Covid-19: A momentous court victory!


In a significant legal win, the Pretoria High Court this morning ruled that the Minister- and Department of Health must release inter alia its Covid-19 vaccine procurement contracts, negotiation minutes, and memoranda of understanding to Health Justice Initiative (HJI), citing public interest as the main reason therefor.

Click here to read the full judgement.

The Court’s order mandates the Government to provide these documents within 10 days.

This ruling marks a notable step toward transparency and accountability in the pandemic response. Whether the Government will heed the judgement or fight the matter all the way to the Constitutional Court, remains to be seen.

In the meanwhile, NEASA applauds the HJI on their fight against one of the biggest shams the world has ever experienced, as well as their efforts to expose all.

NEASA will monitor the progress of this matter and keep the public updated on developments in this regard.

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