Conspiracist’s Guide to the Great Year ~Part One.

It’s getting Yuga out there!

4 Jun 2023

Conspiracist’s Guide to the Great Year ~Part One.

It’s getting Yuga out there!

The concept of the ‘Great Year’ is based on the astronomical phenomenon that occurs due to the Earth’s axis slowly rotating over a period of approximately 25,920 years. The vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of spring, gradually shifts against the backdrop of the fixed stars over this cycle. The rotation of the earth’s axis, as it is propelling the vernal equinox through the fixed astronomical divisions, is also rising and falling when viewed against the Galactic center from our solar system’s position on the edge of the third minor spiral arm. This motion produces an apparent rotation closer to, then further away from, the center of the MilkyWay Galaxy.

The apparent rotation around Galactic Center is an illusion created by the motion of earth being drug behind our sun as though debris in a comet’s tail.


The rising and falling motion is not visible from our perspective here on Earth, and thus we have the concept of orbiting the galactic center on a very long cycle basis.


The periodic, wave motion of our solar system’s path around the MilkyWay galaxy is also responsible for a ‘view’ of the Galactic Center as the center of our Great Year (apparent) orbit. This is due to the rising and falling of our motion around the edge of our minor spiral arm as it is also moving.

The primary effect for our solar system, and thus for Earth and Humanity, is a rising and falling amount of Galactic Center Emanations (GCE). This is a descriptor for the radiation that comes from the massively collected solar systems at the galactic center. The radiation levels are many millions, if not trillions of times that of our sun in the collective emanations emerging from the galactic center.

The effect of more of the GCE is thought to be a higher quality of intelligence being available throughout the Earth biosphere at all levels, including that of human intelligence. It is this ‘intelligence increasing on exposure to more GCE’ that forms the mechanism that powers the Hindu concept of the Yugas.

In Hindu cosmology, the Yugas are cyclic ages that follow one another in a specific order: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga (the Iron Age) is considered to be the darkest and most spiritually challenging period, characterized by a decline in righteousness and moral values. The Kali Yuga is the last of the cycles, and represents that point at which most of the GCE radiations are blocked from our solar system by the density of the galaxy between earth and the galactic center.

The Kali Yuga is bracketed by the Dwapara Yuga, or “Bronze Age” on either side of the 2400 Kali years. The ages leading down toward the increasing density of the central mass of the galaxy are considered to be the ‘descending’, while those rising away from the obscuring mass are labeled as ‘ascending’. Again the idea is a ‘descending’ level of consciousness, awareness, and intelligence as the Yugas descend down into Kali, and a rising of, a blossoming, an expanding of those qualities as more of the GCE reaches earth, and Humanity.


Pretty much mainstream thinking in India, and for several billions of people in Asia, the Yuga cycles have recently been under scrutiny in the ‘black projects’ world of the Western Liberal Republics, being led by the USA. This new interest in these cycles is apparently prompted by deep research within the Russian UFO community since 2001 into the Yuga cycles with the expected focus on UFO activity here on earth over these last few millennia.

The application of the Yuga cycles as a template for activities here on Earth, especially as related to Humanity and the Other (Space Alien Invaders), is a very good fit. A temporal map is provided that shows the activity of the Space Alien Invaders over this past Yuga cycle, and their impact on, and interaction with humans.

This temporal map is a work in progress, and will be augmented in subsequent chapters of this guide when interactions between the Space Alien Invaders, and disparate human civilizations are explored.

Sources, mostly in Sanskrit, but also in Hebrew, and other languages, when interpreted in light of our modern understanding, suggest that the GANZ of the Space Alien Invaders was a radiation shield of considerable size, perhaps covering many thousands of square miles in some instances. This word, GANZ, is inappropriately translated as ‘garden’ in the christian Bible, and some versions of the Torah. It is not a hebrew word. It comes from the Elohim/Annunaki themselves.

These GANZ were electro-magnetic bubbles over the genetic laboratories of the Space Invaders. These bubbles were what allowed the Judeans in the Old Testament to live 900+ years. It is suspected that it was the level of the GCE within the bubbles that provided humans with this lifespan.

A central issue for many researchers into these subjects had been the technology of the GANZ relative to the environment of the Earth. It had been assumed early in the process that the GANZ shield was to keep radiation out, that is to moderate and eliminate radiation types that the Space Alien Invaders found to be troubling.

Current thinking is that there is evidence for the opposite case to be made; that is, that the GANZ were radiation shields that effectively concentrated, or captured, the Galactic Center Emanations. This line of thinking includes some tangential evidence suggesting that the Space Alien Invaders were able to augment the environment within the GANZ to somehow boost the levels of GCE.

Further, the research also suggests that there are indications that the Space Alien Invaders came from some region much closer to Galactic Center, thus would be expected to be adapted to, and requiring, higher levels of GCE than was being experienced in our solar system at the time of the descending Bronze Age, the last Dwapara period.

Many further speculations exist with this new line of research of GCE dependent Space Alien Invaders. These new lines of research will be explored as they are developed.

Below is the first publication of the Conspiracists’ Guide Map of the Yuga. It will be updated in subsequent chapters as indicated by conclusions.

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