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Video recorded on 24 February 2022

Thierry Meyssan: Good day!

A few hours ago the Russian army conducted airstrikes against the sector of the Ukrainian armed forces that is linked to NATO. In 3 hours, the Russian army wiped out the entire Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses and will continue its operation by next attacking the Azov battalion and all the Nazi officials that the United States and the United Kingdom introduced into the Ukrainian government. ‎

This should be good news for everyone, but here, in France, this operation is being portrayed as an invasion against Ukraine and as the forthcoming arrival of the Russian bear in Paris. So don’t be fooled. because there are very important elements that we are not being told. ‎ ‎

Only those aspects referring directly to Ukraine are reported on, but the general context is overlooked. And that context proves Russia right, as I am going to explain to you. ‎

In October, Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State, traveled to Russia and, in Moscow, she threatened to crush the Russian economy and demanded the resignation of President Vladimir Putin. But you never heard about it. Look it up online. It is very easy to verify. ‎

Later, [Victoria Nuland] went to Ukraine and ushered in Dimitro Yarosh, a NATO agent renowned for having set up – in 2007– the great Mariupol meeting [in Ukraine] bringing together European Nazi organizations and jihadists from all parts to go to fight against Russia in Chechnya. It was the same Dimitro Yarosh who – in 2014 – backed by his troops from the Right Sector [Pravy Sektor], organized the Maidan Square events and the “regime change” in Ukraine. He was later injured and disappeared for a while. Now he’s back. ‎

So [Victoria Nuland] installed Dimitro Yarosh as special adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army [1], who is a perfectly democratic and normal man, but now he has been flanked by this character [Dimitro Yarosh]. And now this character has incorporated the Azov battalion – which is a truly Nazi group, with Nazi insignia and everything and which is led by the ‎‎“White Fuhrer” [Andrey ‎Biletsky] [2] – into the Ukrainian army. ‎

This is news that should have come as a shock to all of us … but the media in France never reported on it.

So the Russians planned their response. ‎

In December, they sent the United States a draft proposal for a treaty aiming to guarantee peace. Therein, the United States is urged to respect International Law, as it was elaborated over time, first by the government of France and the imperial government of the Russian Tsar – in 1899, at the Hague Conference – and later formulated in the United Nations Charter –in 1945– and by the Third World countries –in 1955, with the Bandung Principles. ‎

This treaty is obviously unacceptable to the United States because for 70 years the United States has violated International Law on a daily basis and pretends to substitute it with a set of rules of its own, self-proclaiming, along with its allies, to stand for the “international community”. Well… [those countries] are not even half of the world’s population but they claim to run the world. ‎

The Russians are calling first and foremost for NATO to withdraw from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which should never have joined that bloc if the Potsdam Conference agreements had been respected – in 1945, at the end of World War II – which stipulated that US forces could only establish a presence west of the Oder-Neisse border, which separates Poland and Germany. Later, at the time of Germany’s reunification, France was very insistent that NATO should not expand to the east and there was even a long debate as to whether NATO forces would be allowed in the eastern part of Germany. – the former GDR– or be concentrated in the western part – the then Federal Republic of Germany. ‎

Finally there was an agreement – was endorsed by France – providing that the former East Germany would become part of NATO, within the framework of the reunification, but that there would be no expansion of NATO beyond.

And this was repeated several times, first within the OSCE – the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, born from the Helsinki agreements – in which 57 states signed 2 declarations. Fifty-seven States! ‎‎All the States of the European continent and even others since, for example, the United States ‎and Canada are also members!‎

Firstly, the OSCE recognized, in the 1999 Istanbul Declaration and in the 2010 Astana Declaration, that each State is free to sign on to the military alliance of its choice – France, for example, is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty, allying herself to the United States. ‎

But, secondly, it was also recognized that no State, absolutely no State!, can guarantee its security to the detriment of the security of others. And, from this point of view, joining NATO is illegal, yes illegal! Because NATO is not a confederation, in which everyone has equal status; it is a federation under the command of the United States and the United Kingdom. making the other States vassals of the United States and the United Kingdom. ‎

And France, unfortunately, returned to NATO, with [President] Nicolas Sarkozy, from which it had withdrawn under General de Gaulle, in 1966. General de Gaulle had expelled from French territory all occupation forces of the United States… that was the term he used, “occupation forces of the United States”. It’s not me who says it! ‎But we [the French] have once again willingly embraced our vassalage to the United States. ‎

So, Russia has called for the withdrawal of NATO forces from the entire territory of Central and Eastern Europe. They can still remain signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty. That is not the problem. ‎

And International Law will also have to be enforced in Western Europe. International Law, inter alia, prohibits the installation of nuclear weapons in countries that do not possess such weapons themselves. ‎

So, for example, what are there US [nuclear] weapons doing in Italy or in the Netherlands? It is an outright violation of international law. And that will have to end. ‎

We must realize that the United States is no longer the world’s leading economic power. It is now China. ‎

And it is no longer the first military power in the world. It is Russia. During the war in Syria – a war that NATO forces lost – Russia tested all kinds of new weapons that NATO cannot compete with. Only last weekend Russia showed that it has the capability to nuclearly destroy any target anywhere in the world without being intercepted because – as demonstrated – it deploys hypersonic launchers from submarines, from surface vessels, from bomber planes and mobile ground units. She can fire those launchers and destroy anything she wants anywhere in the world. It is impossible to deflect them because they move too fast. At the moment there is no way they can be intercepted. In minutes she can destroy whatever she wants and we should wonder that would happen if one day Russia may have to use such weapons against the Pentagon, the White House or the United States Congress. ‎

I don’t say that as a provocation. What I am saying is that if Russia were to do so, the United States would not have time to intercept them, it would not even have time to use its own nuclear weapons.

Let’s take things seriously and respect International Law. It’s what we all want. And it is in everyone’s interest. So bravo for what Russia just did today!‎

Thierry Meyssan



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[1] “Dmitro Yarosh returns as adviser of Ukrainian Army commander”, Voltaire Network, 21 February 2022.

[2] “Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov battalion“, by Manlio Dinucci, Voltaire Network, 1 February 2022.

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Latest work in English – Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies: From 9/11 to Donald Trump, Progressive Press, 2019.

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