Caught in The Matrix of Commerce and How to Escape it (Pt4)

In this episode, I will where possible prove my point beyond the opinions and musings of the claims being made. Each of my solutions episodes takes us a step further towards an end goal THAT FOR THOSE WILLING TO ACT AND PUT THINGS INTO ACTION will see a dramatic change to your circumstances, your family’s circumstances, and above all your new mindset. In essence, it is the rebirth or birth you should have had all those years ago. Aside from the practical steps and the results thereof, it will be your mind, your view of yourself, and how you will see the new you as you look in the mirror, which is my hope in these episodes. I going to take you through certain points as if it were you trying to explain to a trapped mind what is going on. I think many of you already know about the fraud perpetrated on all of us from the moment we were born by the use of a birth certificate. And for those thinking this is just another one of those conspirator theories spread by people with nothing better to do, sit back and relax because not only am I going to give you some cold hard facts I am going to prove them in real-time and you can listen to an interview I did over the phone with a registrar of 30+ years who openly admits to the facts I am going to present you with. One thing I can assure you all of…This is just the first step in getting back your personal sovereignty and a whole lot more. And by the time this series of solutions has ended, it will be you who is educating others using the fact they are slaves to the system while you are no longer in that system. So let’s get started and by the time you get to the end of this episode, you will know how to regain your name, place legal and lawful conditions upon anyone using it and comprehend the true fraud that has been perpetrated upon all of us in a way I hope you can share with others.