Covid “Delta Variant” is just a fancy name for vaccine injury

Just take out the Marxist playbook and turn to the next page, where the “Delta” variant of the China-disease ‘scamdemic’ is now to blame for every upcoming death caused by the Covid-19 vaccines. Beware of the “Delta variant” and the “Beta variant,” but still get the Covid-19 vaccines, if you haven’t, they’re telling everyone. So we have to get this straight. Science has proven that Covid-19 was created in a laboratory using “gain of function,” so a disease bats carry could become contagious for humans and zero in on infecting the lungs.

While designing the China virus, those same companies, corporations and institutes created vaccines for that virus, a virus that mutates frequently (within a year) into new, more virulent strains that the vaccines are useless against. Then, the CDC and WHO want us all to blame the new variants for all deaths caused by Covid vaccines that are causing blood clots and fatalities all around the world.

Dirty variants, dirty vaccines and the dirty cover-up

This is how you wreck the most powerful, successful nation in the world, and then blame the virus when the vaccines start wiping millions of people off the planet. It’s all one big psychological operation (psy-op) controlled by the media and scripted by Bill Gates and Fauci. As the “Delta Variant” sweeps through India, much of Europe, and now supposedly the United States, get ready for more scare tactics to sell those dirty prion-creating vaccines. In Israel, the citizens are about to experience forced lockdown after “exposure” to the Delta Variant and “Delta Plus,” which is said to be MORE contagious than Covid-19. Sure. The tsunami cometh.

In India, the Covid vaccines are causing 50,000 new infections per day. The wave of infections and deaths are being blamed on “new variants” of Covid-19, just as planned. All of mass media has been informed to follow the narrative and the script. It’s always “breaking news” and “Covid variant being detected now in… (plug in any overpopulated city or nation here).” There’s even mutated forms of the Delta variant. Mutations of mutations, and you can bet your epitaph funds there will be a “booster” shot for every single one of them, after they scare everyone to death with fake news.

“It’s genetic sequence suggests it may be even more contagious than the original…” yeah, we get it. Every “institute” with “science” in their name is declaring the same narrative at the same time all over the place, and all of the Trump haters are lined up around the block for their next dirty jab.

“Catch” the Delta Variant and its variants with new vaccines, so round and round the toxic merry-go-round goes

The goal of the CDC and WHO is to “catch” this Delta Variant and its variants early and figure out where they originated, they say, even though they’ve done everything in their power to BLOCK investigations into the Wuhan lab in China, and their connections/funding by NIH and Fauci-led grants. The Delta Variant has turned up in 9 countries so far, and if they can get the world saying “Delta Variant” over and over, they may be able to convince all the vaccinated sheeple to run out and get the next dose of blood-clotting injections.

Here comes the irony. Only four percent of Indians are fully vaccinated. That’s because word is getting out, circumventing the mass media, that vaccines are causing mass injury and death around the world. Especially after the first vaccine delivers horrific side effects, and then every medical “professional” is instructed to tell you to get the next vaccine as soon as possible (if it’s been 2 weeks). People are figuring out the source of the carnage, and fast. This whole “Delta Variant” narrative is to cover up deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines, and next comes the fake PCR Delta Variant Test, to see if you “got it.” Get it? It’s all a scam.

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