Collective consciousness and the Yuga Cycle

We are all part of the collective consciousness. This means that together we are all responsible for the creation of life on Earth.

If we were to all understand this on the deepest of levels, seeking higher consciousness would be the most important journey in life.

Higher consciousness would be more important than money, fame or the material world, because with higher consciousness everyone would benefit and everyone would feel the bliss.

If we were to all raise our levels of consciousness there would no war, no famine, no abuse, no disease and no hatred.

Masculine and feminine energies would be in balance and there would be no natural disasters or environmental threats to the planet. The world would be a much different place.

Many, many years ago, this is how we lived on Earth. In fact, there was a time in history that higher consciousness reigned supreme. This was referred to as the Golden Age and is part of a cycle known as the “Great Year” or the Yuga Cycle.

The Yuga Cycle tracks the Sun, Earth and the planet Sirius. When the Sun is closest to Sirius, we enter into this amazing period of higher consciousness called the Golden Age. When the Sun is furthest away from Sirius, we enter into the Iron Age or Kali Yuga.

The Iron Age is where consciousness is lost and replaced with ego, greed, materialism and so on. During the Iron Age, our spiritual powers and ability to raise our consciousness becomes dimmed.

According to the Yuga Cycle, which is 24,000 years long, planet Earth and our collective consciousness moves around this cycle from periods of high consciousness to low consciousness.

In a way, we can think of it like seasons. The Iron Age is when our planet is in the “winter”, and consciousness is put to sleep and we forget who we really are.

In the “summer” however, we have full access to our powers and potential and are able to access higher levels of consciousness and other dimensions, and download intuitive and telepathic information.

In 2012, it is believed that we finally emerged from the Iron Age or Kali Yuga into the Bronze Age.

In the Bronze Age, consciousness begins to slowly rise. More and more people start to become aware of their spirituality and more and more people are open to things like crystals, energy healing and even, things like this website.

After the Bronze Age, we move into a higher level of consciousness known as the Silver Age and then into the highest level of consciousness which is known as the Golden Age. This movement is known as ascending consciousness.

After the Golden Age, we move back into the Silver Age, into the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age. This movement is known as descending consciousness.

During the Golden Age, our wise ancestors understood that we would have to lose our levels of consciousness during the Iron Age, so they left clues. Our ancestors left clues so we could remember who we truly are and our pure potential.

These clues are seen in highly advanced, sacred sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza. They are also seen in ancient artefacts like the dead sea scrolls, in ancient temples and so on.

The higher our consciousness raises, the more likely we are to keep uncovering these clues and understanding what they are really all about.

Lightworkers, Earth Angels and Starseeds are also sent to Earth during the dark periods to bring reminders.

The Yuga Cycle does not track consciousness on an individual level, but rather a global level. The Yuga cycle is used to determine the era of humanity we are in, and where we are heading as a society.

The Yuga Cycle also matches up with the astrological ages. When we shifted into the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012, we also shifted into the Bronze Age.

The next shift into the Silver Age lines up with our movement into the Age of Capricorn and the Golden Age with our shift into the Age of Scorpio.

The Golden Age lasts the longest and is 9,600 years, followed by the Silver Age which is 7,200 years, the Bronze Age which is 4,800 years and the Iron Age which is 2,400 years.

Currently, it is believed that we won’t reach the Golden Age again until the year 7700AD.

It is interesting that our planet moves through these cycles, of high consciousness and low consciousness, but it all appears to be for a reason.

Even though this cycle follows a trend for 24,000 years, every time we move through the cycle, our consciousness shifts and advances in a new way.

It is almost like being in the Iron Age or in the “winter” of consciousness, allows us to understand new things and uncover more about the human condition and what we are truly capable of.

Even though the Iron Age can be viewed as “bad” and the Golden Age as “good”, there really is no such thing. Each serves its own purpose and each time period is significant in its own way.

Want to learn more?

I first heard about the Yuga Cycle after watching the Pyramid Code – I highly recommend this show!