Earth Grids and Ley Lines | The Invisible Super-Science of the Megalith Builders | Megalithomania

Is there a geometrical energy system that surrounds our planet? A super grid involving polyhedral forms, ley lines, earth energy currents, cymatics and archaeoastronomical alignments? We now know that the world was surveyed by an ancient elite of astronomers, navigators, surveyors and shamen who explored and mapped the earth in antiquity. Did they map a grid on to the planet after the Younger Dryas Impact Event 12,000 years ago, and did they work with earth energies and sacred geometry to re-fertilise the landscape and bring harmony back to the planet? Legends all over the world talk of great civilizers teaching the higher arts and sciences to those they came into contact with. This included building megalithic temples and pyramids using geodetic, astronomical, mathematical and geometric principles. ‘Earth energy science’ will also be explored, showing how the ancients manipulated natural magnetic earth currents, not only for enhancing fertility of their crops and weather modification, but also to get into altered states. The ancients also understood how to ‘enchant the landscape’ and maintain a level of higher consciousness across the planet by utilising these specific principles, using intricately designed megalithic sites, pyramids and earthworks as the keys. This multi-media presentation unravels the secrets of the grid, forgotten sacred texts and ancient myths to give an answer as to who did it, why, and how it can help us today.