Dr. David Martin – Trump is LYING and they need to SHRINK the Beneficiary Pool by 2028

Social Security will be completely GONE by at the very least 2028 and more likely in 2026.
Over 65 is only relevant in the Social Security Paradigm. Decreasing this population is the designed.
This pandemic started at a nursing home targeting those over 65 in Washington State. What Cuomo did in NY is obvious murder. He was unquestionably told what to do. Phil Murphy in NJ same thing. Gavin Newsome in CA, bad man.

The only way to get to 2030 is to increase taxes by 15% and cut benefits by 30% today. The politicians know this.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is saying that they have an Indemnity Shield and on the other hand they are saying that the VAERS Data can’t be trusted. In the Indeminty Law signed in 1986 it states that VAERS data must be kept accurate. So when they say it can’t be trusted they are admitting to breaking the law. If VAERS is wrong it is the manufacturers responsibility.
Dr. Martin thinks that President Trump was duped. It was Reagan and Bush who handed the pharma industry complete immunity. Republican presidents gave the free hall pass.
The Preparation Act.
HHS secretary was being investigated for criminal charges in Mexico for tripling the cost of diabetes drugs. This is the guy who Trump put in charge of our health. Either Trump was stupid, duped or he is in on all of this and planned it. So, for those who want to crown Trump, he has done so much to back this pandemic like signing the Executive Order for mRNA drugs as Vaccines, that was Trump. Trump appointed the man who obviously is an evil man, that being Anthony Fauci. Either Trump is a time traveling genius who did all this intentional or he is literally a dumbass. Knowing that the Rothschilds bailed him out twice I don’t know.
But Trump had the Coup Leaders in his INNER Circle. So once again, either he did this on purpose to set them up or he is a dumbass or he is in on all of this and playing a role as a Free Mason whistleblower says he was in the room when Trump was offered to play this role.
Martin goes through the patent history of Coronavirus and it just proves this was a PLAN. It has to be following the patents and the gain of function studies and following the money. Then they say that the Coronavirus is ready for human infection when it was just a mild intestinal issue for animals… this was made in a lab to be a Bioweapon.
How could Trump be so stupid till this day and Trump just said in a Candace Owens interview that “Nobody died from the Vaccine.”
Dr. Martin says that Leadership is telling the Truth. There is not possibly a truthful statement that Trump could make because there were actual DEATHS in the Trials. The fact is that Trump IS LYING. There was an ACCEPTABLE Death Rate in the Clinical Trial – if Trump read this he would know and why did the FDA ask for 55 years to release data? If Trump can’t see this, he is blind and I’m sorry, not only is he blind he is promoting a drug that kills both young people and old people.