Chinese Influence & Espionage: NEW Links Between Biden & Clinton Corruption

By The Sharp Edge

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, who is tasked with overseeing the investigation of Joe Biden’s influence peddling racket, referred to the Bidens’ scheme as “organized crime.”  Much of the investigation has revolved around the Bidens’ ties to CEFC, a front group for Chinese influence and intelligence tactics.

However, the organized criminal syndicate Comer referred to extends far beyond the Bidens.  With the spotlight on Biden family corruption, new connections are resurrecting buried Clinton scandals to shed light on the depths of China’s political warfare campaign to capture and compromise American leaders. 

  • Information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal both point to a single Chinese espionage campaign to identify and assassinate U.S. spies.
  • Striking similarities in the timelines and locations related to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the establishment of the Chinese intelligence front group connected to the Bidens offers new insight into their possible connections.
  • Both the Bidens’ and Clintons’ fingerprints are on an orchestrated oil deal between China’s CEFC and Russia’s Rosneft, which was under U.S. sanctions.
  • Key players in the Chinese operation to buy influence at the United Nations are linked to both the Bidens and Clintons.
  • Compromised FBI agents repeatedly played critical roles across multiple cover-ups to conceal the depths of a single Chinese influence and espionage scheme spanning decades.
  • From Clinton’s Chinagate scandal in the 1990s to Biden’s present-day influence peddling racket, overwhelming evidence presented in this report suggests that seemingly separate Biden and Clinton scandals over the years are actually interconnected as part of a single Chinese enterprise to wage political warfare against America and give rise to a China-dominant world order.

A tangled web of intersecting scandals, FBI cover-ups, key players, corresponding locations and coinciding timelines between the Bidens’ and Clintons’ corruption over the decades illustrates the scope of China’s strategy to take down America.  A visual aid of this complex network is provided below.

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Interconnected Scandals

China Identifies & Assassinates U.S. Spies

Much like revelations that emerged from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, an avalanche of information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop has exposed a broad spectrum of criminal activity from money laundering and bribery to human trafficking and espionage. 

Hunter Biden was fully aware that, through CEFC and China Energy Fund Committee, Patrick Ho represented China’s influence and espionage operation.  In fact, Hunter Biden described CEFC’s Patrick Ho as the “spy chief of China” in recorded audio found on Hunter’s laptop. 

Source: “EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named as Criminal Case Witness,” The National Pulse

The Bidens’ partnership with CEFC was first made public by a New York Times article in December 2018, after Ye Jianming disappeared and Patrick Ho was convicted.  Text messages from Hunter’s laptop reveal his fears that the Bidens’ deep involvement with the Chinese intelligence front group, CEFC, would be exposed by the NYT article.

Hunter wrote to Hallie Biden that he was “dealing with the aftermath of the abduction and likely assassination (that’s what NYT’s suspects) of my business partner the richest man in the world, the arrest and conviction of my client the chief of intelligence of the people’s republic of China by the U.S. government, the retaliation of the Chinese in the ouster and arrest of US suspected CIA operatives inside China, my suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China… and Dads running for president.” 

Joe Biden appeared to be aware of Hunter’s concerns about the NYT article, as evidenced by a voicemail to his son following the article’s publication stating, “I think you’re clear.”

Months prior to Hunter’s December 2018 message referencing China’s arrest of CIA operatives, several current and former U.S. intelligence officials seeded a narrative to the press about one of the largest intelligence breaches in CIA history, which resulted in the arrests and assassinations of more than 30 CIA spies inside China between 2010 and 2012.  “You could tell the Chinese weren’t guessing,” remarked one U.S. official.

The narrative planted by U.S. officials attributed the intelligence breach to a compromise of their communications systems.  However, earlier reports of China’s assassinations of U.S. spies floated theories of a potential mole feeding information to the Chinese.  A years-long mole hunt ensued, resulting in the arrests of several intelligence officials including Ron HansenKevin Mallory, and Jerry Chun Shing Lee, as well as a State Department official, Candace Claiborne.

Aside from his connections to the Chinese intelligence front group, CEFC, any involvement by Hunter in the “the ouster and arrest of US suspected CIA operatives inside China” is unknown.  However, Hunter’s December 2018 message seemed to indicate a possible connection to CEFC and China Energy Fund Committee executives.  The establishment of Patrick Ho’s China Energy Fund Committee in 2010 does coincide with the same year in which China’s campaign to identify and kill U.S. assets began.

The intelligence breach that led to the deaths of CIA spies between 2010 and 2012 also coincides with an investigation by officials of the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s office into the private email server Hillary Clinton maintained while secretary of state. 

ICIG officials repeatedly warned the FBI beginning in July 2015, presenting evidence of the potential compromise of Hillary’s classified information by a Chinese entity.

The FBI confirmed that a dummy email account referenced in the ICIG’s investigation contained Hillary’s emails dating back to October of 2010.  Furthermore, their investigations confirmed that Clinton’s emails contained Top Secret/ Special Access Program information. 

A government official who reviewed the highly classified emails stated that they contained, “operational intelligence” that jeopardized “sources, methods, and lives.”  The official who spoke on the matter confirmed that Hillary’s Top Secret emails were sent between 2009 and 2013.

Though Hillary’s emails and Hunter’s laptop were separate national security breaches, information gleaned from them both point to a single Chinese espionage operation to identify and assassinate U.S. spies inside China.

Hillary’s Emails & China Energy Fund Committee

Striking similarities in the timelines and locations related to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and the establishment of the Chinese intelligence front group connected to the Bidens offers new insight into their possible connections.

An August 2018 report regarding an ICIG investigation detailed a “deep dive” into the metadata of Hillary Clinton’s emails, which allegedly revealed that a copy of “nearly all” of the emails were forwarded in real time to a “known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China.” 

According to the August 2018 report, officials briefed on the matter described the Chinese company that gained access to Clinton’s emails, as “not a technology firm.”  Rather, the sources explained that it was a “’front group’ for the Chinese government” located in “Washington’s northern Virginia suburbs.” 

An intelligence officer familiar with the ICIG’s findings stated that authorities involved in the investigation knew the name of the company and were aware of other “cutouts” that were involved, adding “I would be in a lot of trouble if I gave you the name.” 

By comparison, the FBI knew CEFC and their nonprofit cutouts were a front for Chinese espionage dating back to at least 2016, as evidenced by the FISA warrants obtained for counterespionage agents to collect information on the “spy chief” of China, Patrick Ho.

CEFC’s China Energy Fund Committee front group was established in 2010, the same year in which Hillary’s emails began to appear in the dummy email account that was reportedly accessed by an unnamed Chinese company.

As stated in the DOJ OIG’s Pre-Election report, “the FBI determined that the dummy email account contained 820 of former Secretary Clinton’s emails, dated between October 25, 2010, and December 31, 2010.”  According to ICIG investigators the emails accessed by a Chinese entity appeared in the dummy email account in real time, indicating that the Chinese entity would have had access to Hillary’s emails beginning in 2010.

However, the DOJ OIG concluded based on evidence provided by the FBI’s corrupt Midyear investigation, that Paul Combetta, an administrator of Clinton’s private email server, set up the dummy email account in August 2012, which conflicts with the FBI’s own reporting that Hillary’s emails appeared in the dummy email account in 2010.  While the timeline provided by the FBI’s investigation conflicts, the 2010 start dates of both CEFC’s China Energy Fund Committee front group and the alleged compromise of Hillary’s emails align.

Patrick Ho’s China Energy Fund Committee operation was located at 1100 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22209 in an area surrounded by high-end apartments and condos. Though the organization was established as a nonprofit NGO in 2010, China Energy Fund Committee (USA) Inc. was registered as a corporation in 2012 at the address 12110 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190, which is also located in a residential area of northern Virginia.

Both of these China Energy Fund Committee addresses fit the description provided by officials regarding the company that allegedly accessed Hillary’s emails, as a “’front group’ for the Chinese government” located in the “northern Virginia suburbs.”  What’s more interesting is that Patrick Ho’s Arlington office was located right next door to the State Department.

Source: Google Maps

Curiously, other cutouts of CEFC’s Chinese espionage operation were also located within very close proximity to Clinton Foundation offices.  CEFC’s Hong Kong based nonprofit, China Institute of Culture, established in 2012, which has been described as another front for “China’s political warfare apparatus” was just 1.5 miles from the Clinton Foundation Hong Kong office.  And China Energy Fund Committee’s New York offices sat within a 1.6 mile stretch between the UN headquarters and Clinton Foundation headquarters.

The coinciding timelines and locations of the compromise of Hillary’s emails and the establishment of the Biden-linked China Energy Fund Committee may be mere coincidence, but when combined with mounting evidence laid out in this report, they may provide further insight into China’s political warfare campaign to compromise both the Bidens and Clintons.

The CEFC Rosneft Deal

In the same message found on Hunter’s laptop referencing CIA operatives inside China, Hunter wrote to Hallie Biden about his “suspected involvement in brokering a deal with Vladimir Putin directly for the largest sale of oil gas assets inside Russia to China,” which clearly refers to a deal between Russia’s Rosneft and China’s CEFC. 

In 2016, the deal was arranged with Glencore and Qatar’s QIA state fund for a 19.5% stake in the Russian oil company, Rosneft.  Less than a year later, Glencore and Qatar flipped a 14.16% stake in Rosneft to China’s CEFC.  Hunter Biden’s partners had ties to both Glencore and QIA.

Kick-backs to the Bidens for the CEFC Rosneft deal have been confirmed through bank recordswitness testimony, and Hunter’s messages, including $5 million in foreign bank transactions from CEFC to the Bidens following a threatening WhatsApp message from Hunter to CEFC executives.

In the WhatsApp message Hunter stated, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.  Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight.  And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.  I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

While the Bidens’ personal interests in the CEFC Rosneft deal are at the forefront, the Clintons’ links to the Rosneft deal, though remarkable, are often forgotten.  Glencore was founded by Marc Rich, a billionaire tycoon who evaded authorities for years and was indicted on over 50 counts of racketeering, tax fraud, wire fraud, and shady business deals with countries like Iran, which was under embargo. 

On his last day in office, Bill Clinton pardoned the international fugitive Marc Rich, whose inner circle “steered millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s causes and those of fellow Democrats.”  Years later, the deceased Marc Rich’s Glencore went on to have a vested interest in the Russian Rosneft deal.

Then in 2016, Hillary’s campaign-funded Steele dossier accused Trump’s foreign policy advisor, Carter Page, of brokering the deal with Rosneft’s president, Igor Sechin, for a 19% stake in the Russian oil company in exchange for lifting U.S. sanctions, when in reality, Hunter appears to have confessed to his “suspected involvement in brokering” the Rosneft deal that conspicuously links the Bidens’ and Clintons’ allies at Glencore to CEFC.

The FBI used the unsubstantiated allegations in the Hillary-funded Steele dossier to illegally spy on Carter Page, who has subsequently been vindicated by lengthy investigations of the Russian collusion conspiracy. 

Carter Page stated in a 2017 interview, “The interesting thing about Glencore, if you look at the history of that company, that was actually founded by Marc Rich, the person that Bill Clinton pardoned in his final days in office, very controversially.  So, I have no contacts at Glencore, but Mr. Clinton certainly does.”

Source: “Trump: Carter Page interview,” Channel 4 News, February 20, 2017

Had Hillary won the 2016 election, we can only speculate as to whether accusations lodged against the Trump campaign mirrored any plans by Clinton to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia’s Rosneft, which would have financially benefited all parties involved in the deal.  The $9.1 billion CEFC Rosneft deal fell through in the wake of Hillary’s loss, Patrick Ho’s arrest, and Ye Jianming’s disappearance.

Aside from donations by Marc Rich’s inner circle over the years, in 2011 the Clintons received a $1 million “gift” from Qatar, which later had a vested interest in the Rosneft deal.  And the Clinton Foundation received a donation of up to $100,000 from CEFC in 2015, leading up to Hillary’s presidential bid and the brokered oil deal between Russia and China. 

The Clintons’ foundations also received hundreds of millions from foreign donors including those with Chinese and Russian interests during and after Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state.  The couple earned additional millions through suspiciously large fees for speaking at conferences held in foreign countries like China and Russia during and after Hillary’s position in the Obama administration.

By viewing the CEFC Rosneft deal from the perspectives of both the Bidens’ and Clintons’ connections, a picture of the larger scheme comes into focus.  While the Bidens’ interests in securing the CEFC Rosneft contract are made evident through bank records, witness testimony, and Hunter’s messages, the Clintons’ links are apparent through their allies at Glencore and false accusations made in the Steele dossier to frame the Trump campaign for the brokered deal.

UN Bribery & Chinagate

The Bidens’ involvement with the UN bribery scandal and the Chinese spy, Patrick Ho, are well documented.  Bank records show millions were funneled by CEFC through State Energy HK to a UN-linked think tank, Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD), headed by former president of the United Nations General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, who had business relationships with Hunter Biden, CEFC and Patrick Ho. 

CEFC, which helped to establish and fully fund the CIRSD think tank, used Jeremic as a “proxy” to advance Chinese interests at the UN.  Jeremic was a candidate in the 2016 United Nations Secretary-General election. 

Millions more were routed in early 2017 by CEFC through State Energy HK to an LLC set up by the Bidens’ bagman, Rob Walker, after emails indicate that V.P. Biden’s influence was solicited in the 2016 UN Secretary-General election.

Patrick Ho was convicted in 2018 for his role as the head of CEFC’s non-governmental organization, China Energy Fund Committee, in the same international bribery and money laundering scheme involving UN officials.  The Chinese intelligence and bribery front group, China Energy Fund Committee, received a “highly unusual, if not unprecedented” UN Special Consultative status in 2011

Two months prior to his arrest, Ho funneled $1 million to Hunter for so-called legal counsel, though it is suspected the money was a payoff for information and influence over Patrick Ho’s impending criminal charges.  Hunter Biden’s emails on the day of Ho’s arrest indicate that Hunter contacted FBI agents prior to Ho’s arrest to obtain information about their investigation. 

While the focus remains on the Bidens’ links to the UN bribery scandal, the Clintons’ connections, though significant, are less publicized.  The first target of Patrick Ho’s UN bribery scheme was former UN General Assembly president, John Ashe.  Ashe received bribes from Patrick Ho and another agent of the Chinese government, Ng Lap Seng, who was convicted in 2017

The Clintons have an extensive history with the Chinese agent, Ng Lap Seng, going back decades.  A 1998 Senate report investigating the Clintons’ Chinagate scandal, identified Ng Lap Seng as the conduit of large sums of illegal donations from foreign sources through his middleman Charlie Trie, to the DNC and Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign, to buy access and influence.  While Charlie Trie was prosecuted, Ng Lap Seng, also known as Mr. Wu, escaped charges.

Ng visited the Clinton White House on several occasions despite being well-connected to both the Chinese government and organized crime.  Ng ran a Macao-based hotel and casino, the Fortune hotel, reportedly where “children under 12 can stay free” and “for a fee beautiful young hostesses from various countries can also entertain businessmen.”

Prosecutors in the 2016 UN bribery case involving Ng Lap Seng reportedly planned to link the compromised UN official, John Ashe, to the “Clinton bagman Ng” which would have been “very embarrassing” for the Clintons.  Ashe died in June 2016, before he could stand trial, due to asphyxiation from a barbell. 

Although they were prosecuted separately, Patrick Ho’s and Ng Lap Seng’s UN bribery scandals were inextricably linked under one “broad federal investigation into potential corruption at the United Nations” by a single Chinese influence and intelligence campaign.  In fact, Ng Lap Seng’s case was referenced in a court ruling against Patrick Ho.  Chinese agents linked to both the Bidens and Clintons are interconnected to reveal the full extent of the agenda to advance Chinese interests at the UN.

Clinton’s Chinagate & Biden Family Crimes

Several key players in the Clinton-era Chinagate scandal reemerged to play integral roles in Biden’s classified documents and bribery scandals.  Recurring characters were continually placed into critical roles with access to classified information in both the Bidens’ and Clintons’ schemes spanning decades.  Intersecting players, locations, methods, and timelines among multiple scandals illustrate a single Chinese influence and intelligence operation to compromise both the Bidens and Clintons.

The Bidens’ bagman, Rob Walker, acted as the go-between for millions in payments by CEFC to the Bidens through Robinson Walker LLC, a company formed in Delaware, with addresses in both Washington D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas.  A confidential document held by Congressional investigators confirms the Little Rock address is associated with Rob Walker as the Managing Director of Rosemont Seneca.  And communications between whistleblower, Tony Bobulinksi, and Rob Walker confirm the use of Walker’s Little Rock, Arkansas address for the LLC linked to CEFC’s payments funneled to the Bidens and their associates.

During Walker’s early political career, he played an “influential role” in both of Bill Clinton’s campaigns and was a “key campaign aide” for Clinton’s 1996 presidential election, the same election campaign that was under investigation for Chinese bribes funneled to Clinton and the DNC in return for access and influence.  His wife, Betsy Massey Walker, later became an assistant to Jill Biden while Joe Biden was vice president.

It was the same Clinton Chinagate investigation during the tenure of then FBI Director Freeh, who deferred to AG Janet Reno’s decision not to appoint independent counsel in the corrupt Chinagate investigation, and who later became a business associate of Hunter Biden, steering large sums of money to the Bidens while in pursuit of favorable business deals.  Freeh denies accusations that he acted as Hunter’s FBI mole named “One Eye,” who, according to whistleblower, Gal Luft, tipped off CEFC executives about the FBI’s espionage investigation into the Chinese intelligence front group.

About two dozen co-conspirators were prosecuted in relation to the Chinagate scandal, while President Clinton emerged unscathed by the DOJ’s corrupt Campaign Finance Task Force investigation.  A handful of accomplices from the Clintons’ inner circle in Little Rock, Arkansas, were found guilty including John HuangCharlie Trie, and James Riady.  Johnny Chung, another major source of illegal donations to the Clintons with ties to top Chinese military officials, was also charged.

The Clintons’ bagman in the 1996 Chinagate scandal, Ng Lap Seng, was not charged, despite funneling illegal donations through a Little Rock subsidiary of his company to co-conspirator Charlie Trie.  Ng was later convicted in the UN bribery scandal.

White House aide, Mark Middleton, whose relationships with the Clintons and key co-conspirators began at Worthen Bank in Little Rock, was also implicated in the Chinese plot to buy access and influence, though he was never charged.  Middleton recently died under mysterious circumstances of a gunshot wound to the chest while hanging from a tree.

Little Rock, Arkansas was a hotbed of activity surrounding the Chinagate scandal and later emerged to become a relevant location for the Bidens’ influence peddling operation through their bagman, Rob Walker.  Similarly, Clinton’s Commerce Department became an epicenter for Chinese influence and espionage, and key players from the Commerce Department were later placed in important roles during the Bidens’ bribery scheme.

The head of the Commerce Department, Ron Brown, who was linked to Clinton’s Chinagate scandal through a plan allegedly conceived by Hillary Clinton to illegally sell seats for trade missions to China in exchange for donations to Clinton’s 1996 campaign, died in April 1996 during a suspicious plane crash, with a gunshot wound to his head, amidst a court case between Judicial Watch and the Commerce Department to obtain documents regarding the Chinagate scandal in which Brown was scheduled to provide a deposition that same week. 

According to witness testimony, Brown was instructed by the Clinton White House “to delay the case by withholding the production of documents prior to the 1996 elections, and to devise a way not to comply with the court’s orders.” 

Just prior to his death Brown reportedly remarked, “I am too old to go to jail. If I go down, I’ll take everyone else down with me.”  Brown’s imminently scheduled deposition would likely have exposed the full extent of the Clintons’ Chinagate conspiracy at the Commerce Department and implicated the top accomplices.

One key accomplice in the Chinagate scandal, John Huang, was a Clinton-appointed high ranking official for international economic affairs at the Commerce Department from 1994 to 1996. 

Before John Huang’s position at the Commerce Department, he was hired by co-conspirator, James Riady, as vice president of the Riady-controlled Worthen Bank in Little Rock, Arkansas where Huang’s relationship with then Governor Bill Clinton first began.  The Riady family had long-standing ties to Chinese intelligence operations.

While at the Commerce Department, Huang had access to Top Secret information of interest to Chinese intelligence and received weekly CIA intelligence briefings, as he simultaneously met with Chinese officials. 

After his tenure at the Commerce Department, John Huang then became the chief fundraiser for the 1996 Democratic National Committee.  Huang steered millions in illegal funds from foreign donors to the DNC and Clinton’s 1996 campaign, in exchange for access and influence.

Hunter Biden and his good friend, Kathy Chung, worked together in the Commerce Department under Bill Clinton in the 1990s.  When Judicial Watch filed the FOIA request for documents relating to Chinagate and the Chinese spy, John Huang, Kathy Chung was one of the administrators tasked with producing the documents. 

Chung was the lead defendant in the case between Judicial Watch and the Commerce Department, which was sanctioned for withholding and destroying documents related to Chinagate and John Huang.  Chung testified that she was unable to recover the documents in question from a computer belonging to her boss, Melissa Moss, who before working at the Commerce Department, served as the finance director for the DNC.

At the request of Hunter Biden, Kathy Chung went on to become a key “gatekeeper” and aide to Joe Biden beginning in 2012.  She handled the arrangements of Hunter’s infamous 2013 trip with V.P. Biden to China and in 2015, she invited Hunter to attend a State Department lunch for Chinese President Xi. 

Also in 2015, Kathy Chung sent Hunter Biden an email of the personal phone numbers of Washington’s political elite, including those of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  The phone numbers were suspected by House Oversight investigators to be used by Hunter Biden as a way to prove his political connections, power and influence to CEFC executives.  Hunter Biden first met with executives of the Chinese intelligence front group, CEFC, in December 2015.

In 2017, Joe Biden’s gatekeeper, Kathy Chung, who held Top Secret security clearance, was responsible for moving boxes of classified documents from the White House to an office in Chinatown.  Documents were also moved to Joe Biden’s Delaware home, before they eventually wound up at the Chinese-funded Penn Biden Center, where documents remained unsecured. 

As CEFC funneled money to the Bidens through their bagman, Rob Walker, and through other Biden-linked accounts, Hunter Biden had access to the classified documents kept in Joe Biden’s Delaware home garage as well as to the unsecured documents kept in Joe Biden’s office closet adjacent to Kathy Chung’s administrative office at the Penn Biden Center

Kathy Chung, who was placed in critical roles during the cover-up of Clinton’s Chinagate documents at the Commerce Department, Hunter Biden’s Chinese bribery scheme, as well as the removal and storage of Joe Biden’s classified documents, now works at the Pentagon as a top aide for the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

The numerous intersections of key players, locations, timelines and methods between seemingly separate Clinton and Biden scandals spanning decades provides strong evidence of a single Chinese influence and espionage campaign to compromise both the Bidens and Clintons.

Intertwined FBI Cover-Ups

FBI Investigations of Hillary’s Emails & Foreign Influence

Beginning in July of 2015, ICIG investigators who repeatedly warned the FBI of the compromise of Clinton’s emails by a Chinese entity were met by an “aloof and dismissive” agent Peter Strzok.  Evidence of Clinton’s compromised emails presented by ICIG investigators “wasn’t shocking,” to the FBI, according to one ICIG official’s testimony

FBI investigators seemed to be fully aware of a dummy email account that ICIG investigators warned directed real time copies of Clinton’s emails to a Chinese entity, and their only surprise came from the ICIG investigators’ discovery of it.

The FBI’s so-called investigation of Hillary’s emails, which amounted to nothing more than a cover-up by corrupt agents, as evidenced by Peter Strzok’s text messages, attributed the dummy email account to an employee, Paul Combetta, of the company, PRN, that administered Clinton’s private email server. 

Combetta was said to have used the dummy email account to transfer emails from Clinton’s archive laptop to a PRN server. The corrupt FBI’s Midyear investigation asserted that Combetta set up the dummy email account in August of 2012, which does not comport with their determinations that the dummy account contained Hillary’s emails dating back to October 2010

The DOJ awarded Combetta with immunity, even though he destroyed Clinton’s email archives using BleachBit in March 2015 after receiving a Congressional subpoena to preserve them, and apparently lied to investigators. 

The FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails failed to recover missing and destroyed devices, including the archive laptop in question.  Despite the “FBI’s inability to recover all server equipment and the lack of complete server data for the relevant time period” the FBI concluded that their “forensic analysis did not find evidence confirming that Clinton’s email server systems were compromised by cyber means,” and the corrupt agency rejected reports that Hillary’s emails had been accessed by a Chinese entity.

Just as Peter Strzok at FBIHQ was handling the cover-up of a “potential compromise of classified information” reportedly by a “known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China” with access to Hillary’s emails, FBI New York field agents were tipping off the Clinton campaign about an investigation of foreign influence of Hillary Clinton.

In October 2015, former head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division in the New York field office, Charles McGonigal, was listed on an FBI memo regarding a defensive briefing warning the Clinton campaign “to take appropriate action to protect herself” from an FBI investigation into a foreign government attempting to buy influence of Hillary that began in 2014. In the same way Hillary’s email investigation was covered up, so was her 2014 foreign influence investigation, along with three others.

By July 2016, the same FBI agent, McGonigal, wrote a report that served as the basis for launching the FBI’s Russiagate probe, of which Peter Strzok was a key player, while Hillary’s campaign-funded opposition research, the Steele dossier, framed Trump. 

FBI’s Investigations of CEFC & Hunter’s Laptop

The same FBI agent who warned Hillary Clinton of a foreign influence investigation against her and whose report launched the Russiagate probe, Charles McGonigal, was also tasked with overseeing the initial espionage probe of CEFC’s Patrick Ho.

The FBI knew CEFC was a front for espionage.  This is made clear by the FISA warrants issued to surveil Patrick Ho beginning in 2016.  For FISA warrants to be obtained, agents must “demonstrate probable cause to believe that the target of the surveillance is a foreign power or agent of a foreign power.”  Counterespionage agents collected “voluminous evidence” against the Chinese spy, Patrick Ho, some of which was used in his trial

At least one exhibit in Patrick Ho’s trial was redacted to exclude Hunter Biden’s name, because the DOJ didn’t want to “introduce a political dimension to this case.”  Clearly, the DOJ wanted to prosecute Patrick Ho without shedding light on his network of compromised U.S. politicians.

To further cover-up Patrick Ho’s web of compromised U.S. officials, FISA material collected by the FBI on Patrick Ho remains classified and under seal, despite requests from the Senate Judiciary Committee for their release. 

The former FBI official, McGonigal, at the center of the Russia hoax and the investigation of CEFC’s Patrick Ho, was arrested in January 2023 for crimes he himself committed in connection with Russian and Chinese operatives. 

McGonigal was charged for his illegal work with Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who also worked with Christopher Steele at the time that Hillary Clinton’s campaign funded the discredited Steele dossier.  McGonigal was additionally charged for accepting bribes from an Albanian intelligence middleman connected to CEFC.

According to whistleblower, Gal Luft, CEFC’s Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming were tipped off about the FBI’s counterespionage investigation of CEFC by Hunter Biden’s FBI mole named “One Eye.”  In a recent video, Luft explained, “Hunter was closely associated with a very senior retired FBI official who had a distinct physical characteristic.  He had one eye.” 

According to the New York Post writer who published Gal Luft’s recent video, Luft “certainly thinks” the physical description of the mole is similar to that of former FBI director under Bill Clinton, Louis Freeh.  The former FBI chief for Bill Clinton has unequivocally denied accusations that he was Hunter Biden’s mole named “One Eye.”

Whistleblower, Gal Luft, who provided critical information to the DOJ and FBI regarding CEFC’s compromise of Joe Biden, is now “being hunted” by the same weaponized agencies.

Luft stated, “The U.S. government claims that I acted on behalf of CEFC, and therefore I’m a foreign agent, but let me tell you a little secret. The same CEFC that the U.S. government claims was associated with Chinese intelligence and ‘an international criminal organization’ was a 501c3 charitable organization registered in the state of Virginia and approved by the IRS.  The same organization was also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation… Needless to say that none of their executives were charged for any wrongdoing.”

Source: “’Missing’ Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family in extraordinary video,” New York Post, July 5, 2023

The Clinton-era FBI director, Louis Freeh, was a close business associate of Hunter Biden and board member of the Beau Biden Foundation who donated $100,000 to a trust for Joe Biden’s grandkids as he sought “some very good and profitable matters.”  Louis Freeh worked with Hunter Biden on a shady consulting job regarding a Romanian businessman’s bribery conviction, an arrangement that is now part of the ongoing Congressional investigation into the Bidens’ criminal activities.  And one of the prosecutors to sign off on Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal worked under the former FBI chief.

Notably, the “major cover-up” of illegal Chinese bribes to the DNC and Clinton campaign for access and influence in 1996, occurred under then FBI Director Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno.  Freeh called for independent counsel in the Chinagate investigation but ultimately deferred to Janet Reno’s authority to conduct the investigation, which Republican lawmakers believed protected the top accomplices including the Clintons.

Just as the FBI dismissed allegations that Chinese intelligence accessed Hillary’s emails, so did the U.S. intelligence community deny accusations that the contents of Hunter’s laptop provided evidence of a Chinese intelligence operation through CEFC. 

Fifty-one former U.S. intelligence officials signed a letter in 2020 falsely claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, despite the fact that the FBI verified the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop in 2019 and knew CEFC’s Patrick Ho was a Chinese spy since at least 2016.

Seemingly separate scandals between the Bidens and Clintons involving Chinese influence and espionage over the course of decades are intertwined by multiple cover-ups from corrupt FBI agents.  Perhaps it is the alleged compromise of several former intelligence officials that binds them.

In Summary

The vast network of corruption surrounding both the Bidens and Clintons is daunting.  And after years of scandals and cover-ups, the same Chinese political warfare apparatus continues to compromise the U.S. political class. 

Americans have justifiably lost faith in the broken justice system.  But if there is any hope of ending the sale of America to foreign adversaries, then the true depths of China’s compromise of U.S. politicians and intelligence agencies must be completely exposed.

To understand the full scope of China’s strategy to wage political warfare on America and emerge as the world’s next superpower, the entire complicated web of the Bidens’ and Clintons’ corruption spanning decades must be untangled.

Congressional investigations are zeroing in on the Biden family’s compromise by foreign powers, as lawmakers introduced articles of impeachment and are seeking an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden in the near future, despite the DOJ’s latest move to cover-up Biden family crimes through the appointment of a special counsel.  But the investigation of Biden’s corruption would only provide one piece of the grander plan by China to take down America from within.

Buried investigations of the Clintons’ corruption must be resurrected to bring a more complete picture of China’s political warfare campaign against the United States into focus.

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