Dick Allgire: Death of Petrodollar – Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic

Dick Allgire was an anchorman, reporter, and producer at KITV, the ABC news affiliate in Honolulu, Hawaii for nearly 40 years, retiring in 2012. He’s been involved with remote viewing since the late 1990s, training extensively for nearly two decades with a retired member of a US Army Special Forces Intelligence Team.

Allgire has a transcendent perspective on the death of the Petrodollar, as one of the foremost remote viewers in the world today, which I thought would be interesting to play back-to-back, within the context of Catherine Austin Fitts’ interview on the same general topic yesterday.

All of the madness we see has nothing to do with public health or Trump or Biden or Afghanistan. All of the madness we see has to do with the imminent financial and governance reset. As Fitts says, the Plandemic and the vaxx serve as “air cover” to distract from the fact that the dollar is dead and that the government entitlements we paid into will soon vanish – it’s also to exterminate as many claimants to these entitlements as possible.


What I find quite interesting is that, when asked as to who is really behind the scenes puppeteering all of the madness, both of them demure from naming names or from saying that we should significantly challenge these mysterious Powers-that-Be. The sense is that they are too big, too powerful.

What Fitts will say is that the Going Direct Reset, which was approved at the G7 central bankers’ meeting in Jackson Hole in August 2019 set in motion the controlled demolition of the world economy that we’re seeing now and that if you look at the list of participants on the vote for the Going Direct and the people who put the plan together working for BlackRock, you can see a lot of those players.

Moreover, she says, “If you look at the largest banks, who own and operate the NY Fed and run the government financial statements and financial system and bank accounts, they’re responsible. So if $21 trillion is missing, they effected a great deal of illegal transactions. They’re responsible. You can make a list of the 20 companies who were most instrumental in making this all go.”

This would include all of the above plus the major private investment management firms, like Vanguard, BlackRock and Fidelity and she says, “At the heart of making the financial system go, it’s risk management.”


Unlike Fitts, a big finance insider who may have been appointed to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, had she possessed different values and made different career decisions, Allgire’s impressions come from years of extensive training in the art of accessing information from a greater field of consciousness via his own subconscious.

Allgire was on Jean-Claude’s Beyond Mystic podcast yesterday, where he said:

“One thing I’m not going to get involved in is unveiling who runs the world and then try to organize a coup against them…Just on the record, I’m not up for any mutinies. You’re dealing with something that goes…back to the very beginning of mankind. It actually goes back six civilizations.

“Let’s say we have a successful mutiny and we overthrow the administrators of Earth. You’ve got to overthrow the administrators of this part of the Solar System and then the Galaxy. How high up do you want to go to fight this?…

“What we try to do at cryptoviewing.com is to give you the information and the tools to navigate your own life within this system. That’s the best you can do, is be responsible. If you understand the system and how it works, you can navigate your own life.

“For example, money is a spell, it’s just a magical spell. And once you understand that money is a magical spell, you can entrain yourself into that flow. I don’t worry about money. That’s not anything that occupies my time, really anymore…It’s a luxury to be able to spend your time thinking about other things and I don’t spend my time thinking about how I’m going to overthrow the regime, because that’s just not allowed.

“Unfortunately, we’re moving into a time where the administration of humanity is going to be conducted without nation states. So, in order for that to happen…you need to lose faith in everything; in the elections – have we lost faith in the elections? I would say so. You’re going to give up all hope for your so-called elected government. You were just saying, ‘Is Biden going to be taken down and is Trump coming back? Well, that’s just noise, to occupy you and eventually let you down.

“You’re going to see a failure of the economic system. We’re talking about the death of the dollar and the world is now ceasing to use the dollar, as the world currency. That will be an epic, worldwide collapse. So you’re going to lose your faith in the economic system. You’re going to lose your faith in the – I call it the Medical Industrial Complex. I don’t ant to get into that here but you see that happening…

“You’re going to see the destruction of all the institutions, from the Church, to government, to nation states. And at the same time, we’re seeing catastrophic events; storms, droughts, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, crop failures. It’s going to be a tough time here, on Earth…

“We’re in a time of disruption because of NOT Global Warming but where the Sun in the Galaxy, in relation to certain energy…What I’m being let in on is that you’re going to see more natural disasters and the natural disasters will be such that nation states won’t be able to be intact and out of that will rise government by corporations and government by NGOs  – non-government organizations run on the blockchain.

“You’ll have a biometric authentication and everything will be done with cryptocurrency. Every part of your life is going to be tokenized on the blockchain. The Internet of Things and you’re going to be one of the things. At the same time, there’s going to be a de-carbonization…it’s all well-planned.

“Look, we get a front row seat. No matter what you think about it, now matter how you react to it, you’re going to get a front row seat. And maybe all of us incarnated in this life at this time to experience this and see this.

PAST 2030 

Allgire talks about remote viewing aliens and his experiences with the greatest remote viewer of all time, Joseph McMoneagle and then he talks about remote viewing past 2030 and he says:

“The way people will look at us will be like, ‘You people built cars out of metal that used gasoline and you put one person in each car and got on freeways and idled your cars in traffic jams, to spend an hour to go 16 miles? What were you thinking? You used things and just threw them away and buried it over here? What kind of civilization did you idiots have?’

“The people that come out of the troubles that we’re going through will have a whole different way of living and there will be technologies that we can only dream of and they will be interacting with ET…

“The concept of the United States or Canada nation state is being erased right now…I grew up in the ’50s, in Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best. My household looked just like those ’50s shows…and we were products of that. The kids today are going to products of a new civilization…We’re not the first or the last civilization on Earth.”


Allgire created a stir recently when he posted a video in which he reported that not only he but several others in his group had all remote-viewed a mushroom cloud, during their monthly session, where they do three targets for their members at cryptoviewing.com, the first focuses on cryptocurrencies, the second on woo-woo targets (for example, they recently remote viewed the Code of Hammurabi) and then a “Look Ahead” at future headlines and bullet points.

“So all of us, when looking at September, all of us closed our eyes and I immediately saw a mushroom cloud. I was like, ‘I don’t want to see that!’ So I re-sat and I saw a mushroom cloud. Immediately, when you see that…your conscious mind goes into overtime, ‘Oh! Is there going to be a nuclear…? Oh! Is it an electronic pulse [EMP]?’

“So I submitted my data and didn’t look at the other viewers and Edward Riordan saw the same thing. He goes, ‘Dude, I saw a mushroom cloud!’ and Dan Smith said he did a session, ‘And all I saw was a mushroom cloud!’ So all three of us saw that. 

“Now, does that mean thermonuclear war? Not necessarily. It was so strong to all of us that I had the thought that maybe someone was screwing with us and running an experiment to see if they could put, ‘Let’s see if we can put something in somebody’s consciousness. Let’s see if we can make them all see the same thing.’

“Well, an atomic bomb is a good signature. So there may be a team of taskers somewhere that, at the end of last month, started concentrating on us and entraining themselves with us and entraining themselves with a mushroom cloud and we picked that up…It could happen. So we’ll see.”

Jean-Claude mentions that several other psychics and even Clif High had reported thoughts entering their minds that did not appear to be their own.

Allgire says it could be anything. It could be the US bombing the Talibans’ new weapons cache.


When asked about gold and silver, Allgire says his analyst sees silver at $30 by the end of the year but that he hasn’t remote-viewed it. “I don’t think you’re going to see $600 silver anytime soon,” referring to Clif High’s infamous prediction. $600 silver would have to entail a massive catastrophic event to send silver up that high.

He does say that his analyst thinks Bitcoin will go to $100,000 this year.

The Altcoins he likes include Theta (THETA) and Theta Fuel (TFUEL), Bao Finance (BAO), Polygon (MATIC), Cardano (ADA-USD). He says:

“If you’re just hearing me today, September 6th, and you don’t know anything about cryptos and you think, ‘I’m gonna get into cryptos.’ So you start learning and setting up your account…it would take you 6 weeks to get into cryptos and I think a lot of people are going to do that and they’re going to get cut off at the knees, because it’s going to go up to $100,000 and then it’ll fall back down, really fast. They’ll take profit off of people that are getting in. So don’t take any investment advice from me, Folks!’

Otherwise, he says, “Treat people well. Don’t argue with people. We’re going into hard times, so try to make people smile and keep your wits about you.”