Clif High – Perpetwooity

Clif High leads a discussion, as only he can about the Breakaway Civilization of self-anointed elite humans, who have convinced themselves of their own separation and eliteness and thereby not needing humanity anymore.

He also works out a theory about mass trauma as a means by which the elites colonize the future with their own agents, as their victims are forced to spend millennia recuperating from the trauma that was inflicted upon them.

Clif says the elite believe they can continue to “hack” the metempsychosis or the transmigration of the soul and that some of their technology around this is bizarre. They seek to circumvent the natural process and to reincarnate within the same bloodlines.

“The hacking has consequences, because it changes who they are on a deep level. They don’t go through a cleansing process…and they reincarnate within their own lineage.” He says this precise process is discussed in Norman Mailer’s book, ‘Ancient Evenings’.

Basically, an old male member of the elite, who has done the required “yoga” will impregnate a young woman with certain characteristics and together consummate a sexual act, whereby she will become his mother, as he incarnates into the body of the fetus formed by their union.

The elite practitioners of this thereby bypass ever being born poor again but in the process, they do lose their intuition.

He says the Illuminati and secret societies exist to collect as many of such people as possible, who can recall their past lives and who see themselves as advancing through incarnations across time, to bring “new blood” into the elite. He calls them “not vampiric” but “life consumers”, who often style themselves as “Royals”.

“The elites are not homogeneous. There are fractures that go through them and some groups will attack other groups, so that they can return and rule all of this mass of humanity, from which power derives.

“The the whole Georgia Guidestones, of whittling humanity down to smaller amount comes from this idea that these people can just subsist without the randomness that is humanity, that is necessary to form the process by which consciousness can evolve, karma can be expressed and we can grow.

“They think they can do it in isolation in a lab. They can just petri-dish it, sandbox the whole thing…

“The idea that you’re going to whittle humanity down to 500 million, you may, indeed do that but it’s not going to be good for these guys, at all. They’ll be wiped out in that process, just because the 500 million will just say, ‘Hey F*** it, all restraints are gone.’

“Some people will rise out of there that are of this group. They’ll take over part of this group and just wipe them out.

Clif explains that the reason why the King of France killed the Cathars and Knights Templar was because  “They were of the rishi or the sanyasans or the awakened and…[therefore] they were his enemies…

“And so the Pope and the King of France, they decide to wipe out a bunch of these guys in this big, big push, because it’s a war, from their perspective…

“They tortured them for a long time and then they burned them alive, because these guys are convinced that by burning these individuals, they can disrupt this process, here and make that ‘long rest’ [in between incarnations] incredibly long, because of the huge amount of trauma of going through being burned alive.

“So the idea was. ‘We don’t want these fellows here to cycle through and come back while we’re still here. We want them to kick out an extra few thousand years, so that we’ll have a few thousand years more to gain power, etc., etc., you know and enjoy ourselves and before having to do this battle through time stuff again…

“These people…they’re losing intuition and they’re losing their Long Rest, the consequences of which we see within the changes within their consciousness, where they become basically Absolute Evil here on Earth or here within the Materium.

“Long-term consequences to them are unknown but this is the the nature of the perpetuity that we have at the moment. This episode of woo weaves through eternity battles going on are just capped off, because we just had a Royal die today, so things are afoot, things are happening.”

Clif believes that the US Navy’s imminent release of UFO information is going to be strategic against this “Potemkin Village” of the “Biden Pretendency”.

He says, “The information they are putting out has a preponderance of focus on the technology and its superior ability to ours. This is an interesting focus to have put in our faces, as they do these releases and the unspoken aspects of both the idea of it being a technology and and beings – you know, material beings – walking around or oozing or sliming or whatever the hell they do.”

Clif believes that the military appears to be putting in place a series of optics that are forming a pattern that  is going to project an agenda, which he guesses  is preparing us “for the introduction, in a much more solid way than we might imagine now of alien life – of space aliens – and they they fear our reaction.

“They’re wary of the potential range of the ways in which we might react and that’s why I think they’re doing it this way…

“And so I think that’s what the Navy is doing here…what they’re doing with these twisty pyramid UFOs that are that are flashing and coming around and moving and so on, they’re showing us what they are having to contend with, because they can’t do anything about the UFOs and this is going to become very apparent, as we progress forward here and that aspect of it.

“I think is going to be perhaps a bigger shock to the Normies than I might have anticipated, that we’re fundamentally helpless if these guys in the pyramids want to come down and harvest us, they can.

“So anyway, this is your life. You were looking for a life when this one came along. An adventure doesn’t go the way you expect, OK?

“Adventures are good. We think of adventures as cool. Frequently, there’s a period of adventures, if you survive them, they’re cool, right?

“But frequently, in adventures, there’s a period of time when they’re not cool. That’s when sh*t’s not going the way you expect and that’s what lots and lots and lots of humans, especially within the Constitutional Republic of the USA are feeling, at the moment.

“You know, sh*t’s not going the way they expected. Things are weird. We’ve got a Potemkin Village we’re trying to live in and it doesn’t feel right. You can’t do things right – nothing’s meshing, anymore.

“And I think that this nothing meshing anymore is also part of all of the larger level of oscillations that are required for this period of time that we’re in and so I’m not particularly disturbed by it. I’m affected by it. I’m impacted by it but I’m not taking it seriously, right? Because this, too shall pass and I’m looking forward to the next stuff that’s coming along…

“But that sets us up that understanding of how the elite and the Illuminati and everybody is there and why they’re there and why they do all this weird sh*t and why things are the way they are from that particular perspective.

“If you understand that perspective a little bit better, then it sort of makes sense, right? The rituals. You’ll see these guys do that kind of thing…you won’t understand the details but you’ll understand, in seeing those details that they are performing a ritual and that from their perspective, from the elites’ perspective, you will understand what the goal of that ritual was, in terms of, either selecting someone out of humanity or trying to get someone through their process; through the metempsychosis and all of that kind of thing…”