Clif High Interview with Nino Rodriguez

Clif High has been scouring data from psychics all over the world and everybody is picking up an imminent, massive, world-changing event.

Clif believes it has to do with the imploding US dollar and that our would-be overlords need to pull off a major False Flag event to cover-up their crimes, very similar to the 9/11 event, where we were suddenly presented with the 342-page Patriot Act, a massive piece of legislation which ended the 4th Amendment and which was passed with zero deliberation, let alone anybody reading it.

Clif thinks that after this world-changing event, we will be presented with a 1,000-page stack of legislation that will be even more consequential and devastating to our rights than the Patriot Act.

He believes that for logistical and security reasons, this attack will not be done with a nuke, because that would involve thousands of people but instead, with Directed Energy Weapons, which could do a lot of devastation with a crew of only 50 people.

Based on the remote viewing sessions of Dick Allgire’s Future Forecasting Group and their descriptions of mountainous terrain being associated with this event, Clif is thinking that this attack could involve the base at Cheyenne Mountain or perhaps the Denver Airport – and whatever is going on beneath it.

CLIF: So, I’m thinking that this attack that’s going to take place is planned, right now for Central US but they’re going to blame it on a “natural event” – but it’s not going to be “Climate Change”, it’s going to be a “meteor”…

Now, here’s the thing. My datasets have provided me hints – and that’s all it is, okay, just hints – just made me psychically tune-in and think of these three particular places: Cheyenne Mountain and the Denver Airport, then there’s this one other one that that would be really, really bizarre. It has these kind of criteria, in terms of what it looks like but if they hit that one, it would break the backbone of the internet for some period of time, especially in the US. It would slice us into regions, because of the place there; it has this particular set of equipment, right?

And so it would be really strange it would be like –

NINO: Like the “10 days of darkness”?

CLIF: Correct. Well, it wouldn’t be 10 days. In the United States, it’d be like 10 years, because we don’t have enough replacement equipment, we don’t have the people that do it.

If they do this, bear in mind, down here, it’s going to look like a nuke hit, OK? Because it’s a Directed Energy Weapon, it can just keep beaming on down there.

Also, grasp this: this High Power Microwave – you’ll sometimes see it as “HPW” for just regular wave and “HPM” for High Power Microwave. [This is what was fired at] the 9/11 towers as they were falling. That’s what caused the free-fall and the dustification of the 9/11 Towers!

So, they just sighted down on the Towers, hit a button and and dissolved it on the way down. So there were 1.25 million tons of material in the Towers. Do you know how much they hauled off? Do you know how much they actually hauled off? Forty the truckloads. Forty truckloads of material.

NINO: Wow.

CLIF: So, where where did the 1.25 million tons go? It was turned into dust and gas. And so this is what I think is going to happen.

Now, if this is the Denver Airport, they’re after whatever the Hell is underneath it, OK? So, they would just keep going and going and going and going until there was just a big smoking crater in the ground –

NINO: – We also can say it would make sense, also, Cheyenne Mountain, because –

CLIF: – Correct, correct!

NINO: Trump shut down Cheyenne Mountain. But that’s basically their opposition, right there. That’s our stronghold.

CLIF: And also, Cheyenne Mountain was connected to whatever the Hell is under Maui.

NINO: Wow. So, they’ve got to take that out.

CLIF: I don’t know if they’ve got to take out Cheyenne Mountain. See, I think these guys are not very sophisticated, so I wouldn’t do things this way – but I’m not a bad guy. I think they have to do something that is energetic and psychologically-captivating.

And the second part of it controls how much the first part is used. They need so much energy into this, that they capture our minds and hold them for a year. They want to get us into release language, all in-flux, so that they can move us and control us for a year –

NINO: – and hit Denver. Denver would be a target, not just the airport, the whole damn, the whole place.

CLIF: Well, there’s the thing. With the Directed Energy Weapons, they spread out is they’re precise but they’re not like pinpoint, right? So, they spread out in their effect. So, just beaming it down in on the airport it’s probably going to do a lot of damage to the whole region; it may even affect all of Colorado, for all I know, because…if they’re gonna get the Denver Airport, they’ve got to get that huge layer on top.

NINO: This has to happen, right?

CLIF: And so, in my opinion, this would have to happen before April 3rd of next year –

NINO: That’s what Juanito [Juan O Savin] says! He says the same thing…OK, let me explain this… Tell me if this adds up to you: the October testing of the National Emergency System is October 4th. He said that lines up with about six months out, which would be November, December, January, February, March, April. April, which you’re right. So, it’s a power number, a power time, April 4th.


The question becomes, can this be stopped, somehow, as a result of our awareness of it?