Distraction Ops

Do we actually know that the Manhattan DA’s office planned on arresting Trump on such a flimsy, non-existent case? If they were going to arrest him, why leak it? Why not just do it?

Because they wanted a new media cycle, that’s why. All their narratives are collapsing. They needed a distraction, so they created one. It’s a hoax, and it’s backfiring.

So, what are we being distracted from? Take your pick. We’ve got the ongoing collapse of regional and international banks, the ongoing collapse of the official COVID vaxxine narrative, we’ve got evidence that the FBI is paying January 6th defense witnesses to provide the defense’s trial strategy to Biden’s DOJ. We’ve got House Republicans producing bank records showing that the Biden family received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party.


Miranda Devine, at The NY Post who wrote the book, ‘Laptop from Hell’ is hot on the trail of the Biden Crime family, with her story published on Wednesday that, Hunter Biden had an FBI mole named “One-Eye” who tipped off his Chinese business partners that they were under investigation, according to an Israeli energy expert arrested in Cyprus last month on gunrunning charges.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating the explosive claims by Dr Gal Luft, a former Israel Defense Forces lieutenant colonel with deep intelligence ties in Washington and Beijing, who says he was arrested to stop him from revealing what he knows about the Biden family and FBI corruption — details he told the Department of Justice in 2019, which he says it ignored.

Luft first made the claims on February 18th on Twitter, after being detained at a Cyprus airport as he prepared to board a plane to Israel, tweeting, “I’ve been arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated extradition request by the US. The US, claiming I’m an arms dealer. It would be funny if it weren’t tragic. I’ve never been an arms dealer. DOJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden. Shall I name names?”

Luft learned about the scheme through his own relationship with Hunter’s Chinese business partners, Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC. Ye confided to Luft that Hunter had an informant in the FBI “or formerly of the bureau, extremely well placed, who they paid lots of money to [provide] sealed law enforcement information,” says Luft’s attorney. The FBI mole was called “One-Eye” and he told Ye that the Southern District of New York was investigating him and/or Ho in late 2017, and that “an Asian, an African, and a Jewish guy” were named on a sealed indictment.”

I’ll just interject that there is speculation that this “One Eye” character is none other than former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who later became a judge in the Southern District of New York and who is all over the Laptop from Hell from his involvement with Hunter’s other business ventures in Romania. By the way, this is Freeh’s official portrait on his law firm’s website. His eye isn’t always like that. It’s an odd choice of picture, to say the least.

Miranda Devine’s report continues to say that, soon after that tipoff from “One Eye”, Ye offered Hunter $1 million to be his “private counsel” and he flew to China, leaving his wife, daughter, son, mother, and nanny in his $50 million penthouse at 15 Central Park West. Ye was detained in Shanghai three months later and he was disappeared by the Chinese state and has never been heard from again.

Before he left New York, Ye told Patrick Ho that the coast was clear for him to come back to the US. So on November 18th 2017, Ho flew into JFK Airport, where he was arrested by FBI agents on bribery and money laundering charges. and was convicted in December 2018, without calling a single witness, he served three years in jail, and was deported. Prosecutors placed the spotlight in his case on China’s use of foreign bribery to win contracts for its Belt and Road Initiative.

So, Hunter was paid $1 million by CEFC to represent Ho, which entailed contacting his FBI sources on Ho’s behalf and CEFC paid a further $4.9 million to Hunter and Jim Biden in monthly installments for 14 months from August 2017, government records show.

The House Oversight Committee released bank statements last week, showing an additional $1,065,000 was funneled from a Chinese company affiliated with CEFC to Hunter, Jim, and Hallie Biden, Hunter’s former lover, and widow of his late brother, Beau. The payments were made in increments over three months through Biden associate Rob Walker, whose wife, Betsy, had been personal assistant to then-second lady Jill Biden.

Luft claims he contacted the DOJ after Ho was jailed and federal investigators flew to Brussels to interview him for more than 18 hours on March 28 and 29, 2019. But he never heard from them again — and less than four weeks later, Joe Biden announced he was running for president.

Luft’s lawyer says, “The DOJ had this information in March 2019 and did nothing. Congress has the Biden bank records but it doesn’t know the reason for the payments. Now it does. The information that Dr Luft gave the DOJ four years ago is the missing link for the reason behind the China-Biden money transfers and his lawyer is now speaking to congressional investigators, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY),” according to The NY Post.

Luft’s attorney in Israel was quoted in the Jerusalem Post saying Luft’s arrest was “A good way to shut him up because he knows a lot of information on Hunter. The US Congress only recently began to investigate Hunter’s case and Gal’s testimony … will bury Hunter Biden. Even more so, his testimony will shift the attention toward the president himself.”

So THAT’s a big reason why the story about Trump’s imminent arrest was leaked – but there are more reasons. Almost everything we’re seeing from the Fake News is a distraction from a distraction from a distraction and ultimately, we’re being being distracted from the fact that the West is committing mass suicide with their Net Zero carbon neutral policies and by having all of these idiotic traitors in charge of all of these countries, enforcing these policies.

Nothing has been invented to displace fossil fuels for running machinery and for providing fertilizers. By shutting down hydrocarbons before there is something to actually replace them with, they are dismantling not just our industrial base but our agricultural base and the Petrodollar financial system, as well. Quite simply, the World Economic Forum’s Net Zero policies are very purposefully engineering the rise of China and the collapse of the West.

The US State Department appeared to be caught flat-footed by the China-brokered peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is predicated upon massive 40-year oil and gas output deals using the Petroyuan – not the Petrodollar.

The Carbon Neutral policies promoted by the West mean that the Middle East oil producers no longer view the US as a longterm customer, so they’re turning to China, which is not onboard with any of this Net Zero nonsense – unless it means selling more solar panels and lithium ion batteries, two markets overwhelmingly dominated by the Chinese – and which consume an enormous amount of fossil fuels to manufacture. China remains focused on continuing to build their industrial and military might and economy, which relies on 9.5 million barrels per day of imported oil.

The Iran-Saudi Pact is an endorsement of the Western Governments’ pronouncements that they are phasing-out fossil fuels. The Middle Eastern producers are therefore turning to a bigger, better, more-fungible financial market to sell them and that’s China. It’s very simple. And our leaders are walking us off this cliff on purpose.

Journalist Sy Hersh published a follow-up to his article from 6 weeks ago about how Joe Biden ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline, which was an act of war against Germany, against a NATO ally and therefore, an act of war against the US.

Hersh writes:

“Press aides for the White House and Central Intelligence Agency have consistently denied that America was responsible for exploding the pipelines, and those pro forma denials were more than enough for the White House press corps. There is no evidence that any reporter assigned there has yet to ask the White House press secretary whether Biden had done what any serious leader would do: formally ‘task’ the American intelligence community to conduct a deep investigation, with all of its assets, and find out just who had done the deed in the Baltic Sea. According to a source within the intelligence community, the president has not done so, nor will he. Why not? Because he knows the answer…

“Nord Stream was blown up in late September. German gas imports peaked a month later, in October, at 10 times pre-crisis levels. Electricity prices across Europe were pulled up, and governments spent as much as 800 billion euros, by some estimates, shielding households and businesses from the impact. Over the last year, German and other European manufacturers closed their most energy-intensive operations, such as fertilizer and glass production, and it’s unclear when, if ever, those plants will reopen. Europe is scrambling to get solar and wind capacity in place, but it may not come soon enough to save large chunks of German industry…

“In early March, President Biden hosted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Washington. The trip included only two public events—a brief pro forma exchange of compliments between Biden and Scholz before the White House press corps, with no questions allowed; and a CNN interview with Scholz by Fareed Zakaria, who did not touch on the pipeline allegations.

“The chancellor had flown to Washington with no members of the German press on board, no formal dinner scheduled, and the two world leaders were not slated to conduct a press conference, as routinely happens at such high-profile meetings. Instead, it was later reported that Biden and Scholz had an 80-minute meeting, with no aides present for much of the time. There have been no statements or written understandings made public since then by either government…”

But Sy Hersh was told by someone with access to diplomatic intelligence that there was a discussion of the pipeline exposé and, as a result, certain elements in the Central Intelligence Agency were asked to prepare a cover story in collaboration with German intelligence that would provide the American and German press with an alternative version for the destruction of Nord Stream 2. In the words of the intelligence community, the agency was “to pulse the system” in an effort to discount the claim that Biden had ordered the pipelines’ destruction.

Pulse the system, aka churn out fake news with BS stories about a “Pro-Ukrainian Group” sabotaging the pipelines.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova stated, in response to Sy Hersh’s reports: “Western media has been inundated with stories claiming the terrorist attack against the Nord Stream pipeline was conducted by a ‘pro Ukrainian group’, not by Russia”. Who allows such leaks to flood the media?”, Zakharova asked on Telegram. “The answer is: Those who do not want a real investigation, and who want to distract from the facts by any means possible. Instead of such leaks, the Western regimes involved should respond to official requests from the Russian side and, at least take the results of Seymour Hersh’s investigative journalism into consideration, rather than distracting from them with anonymous red herrings.”

The Russian Embassy in Washington has charged the US government is “obstructing efforts to investigate the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines…We have to remind that statements by US officials, who have repeatedly resorted to deceit and disinformation, including at international fora, are not trustworthy,” and do not “withstand criticism…Above all due to their lack of transparency and blocking access for (pipeline owner) Gazprom to determine the circumstances of the sabotage. We consistently and persistently call for the launch of an impartial and transparent international investigation into the attacks against the Nord Stream pipelines. However, the United States, along with a narrow group of like-minded states, vehemently oppose such efforts.”

The climate agenda is a hoax. None of the Western leaders actually believe it. They are destroying their countries on purpose to usher in a technocratic world order, as Alex Newman explains so well.