Crow 561- Does Anyone Really Know what Time it is? Yuga Shift (Free)

There are many ideas out there about the so-called age change. The best ideas in this regard come to us from the east. While the Greeks, American Indians and Egyptians are said to have had historical information, the Yuga cycles remain the best source, in my view. The problem is that this information, like most historical information in our world, has been corrupted, confused, or lost. Some claim we have left the Kali Yuga, or dark age. Others say we are just about to cross that threshold. I have been impressed with the information provided by Sri Yukteswar, except… there has been no massive reset which seems to be associated with every age change. In the interest of learning new ideas, we interview our guest who makes the case for 2025 being the end of the ascending dark age. He has a cultural connection to India, and has written a very interesting book called “Yuga Shift”, which brings together most of the available data on age change. If you have an interest in the changing of ages, this is a good episode to catch, and the transcript will be given away free to help with the cross-cultural conversation.