the Russians had not turned off telephony, electricity or water; that the utilities were all working in the capital city.

The main targets appear to be Ukrainian military bases and several biolabs run by the US Department of Defense – up to thirteen of them spread out all over Ukraine. All of these have been bombed.

The Hopium crowd believes Putin is liberating the world from the Deep State, by destroying their bioweapons labs and their money-laundering headquarters – and I’d love for them to be right.

Happily, there is some serious prophecy horsepower to support this Hopium. If Russia ends up saving the world, it would be a fulfillment not only of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies but those of the famous Marian apparitions in both Fátima, Portugal in 1917 and in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1981.

The late Father Malachi Martin claims to have read the 3rd secret of Fátima. Without disclosing its full contents, which he had sworn to keep secret, he told radio host, Art Bell in the 1990s that the prophecy essentially said Russia would commit the error of Communism, then heal itself of this scourge and proceed to lead the way for the rest of the world:

“Salvation for the world, the cure for the world ills, will start in the Ukraine and in Russia, and that was why the Virgin in the Fatima vision of 1917 was supposed to have spoken actively about Russia and that Russia first of all has to be cured of her errors and then she will help the entire world to get better and to cure itself of its sins.”

In October of 1981, Our Lady of Medjugorje revealed her “Russia Prophecy” to six young children.  She said “Russia will come to glorify God the most, the West will make civilization progress but without God and will act like their own creator,” as recorded by Marian expert, Father René Laurentin.

The Medjugorje apparitions had begun shortly after the first assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II and he said of them, “Medjugorje is a continuation, an extension of Fátima. Our Lady is appearing in Communist countries primarily because of problems that originate in Russia.”

At Fátima in 1917, the apparition had ordered the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which Pope John Paul II took very seriously after his nearly fatal shooting and which he completed on March 24, 1984. This was swiftly followed by the collapse of Communist rule in Poland in 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union on Christmas day 1991.

In 1944, Edgar Cayce prophesied that Russia would help prevent the destruction of mankind. He foresaw a future world financial crisis, and he pointed to Russia as being the “thorn in the side” of the financial powers that were organizing themselves against the good of humanity, describing Russia’s role as being the “hope of the world”:

“In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

“Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit ‘In God We Trust.’”

It would be wonderful if that’s what’s happening over there but if nothing else, it looks like Vladimir Putin has cured COVID. New York State will be lifting the mask mandate on schools and New York City will soon follow.