China is Using “Vitamin Therapy” to Treat Coronavirus, Yet the Western Media Is Silent…


We’ve been fielding a barrage of inquiries about coronavirus, and what if anything one can do to protect oneself against it. We’ve published previous research reports on the subject of Coronavirus and natural approaches, including an article by Dr. Andrew Saul on the protective effects of Vitamin C which Facebook recently penalized our page for simply for reposting it.

Dr. Saul also recently reported on how China is both using vitamin C as a treatment and actively conducting clinical trials on intravenous vitamin C for Coronavirus. You can read about it here.

This is NOT being reported on within mainstream media. Clearly they don’t want you to know that you have an option to support your own immunity beyond the promise of vaccinations, forced quarantine, antiviral drugs, and the mass spraying of the population with disinfectants (see the disturbing video here).

On this subject, our colleague Bill Sardi recently wrote a powerful piece titled, “Most Animals Can Harbor But Are Not Sickened By Coronavirus Because They Internally Produce Vitamin C 24/7,” where he brings up a provocative, but often overlooked biological fact:

“While humans around the globe wonder if the human species is about to experience a massive culling by an unstoppable and newly mutated coronavirus for which no one has antibodies against (except individuals who have already been infected), a striking fact is that wild and domesticated animals (rodents, poultry, dogs, cats, pigs) harbor this respiratory coronavirus but don’t develop life-threatening pneumonia and succumb to infection…There is strong circumstantial as well as scientific evidence that wild mammals exhibit immunity from coronaviruses and viruses in general because most animals internally produce vitamin C.”

With fears about coronavirus running rampant, we’ve been doing our best to keep truthful information about the virus and natural protective strategies as signaled by peer-reviewed scientific research up to date on You can read our latest report on that research here, and bookmark our Coronarvirus Disease page for future research updates. We’d also like to remind our audience that the fear of viruses as vectors of inexorable lethality, is a relic of classical, myopic germ theory — which ignores any true understanding of the critical role viruses play in maintaining a healthy microbiome. Read more about the value of the VIROME to health here.

In the meantime, since our bodies do not produce vitamin C, and you either have to get it from your food or tap into this healing nutrient through supplementation, here is one product with a wonderful reputation that Sayer Ji, founder of, and our staff use regularly: Radiant C by PuraThrive.  

Not all vitamin C supplements are created equal.

First, know that the best source of vitamin C is always whole, organic foods: specifically fruits, vegetables, and berries. If you do decide to supplement, you’ll need to take a high-quality, high-bioavailability product. Otherwise, most of the ascorbic acid will simply pass through your body without being absorbed (this is the case with the vast majority of vitamin C products, and is the reason many do not get the benefits of the vitamins they take).

For this reason, we believe that liposomal vitamin C is the way to go: it’s the only route of administration that’s considered as absorbable as intravenous injections, and it’s much cheaper, more convenient and less invasive.

We recommend PuraTHRIVE’s Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C for quality, which is nanoencapsulated using two cutting-edge formulation techniques, liposomal and micellar delivery. This is the highest-potency vitamin C available on the market, and unlike other products, it’s delicious!

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