CEO Exposes Deep State Soft Coup

What the majority of people think of how our world operates is NOT even close to what is actually going on behind the scenes…

We have been exposing the Deep State at CE for the past 10 years, so this is no surprise to us.

Recently, Patrick Byrne the CEO of the company Overstock had a press-release where he spoke about being involved in a ‘soft-coup’ that has been going on in the US since 2015-2016.

He claimed to have helped the ‘Men in Black’ in both the ‘Clinton Investogation’ and the ‘Russian Investigation’…

And it wasn’t the first time they needed his services, this has been an ongoing thing for many years he said.

Clearly Patrick has had enough and needed to come out and say something to the public…

But why now?

Shortly after the press-release the stock in his company drastically dropped…

And he resigned as the CEO of Overstock less than a week ago!

This SHOULD be a huge story in US politics, and yet it wasn’t, and there are reasons for that for people in the mainstream, on the left and the right.

A few days ago, we filmed a segment on ‘Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Exposes Deep State Soft Coup’ to connect the dots and unpack what is happening here.


People are struggling to make sense of this man’s somewhat complicated narrative, but I feel it reveals the struggles that come with sticking to rigid narratives about what we think is going on during a time where so much is being revealed.

Questions we cover:

What is a soft coup?

What does this tell us about the Deep State?

Is he being used by the Deep State as a tease?

Is he telling the truth?

You can watch the trailer here.

To watch the FULL Episode:

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