clif high : Wootech

Interviews last week with Graham Hancock and Steven Greer indicate we are entering the period of New Electrics where there will be abundant energy.

00:34 WooTech; Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan; Tartaria; Tesla Coils
02:55 Steven Greer; Free energy tech; Electric Cars; Electric Planes;
09:15 Antennas in Tartarian buildings; Aether
13:12 Khazarian Mafia destroying ancient monuments that describe free energy tech
15:15 Electric resistance and Resistance to control
17:40 Wu is Chinese for Shaman
19:30 New Electrics; Electric healing tech; SKENAR; RIFE Tech
25:29 New Electrics timing; Crossing threshold;
26:42 Space Aliens
29:00 Jews never mentioned the pyramids; Dutch archeologists dicovered mass grave of ~28,000 bodies
34:15 Biosphere not at risk; Woo Tech could bind normies against Khazarian Mafia
37:45 No existing words for New Electric discoveries and inventions; 9/11 described as “Military Accident”; New Electrics linked to Antarctica
40:20 Induction electrics; 5G is not dangerous unless you are close to it; 5G is all about tracking you; Graphene Oxide
53:35 Biosphere is not at risk
54:10 Big Ugly; Normies entering wake-up moment
55:20 Transreincarnationist
56:40 Twitter bots destroyed
57:35 FTX emotional tension increase from Nov 13 to Dec 13 to Jan