Clear and Present Danger with Philippe Argillier

James Grundvig sets up this episode of Unrestricted Truths by saying, “World War II didn’t end in 1945, it went underground. Eugenics turned into genetics. A global Shadow Government was formed in 1954. Their doctrine, ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ was launched.”

The 44-page manual published in May 1979, ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’, funded by the Rockefellers, Harvard University, Air Force and international bankers is a plan for total, worldwide control of the world’s energy – not just gas and electric – but YOUR energy, with a plan to control it all. A copy of the classified ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ (Technical Manual SW7905.1) was accidentally left in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale, when it was found in 1986.

It is the product of a discipline called “Operations Research” developed during World War II to attack enemy populations using tools of social engineering and psychological warfare. It was allegedly published by the JASON group, and presented at the first known Bilderberger Group meeting in 1954.

According to this secret document, the “international elite” decided in 1954 to wage a “quiet war” against the American people through the manipulation of industry, peoples’ pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, pitting people against each other, with the goal of shifting wealth from “the irresponsible many” into the hands of the “responsible and worthy few,” which is exactly what we have seen implemented with the COVID-19 PSYOP and bioweapon, a massive transfer of wealth from the middle classes to the billionaire elite who comprise the Shadow Government.

Much of this secret war of the elites against the people has been fought under the guise of “sustainable growth” and by promoting the lie of human-caused Climate Change from fossil fuel carbon emissions, which has gone under many names: UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, The Green New Deal and the Great Reset, always with the abiding message that humans are overpopulated and that we’re destroying the Earth.

In other words, we are the carbon they want to reduce and the Shadow Government has succeeded in brainwashing billions of people into committing mass suicide with the COVID jab.


Maria Zack of Nations in Action introduces us to French billionaire, Philippe Argillier who she says has an extensive background in high finance and infrastructure development. Over the course of his work, he has run into the Shadow Government, which he describes as an “Extremely sophisticated entity, run by a few people that runs the lives of 8 billion people on Earth.”

She says she spent 4 months investigating Philippe and his claims, which she was able to validate in several countries. She’s come to understand that the theft of the 2020 Election “Is just a tiny piece of what we have to do, because now, we’re headed right up to the pinnacle, to the head of the snake, of having to take them down in order to fix everything else below. Nothing can be fixed unless you go to the root problem…so, I’ve been very grateful for Philippe’s time and his labor of love for humanity in helping us learn more, so we can work cohesively to actually build this system of eradication and also outing the truth to the people and that’s what’s really been a mammoth effort and he’s been a trooper for standing by and helping us, because we could not do this without him.”

Argillier says the day-to-day operations of the Shadow Government are run by 38 individuals but more important than the identity of these people is this entity’s structure and system that controls the global Deep State of compromised government members around the world and which it is his goal to eradicate without any conflict and which he believes he has the power to do with the four databanks, of which he obtained full ownership on September 1st of this year.

He says, “We had a meeting on October 3rd, very recently in Cap d’Ail in the South of France with representatives of the Shadow Government and…we had a clear understanding that we are moving forward with the agenda to change and alter this system for a better world. Owning the databanks, I am in a position to do so but I also, I made it clear that we could work in a way that there would be no conflict – unless they’re looking for a conflict.”

Philippe says that twelve days after this October 3rd meeting in Cap d’Ail, Vincent Bolloré announced that, “After 30 years of ownership of the Continent of Africa, he made a decision that it was about time for him to move out of Africa and that is all over the news in France…This man is linked to two of the 38 billionaires behind the Shadow Government…I was not even expecting such an answer from these individuals as to setting up their structure in alignment with the agenda of my databanks. So this is very important news…I repeat, Vincent Bolloré has decided to leave the Continent of Africa and I think he’s made a very wise decision.”

Philippe says that he’s in the process of eradicating the French government’s machinations in Africa. “Too many presidents, too many countries on the Continent of Africa have been abused, have been raped by the outrageousness of the governments, including mine and I am very upset by the French government and they’ll have to change their agenda also, because the work that we’re doing is for humanity, not only limited to the United States of America and to France.”

James asks him if the CCP has representation among the 38 and Philippe replies in the affirmative and, “Actually, China is on its way to literally purchase the whole Continent of Africa but at the same time, the Chinese government is fully aware of the databanks and pretty much stands on waiting to see what the next step will be and at this moment, I am the only one who knows what the next step will be. This is a strategy that I have worked for the past 7 years.”

When asked what his next steps will be, Philippe says, “I’m not even going to have to tell you, because you will witness it for yourself. That’s the power of the databanks. I don’t need to divulge what’s going to happen, you’ll see it for yourself. Already, since September 1st, people see it…

“When you really have the power, you don’t really have to use it…you just have it and the people know it…The true warrior is a peaceful warrior…”

James then explains how he stumbled upon the Shadow Government after his son was vaccinated at the age of 3 and became autistic. It became his goal to help his son do something unique with his abilities, while at the same time revealing the corruption at the pharmaceutical companies and at CDC, so that the authorities would take care of them.

Philippe says, “I’m going to help you with this. And that’s what my legacy’s all about and…I want to reassure you, James, it’s moving forward and it’s moving very quickly.”