Confirmation of Truth — Take the Anna Challenge

If you are looking for a politician from me, someone looking for a vote, you will look for a long, long time without result.  I am not a politician, not running for office; I am nobody so awfully special, either. 

I am a Great-Grandma with plenty of road wear and I am sorry if that message has been lost in the massive effort to turn America back to truth, because if anything, simple truth is what has been lost and what is needed. 

Some of us forgot or never knew who and what we are. 

Some never accepted the idea that men and women were made in the image of God and gifted with consciousness in order to use it. 

They never knew our history as a nation.  

So all these folks have gotten caught up in lies and unrealities and have been believing and acting upon falsehoods, worshiping idols unaware, and allowing themselves to be denigrated. 

I’ve talked a great deal over the years about the Great Fraud perpetrated on this country and upon the world.  I’ve told you about the imaginary corporate franchises named after you.  I’ve pointed out the guilty Principals responsible. f

In fact, we have traced the entire history of this con game and its parts and pieces all the way back to Babylon, the Council of Nicea,  and the reigns of the Roman Emperors Constantine and Justinian.  

We tracked the way King John flim-flammed his way back into England as the Pope’s Overseer of commonwealth land, the way King Henry the Eighth sold out the Anglican Church, and the way Abraham Lincoln misrepresented which Presidential Office he was serving in. 

We revealed, with hard evidence, how the so-called American Civil War wasn’t a war, how private slavery was abolished at the same time that public slavery was institutionalized, how these same Flim-Flam artists “exchanged” our gold and silver for their I.O.U.s. 

We demonstrated how the U.S. Army betrayed our civilian American Government and has acted as a Mercenary Force ever since 1863. 

We showed you how Franklin Delano Roosevelt hired 350 new and unaccountable Agencies to do the Federal Government’s work for it and charged all this to us, how he sold the Municipal citizens of the United States into slavery to foreign interests, how he sent goons around to collect privately owned gold from Americans and bragged about how much he plundered under color of law (20,000 metric tons) and how he invested it (6,000 to the Federal Reserve and 14,000 to the World Bank/IBRD). 

We showed you how FDR and his Predecessor Woodrow Wilson and all their Successors schemed to register and enslave every American and denigrate our natural political status, how the current bunch of rotten no-good lousey crooks have contrived to further denigrate us to the status of GMO “transhumans” and rent our bodies out to Microsoft under patent licenses issued by DARPA. 

Yes, blow by blow, we’ve called it and fought it and seen it and people still look at me and scoff and call me names and accuse me of all sorts of outlandish things.  

Fearless Floyd, you are afraid of the truth.  You have nothing in your support but your own Big Mouth.  And I am surrounded by men who made it their mission to prove me wrong and who failed, so I am issuing the same challenge to you and everyone else:

Prove me wrong. 

Prove that I lied about one single thing in that entire long litany of fact confirmed by public record. 

Yvonne Burgess, you have been running around flapping your jaws ever since you were disgraced. 

You can take the Anna Test, too.  

Prove that I ever lied about any single thing I ever told anyone about anything.  

I might have been mistaken about something, but I haven’t lied and I haven’t practiced to deceive.

People ask me — how do you know these things?  How did you pick up on that?  It’s simple.  I trained myself not to lie.  Once you do that, the lies jump out at you like a Day-Glo Orange Jumpsuit. 

That’s how I and others with me, can walk up to a thug and say, “I see you.” and mean it. 

And that’s how you gain a whole new view of what the Bible means when it talks about the Father of All Lies. 

We were all born children of God, but you can become a child of the Devil by lying.  It’s that simple, that straight, and that strong. 

So teach yourself not to lie.  Be truly fearless.


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