Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Show Me the Health Freedom Doctor & the Medical Board Will Show You the Crime

The Ohio Medical Board has suspended the license of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny without even a pretense of due process on a procedural issue unrelated to patient care but stemming from a desire to censor her opinions on COVID and the vaccines.

Rather than working to protect Sherri’s rights, the state’s attorney representing the REPUBLICAN Ohio Attorney General David Yost incredibly claimed in an open hearing, “If we were to take Mr. Renz up on his procedural suggestions [that the Board properly afford Tenpenny her due process rights], what would happen is a complete breakdown of the process of investigations. Every time somebody thinks, “oh, this investigation was brought in bad faith”, we’d have to run the court, we’d have to get a judge to sign off on it, despite the fact that we can’t disclose the basis for the investigation. We’d have to go through these steps over and over and over again. Justice delayed is justice denied.” He’s correct about the last sentence.

Apparently, the Assistant AG for Ohio isn’t aware that the reason for due process to ensure justice actually occurs. Ohio needs legislative reform & the Ohio AG & Governor should explain whether these tactics reflect their beliefs – that due process is really an inconvenience. We are also calling on the REPUBLICAN Governor & legislature for the state of Ohio to immediately consider passing legislation to clarify that licensed professionals MUST be afforded ALL due process rights. Note: this is a call for political action and is absolutely about political speech. In light of the fact that this stems from the Board’s attempt to censor the Doctor, that seems relevant.