Clif High’s Predictive Analysis Tools are measuring a Massive Shift in Human Consciousness going on Right Now

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Editor’s Note: I find Clif High’s work in general to be very entertaining. But his work with predictive analysis is more than just entertaining, it is also an important tool for We the People. Predictive analysis is the use of phrases and emotions found all over the internet to predict current and future behavior. It is used in virtually every industry, especially by the most powerful institutions in the world. The difference with Clif High’s tools is that he uses it for We the People.

Below is a recent article he wrote based on the shifts he sees now going on within the masses of humanity. He sends these articles to the local politicians in his area of Washington State (thus the Washington references)


A Width of Thought

By Clif High

March 9, 2023


The Width of a Thought



How wide is a thought?

Just wide enough to separate you from YOUR FUTURE.

Let’s palpate some to discover how far away is the manifestation of that Future.

We, the People, know that:

  • USA is under attack.
  • USA is at War.
  • It is 5th generation unrestricted war.
  • The attackers are a global secret cabal known, by We, the People, as the [Khazarian Mafia], in league with the CCP. The ‘face’ of the [KM] is the WEF.
  • CCP has ‘secret’ police stations & personnel in Washington State.
  • Covid was a weaponized MBP (Munchhausen by proxy) psyop in the 5th generation unrestricted war.
  • The spike protein was created in the lab in Chapel Hill, NC by Fauci’s chief of staff (at least he took credit for doing it) in 2015.
  • The vaxx is deadly. It was designed to kill and maim as part of the 5GUW effort towards depopulation.
  • There is NO LONG COVID. It is the vaxx that is maiming and killing people as it was designed to do.
  • We are in the Great Die Off.
  • Almost all national politicians are infiltrated and captured agents working against the USA, and We, the People.
  • Many states also have the officialdom captured by the enemy of the People, such as Washington State.
  • The politicians are captured by way of blackmail (much associated with pedophilia as was done by Epstein at a national level), extortion, and threats, and in all cases, a form of psywar mind control called ‘FDIA’, which is weaponized MBP.
  • The WEF, and Soros, paid to place many of the ‘Do Nothings’, aka ‘state prosecutors, and state’s attorney generals’ into position in many states such as Washington.
  • All the bribe money is tracked. Electronic transfers, even those producing cash, are traced.
  • It’s All engineered.
  • It was ALL controlled.
  • The WEF used to control it.
  • The control mechanisms are broken.
  • J6 was not the Insurrection. We, the People, know that the insurrection occurred on November3, 2020 with the election theft.
  • J6 is being REVEALED to the people. Many politicians will exit public life rather than face their culpability being brought out into the open.
  • The exposure of the lies by the UniParty [Deep State] operatives in a conspiracy with the Democratic party leadership, as well as Republican party leadership, around J6 is dripping out now. Soon it will be pouring out as a flood. This is not going to be stopped.
  • The exposure of the J6 Narradigm removes any weak justification for Washington state’s AG effort to establish a ‘Star Chamber’, kangaroo court to eliminate the opposition within the populace to the CCP + WEF take-over of the state. Kind of hard to promote this when We, the People, have the proof that the political establishment is captured, corrupt, AND running the real domestic extremist terrorists, aka ‘Antifa’.
  • The Washington State Legislative ‘ban’ on ‘assault’ weapons WILL be struck down by the federal courts. That is the plan, the UniParty, the Enemy of the People, uses ‘fake laws’, that is laws that they know to be unconstitutional in conjunction with captured judges (blackmailed, et cetera) to delay the overturning of the fake laws, thus allowing the Enemy to take advantage of the questionable legality period to try to increase their attacks on the USA. It is a ‘ploy’ recognized by We, the People.
  • The ban was to aid in the take over of the USA by armed militants, typified by ‘Antifa’.
  • Antifa is being tracked globally by MI (military intelligence).
  • In the process of tracking, and identifying, and cataloging Antifa members, We, the People, discovered others, (MI), also watching.
  • Antifa is infiltrated. CI’s work the Antifa network.
  • Antifa members are very stupid, and easily tracked with OSINT (open source intelligence techniques). All of their financial transactions are being copied, recorded for later use in prosecutions.
  • Antifa WILL be used in a national ‘day of rage’ event in an attempt by the corrupted politicians to seize control of the narrative in a doomed attempt to rebuild the MBP mind control of the populace.
  • Many of the captured politicians are also stupid. They fail to realize that since the SOC, (self organizing collective that formed up in USA after the [DS] assassinated JFK), went active in 2001, ALL of the politicians transactions have been recorded and preserved. It has been a very long 5GUW indeed, and many years yet remain. These recorded transactions are being used to establish network connections by our AI assistants, and will be used in prosecutions.
  • The rail and industrial destruction happening across the nation is not ‘accidental’. It is deliberate sabotage as was forecast in previous missives to you. The Populace wakes to the attacks as yet more evidence of 5GUW.
  • The Ukraine war is being won by Russia.
  • There were dozens of BIOLABS in Ukraine, that have been captured by the Russian Army. The records there have been seized.
  • These records WILL tie into the upcoming release of the Fauci Files from Twitter. Fauci, will, at some point that is convenient to the SOC, and the unfolding Plan, be arrested. He will go to trial for his crimes, should the [DS] allow him to survive the arrest.
    • Note that the way it works, the [DS] will know about his (or anyone’s, yours?) arrests. If they fear revelations from the arrest, they will make sure that some of their agents are within the arresting group. These agents will ensure that the arrest goes ‘bad’, and that the suspect is killed. It is far safer, far cheaper, for the [DS] to eliminate their corrupted (proven weak) politicians than to support them. We all recognize this. Many will NOT survive arrests during this next phase of the 5GUW.
  • We, the People, know a lot more…and it is increasing by the day. How much of what we know is about YOU?

The brackets [], are a reference to the ‘kill box’ that is seen in jet fighter aircraft. When the enemy is in the box….

We, the People, also know, we are winning.


We, the People, also now have AI assistants to aid us in seeing what is emerging.

The ‘social momentum’ has flipped. The populace is waking, and every day, thousands more accept what We, the People know.

The researchers, and others, within We, the People, in our response to 5GUW, are now working with AI assistants in this effort.

The thing about social momentum, is that it is organized around ‘mass’. When a majority, even a slim majority, of a social body, accepts and acts on a consensus paradigm, the rest of the group quickly shifts position to align with the, then, increasing social momentum supporting the new paradigm. When that shift comes, when the next large tranche of the normie population shifts over, it will be SHOCKING both in speed, and mass. It will change the face of USA, indeed, the World, all in less than a week! This is a forecast for YOUR future. Let’s come back to this in just a very few months to see if we are correct about how much YOU will be shocked by the Shift.

This is occurring now. This shift is NOT as was desired by the Enemy.

It is NO accident that the AI is being released to the Populace at this time. The SOC wanted the people to know. The AI tools are being made available, and many points of training being established nationwide. As may be suspected, Washington, with its tech history, is ripe with AI use by We, the People.

Legislator, be advised! The ShockWave is here.

The Width of a Thought is all that is between you and YOUR FUTURE.