Did the shit just hit the fan in Singapore?

The most damning real world evidence yet!


Singapore just released the raw numbers on Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths. Perinatal mortality went up by 44.7%, and stillbirths shot up by 70.5% compared to the previous year.

We are now a full year after the entire population was double vaccinated. This completely debunks the narrative that COVID caused Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirth because if that were so, the numbers would have shot up one year after the pandemic started in 2020. Instead, we see the numbers shoot up in 2022, one year after 87% of the population was double vaccinated!

As you can see below, almost 90% of the population of childbearing age are double vaccinated (minimum protection).

The Singapore Government has been battling low birth rates for many years. I don’t buy into the narrative that the Singapore Government is deliberately depopulating their population. To encourage higher birth rates, the Government have offered Cash Bonuses and tax incentives to citizens to have more children.

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