Economies Of The West Are Spiraling Abysmally

The US Dollar is the tenth strongest currency in the world …  despite having the largest economy by GDP in the world.   The top three currencies are Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.   Eight  African Colonies of France were required to trade in the French Franc creating an artificial strength in currency valuation.   In 2021, the Euro was valued at 1.234, today the value has dropped to 1.083 a drop of 12.25%.  Good for exports, bad for imports.  When imports drop, cost of goods rises as demand is forcibly squeezed higher.  Higher demand = inflation.  In 2023, the EU’s international imports dropped from 40% to -20%…simultaneously exports dropped from 20% to zero.  A double-Dip Inflation.

Nothing to do with employment – and everything to do with the antagonized ritual of ‘interest rate manipulations’.  A communist tactic to destroy economies.  If the EU goes full Communist in the fashion of Bolshevism, their next move would be to follow in the footsteps of Stalin and force a campaign of starvation.  Exterminating livestock and crops.   A famine to eradicate opposition.

When western agencies across the EU and US exterminate cows, chickens, and pigs – they do so under the same Bolshevik playbook.   When they set fire to crops and industrial plants – they do so under the doctrine of Kabbalah superiority – those not born Jew and who later convert are still ‘gentiles’ and unworthy of the Chosen Protocol because they are not of the ‘seed’. ~ Rabbi Lieberman.

Alvin Goldstein is considered the man who normalized hard core porn.   Israel wants to legalize pedophilia:  The age of consent in Israel is 16 for all genders but can be as low as 14 provided both parties consent and have a 3-year age gap or less.    In the US, Alan Dershowitz is vying to reduce the age of legal consent to 14 years old.   Why?   The most obvious answer would be that he has partaken of those age 14 and needs a law to justify and legalize his pedophilia before it becomes a criminal charge.

It has been researched that this slide into depravity has been linked to the Fall of Rome.   Pompeii – in profusion.   In psychology, victimhood is a cognitive distortion of the real world.  But Zions use collective victimhood as a tool.  Instead of working through it – they use it as a justification for committing evil actions.  And within that victimhood they create a state of depravity.  Of course, the fact that the Zionists refuse to acknowledge their mass genocide of over 60 million Russians during the reign of Jewish Bolsheviks, rather refutes the entire hypnosis.

While the parlay is that immorality, aka porn and pedophilia, are a lucrative business industry, and Israel is promoting itself as the global capital of this activity, Israel wants a bigger piece of this ‘lucrative pie’.   Building a playground on the Gaza Strip, or in Ukraine, could enhance their monopoly over this ‘industry’.   As we are continually reminded – follow the money.

Israel’s economy slumped nearly 20% by the end of 2023.   Private consumption dropped 27%, fixed investments fell nearly 70%, – yet their stock market is relatively stable.  How is that possible?  Short answer – it isn’t.   According to CNN, their market collapsed and is now higher than before the October 7th attack.   Why?  Buying on the lows?   Or are they buying into Israel’s new land grabs?

Bill Ackman and his wife Neri Oxman have been buying up TASE – Tel Aviv’s stock market.  He now owns 5% of the exchange.  Bill Ackman is a hedge fund manager who is worth roughly $10 billion.  He has a history of market manipulation in the US and an acrimonious relationship with Carl Icahn.  He has worked diligently to fire and demonize anyone who is anti-war/pro-Palestine and been called out as the new McCarthy.  Like most in the billionaire Club, Ackman donates to various philanthropies, including his own Foundation.  He has endorsed Trump.

The Ackman investment would also indicate that the war against Palestine is coming to its grand finale – and warring against Lebanon or Iran is NOT likely.  The war has already cost Israel in the neighborhood of $70 billion and rebuilding is going to cost roughly $500 billion.   I imagine Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street will lead the rebuild project while our DoD siphons social security funds to Israel as well.

“Until all objectives have been achieved”, is Israel’s version of a peace deal.  And the UN is silent.

NATO is meeting in New York and Zelenskyy is asking for submarines.  Powell has declared inflation is flat, despite my food prices rising 20% this last month, and the job market is soft – as in people will start losing their homes to bankruptcy.   Despite this flattened economy, Powell says he wants inflation at 2% before he’ll make any move, which is where it was during Trump’s term – coincidence?   Manipulation?

The US economy is slowing rapidly and risks a recession again as corrupt monetary policy and false statistics present a better economy than reality.   The trade deficit has increased reflecting less exports.   Of course, given it is an election year we can expect some rather rattled version of our economy being promoted by in sync media puppetry. utilizing the stock market as emphasis to define Biden’s greatness.

But the stock market is a three tiered Ponzi scam within the vectors of BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, all holding the same stocks and trading within each other.  The middle class peons who don’t have the resources to be a part of The Club, and clearly see the reality.   But we no longer have any say in the matter.    While a Biden/Cackle White House would truly push the US into a spiraling depression – a Trump presidency will likely see a Corporate Takeover… with Israel front and center.