This is key:  Part of the reveal was the flag with no stars on stage at the Ohio rally signaling to both active and retired /inactive military that they were activated and at the signal they would be authorized to arrest the Biden government and traitors in our midst. Then in Minden Nevada on stage, Trump said Clinton and Biden “lost the codes” but Trump said quietly for those in the crowd that caught it, he has them…

Guaranteed there were some key comms from Trump on stage in Robstown (outside Corpus Christi) on the Gulf Coast. 

Meanwhile the real Trump and some of his family  and those close are in Cheyenne Mountain an underground city that stretches miles north and south…maybe west.  While at some point in a display of false bravado the Biden gov FBI thugs will invade Mar Lago once again and publicly detain Trump.  The double will be detained and under ‘house arrest’.

They want this to trigger the people into true insurrection…even civil war or war against the Biden government.   After some period of mayhem, the Trump military will step forward to ‘restore the peace’, while the Biden government will be forced into hiding or simply arrested.

The real Trump will then step forward and at the same time  the EBS will be activated… airways taken over and the education of the people begins. 

Meanwhile some kind of nuclear event/standoff will take place in Ukraine… to close the porthole and extinguish some large enclave of demonic covens…hidden underground.

At the same time China will invade Taiwan and a similar type of takeover occur…including a stand off with American troops loyal to Biden under control of the Pentagon will head over to that part of the world.  While the Trump troops take back our country.

The troops loyal to Biden will be given an ultimatum…

Keep in mind that what we are really fighting are the demonic forces and taken over/possessed dark magicians and deep state players including the Klaus Schwab/George Soros bankers in Basel Switzerland and wealthy resorts and cities across Europe. Some in underground bases and strongholds going deep into mountains and castles.

The fight in Ukraine (and shortly Taiwan) is a proxy war to allow the two sides to avoid direct confrontation with each other which would result in destruction of the Planet.  So in these sideshows the 2 major powers can clash without the danger of direct confrontation.    

Ukraine and other smaller countries are the backyards of the super powers.  Where the two conduct economically motivated battles where topside destruction of peoples and lands is allowed…

You might ask yourself why when the enemy is clearly embedded in places such as the City of London, Basel, Brussels, The Hague and the Vatican, why don’t the forces for good attack and destroy those echelons of power.  And this is because of mutually assured destruction.

However Washington DC is one such seat of dark side power that has been directly cordoned off and destroyed from within signaling the fate of some of the above bastions that will be one day also abandoned and even destroyed as the satanic overlords are taken down and exposed.

This is the dawning of a new age on Earth where the good and right prevail over the former darkness of centuries.

part 2