CoronaVirus Predictive Programming by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Coronavirus Predictive Programming is a 52-minute docu-commentary freely and exclusively viewable online at This public education production is presented courtesy of award-winning filmmaker Dr. Leonard G. Horowitzin association with Medical Veritas International Inc.
Leading lab virus expert Horowitz slams international “crisis capitalists” in this video production, claiming coronavirus “predictive programmers” are accountable for neglecting, downplaying, and misdirecting the media and governments’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic expanding and risking millions of lives.
Shocking revelations in this video includes the solid science proving the 2019 coronavirus outbreaking in China includes the AIDS-virus envelop gene weaponizing the mutant bioweapon against the human immune system.
In addition, detailed analysis of the “Event 201” coronavirus preparedness conference sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum, provides ‘probable cause’ for officials to investigate ‘industrial espionage’ and ‘commercial bioterrorism’ as motive for the intentional release of the mutant virus. Dr. Horowitz evidences here, better than anyone, the purposeful release of the ‘corona/SARS/HIV lab virus’ by ‘Deep State‘ special interests leveraging both governments–U.S. and China.
Is this the long anticipated “Big One” Bill Gates has promoted in the media? Otherwise, why are corporate-controlled news services and the networks censoring all of these most important details?
The unprecedented media censorship, omissions, and misrepresentations accompanying this pandemic fraud and coronavirus imposition evidences global depopulation foul play.

Coronavirus Predictive Programming and Media Censorship

Facebook and Google/YouTube is censoring this intelligence. Trying to link and discuss this film in the social media yields the censorship. (That is why we ask you to help spread this video.)