This is a great conversation between investment banker and Former HUD Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts and Australian freedom activist powerhouse, Maria Zeee, in which the former educates us about the pivotal role of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the New World Order (aka Great Reset, Agenda 2030, Green New Deal, etc).

She explains how the CBDC is designed to be the central hub of the governance system of the One World Government.

The implementation of the CBDC, with the centralization of all currencies would spell the end of both national and individual sovereignty, worldwide. Furthermore, she says, “They seem clearly committed to depopulation.”


Catherine says, “Ultimately, as this thing centralizes, they’re gonna end up giving up control to Switzerland! It’s quite remarkable!”

As she explains:

“With a Digital ID and CBDCs – or a credit card system that uses these kinds of codings – essentially, you have the bankers taking over the fiscal side of the house and replacing the Executive Branch and replacing the Legislature!

The bankers can make up the rules and enforce them and literally get rid of the Legislature and the Executive branch. So this is a coup. This is a fundamental change in the governance system, using the digital transaction system as control.

This is why they WANT us to see how corrupt our governments are and why they WANT us to topple our governments. This is why they WANT us to dismantle the police. This is why they WANT us to eliminate the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention and all of the pretenses of Human- and Civil Rights associated with the post-WWII West.


The Nazi elite allowed us to believe that such things were ironclad and that we, the plebs “beat” the Nazis and that we “won” WWII.

No. They let us believe we won, while the Nazi CIA destabilized the Third World and sent US soldiers into the meat grinders of Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East and now, all of the bad faith that they sowed has come home to roost.

Now, they have adopted the cloying language of “Equity” while they remain ever-intent on killing the vast majority of humans and on replacing the West’s fledgling legacy of freedom with CBDCs and AI to control the handful of humans that they would permit to survive, to serve them in the techno-Medieval Utopia of their adrenochrome fever dreams.

The good news is that there is pushback. As of this past February, 11 US States have pending legislation to ban CBDCs and three weeks ago, the Republican-controlled House passed H.R. 5403 the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act, which blocks the creation of a government-issued, government-controlled central bank digital currency.

This fight is still far from over and citizens worldwide must remain ever-vigilant to this tyrannical scourge – and remain ever-dedicated to stopping it dead in its tracks, because, as Catherine explains: the controls desired by the Globalists don’t even require the implementation of the CBDC and could be jerry-rigged by using the credit card system already in place – as anybody who has ever been de-banked already knows.



Catherine Austin-Fitts: If you look at the G7 countries, Maria, we’ve had a balance of power between the bankers running monetary policy and the legislators running fiscal policy. So there’s this balance of power. But with a digital ID and CBDCs or a credit card system that uses these kinds of codings, essentially you have the bankers taking over the fiscal side of the house and replacing the Executive Branch and replacing the Legislature. The bankers can make up the rules and enforce them and literally get rid of the Legislature and the Executive Branch.

So this is a coup. This is a fundamental change in the governance system, using the digital transaction system as control. And understand what this means: So you think back to the pandemic. If they wanted to lock you down and they had this kind of financial control, then your money won’t work when you leave your house. If your car is electric, your car won’t work, you can’t buy, you know, you can’t buy fuel. You can’t recharge your car buy gas. So – and if you don’t take your mandates, your mandated vaccines, they can turn off your money.

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Maria Zeee: Thank you so much, Alex. Every single day that InfoWars is able to continue broadcasting is a blessing to humanity and absolutely much needed. It’s because of InfoWars that we can have enormous discussions like we’re about to have today with Catherine Austen-Fitts, who I’ve been itching to speak to again ever since Australia passed digital ID legislation. She is an investment banker and she worked under the Bush administration.

She’s currently reporting from Europe. Joining us live, Catherine Austen-Fitts, thank you so much for joining us today.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Hey, Maria, it’s great to be on with you again.

Maria Zeee: It’s great to see you. Well, we have so much to discuss today. We have huge advances in the digital ID realm. As I emailed you, I said, I need to get you on ASAP. Australia just passed Digital ID. The world needs to know what this means – not just for Australia, but for every single country.

Advances in central bank digital currency. We have some interesting things happening with the elections in Europe. So I’d really love, first and foremost, to get your insight into the advances on digital ID, specifically after Australia just passed this. How many countries are getting ready to implement this tyranny, Catherine?

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So there is a process going on to the BIS and it’s called through innovation hubs. And you have 114 countries prototyping, testing, trying in various stages, most of them very early stages, Maria. The Commonwealth Countries are pushing very aggressively and very hard.

And if you look at the polls, the population has absolutely no interest. So you would say there’s a real marketing problem here!

We had the G20 Meeting in New Delhi in September and all of the G20 nations, working through the Indian Finance Minister pledged allegiance to the Bank of International Settlements’ construct of digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

And so, you know, this seems to be a remarkable global top-down push, because you see China doing it, you see Russia doing it, you see India doing it, you see the G7 nations pushing very hard.

One of the key partners to the Bank of International Settlements is the Fed and the New York Fed. And they have an innovation partnership as part of the implementation system. But the chairman of the Federal Reserve has stated repeatedly that he needs legislation to implement these. And that’s going to be quite a food fight! And it wouldn’t surprise me to see if that’s one of the big agendas.

We see the presidential contenders, in a lot of different ways supporting. We have Trump aggressively promoting digital IDs and biometrics. So, you know, the push is on for complete digital control.And, of course, the pushback is remarkable.

I just came back from the United States where I was doing meet and greet with Solari subscribers all over the United States and the cash use on the ground from everything I can tell is growing. So, people are beginning to understand that 100 percent digital system is dangerous. They want to preserve cash.

I would say the Commonwealth countries and Australia are much more aggressive and forcing the population much more.

In the United States, not only does Powell have to get the new legislation, but you have states that are now pushing back, passing laws against CBDC. And I want to stress that they can do complete digital control without CBDCs. You can do it with Fast Payment Systems, which the World Bank is leading the global adoption of.

And literally, you can engineer this through the banking system and credit cards. So what we’re against, what we try and communicate at Solari is we’re for financial freedom and against digital transaction control of any kind. It’s not just CBDC.

Maria Zeee: That’s such an important point, Catherine, because everyone’s focusing on CBDC, but they don’t need CBDC to be able to control. In fact, Mayor Adams in New York was bragging about how he’s working with American Express to make sure that they can reduce the amount of meat that Americans are eating! So it doesn’t just need to be a central bank digital currency.

And it’s great to see that states are implementing legislation to push back against it, but we need that to really be expanded. I also note, that Children’s Health Defense had a win recently in Los Angeles, where they were privy to some plans that were happening ahead of Olympics and got all this information about the AI surveillance state that was being built. And the judge actually ruled that digital ID is not to be used to allow people to move freely about the state.

So we do have some awareness and wins in this area, but I don’t think it’s happening fast enough, Catherine.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So let me make a suggestion. If you go to on the right hand side, there’s a picture of the Bank of International Settlements and it says “CBDC Video Shorts”.

And if you click on that, you’ll go to a collection of 100 or more shorts, many of them one minute or less. And the top four, Marie, whenever I meet with a legislator, so I’ve been meeting for the last year with state legislators in the United States, and I’ll meet with a wonderful State Legislator who really doesn’t understand that there’s a danger. And I will show them the top four videos.

The three of them are one minute long and the other is two and a half minute long. And after they watch five and a half minutes of those four videos, they are gobsmacked. They’re like, ‘Oh, my God!’ because it’s the central bankers telling you what they’re gonna do. And when you see the central bankers telling you what they’re gonna do, you realize this is serious.

So one thing everybody listening can do is go watch those videos, but then spread them everywhere. Spread them on social media.

The first one is Augustín Carstens from the Bank of International Settlements telling you why I love CBDC, because 1), it’s his money and 2), he can control what you do and he can set the rules and enforce them centrally.

One of the big problems those 114 countries have is how ultimately as this thing centralizes, they’re gonna end up giving up control to Switzerland! It’s quite remarkable!

Because, it is the end of sovereignty, both individual and national sovereignty. And that’s why the more you can get investors or local government officials or legislators to understand the danger and realize, ‘Oh, if you look at the G7 countries, Maria, we’ve had a balance of power between the bankers running monetary policy and the legislators running fiscal policy. So there’s this balance of power, but with a digital ID and CBDCs or a credit card system that uses these kinds of codings, essentially, you have the bankers taking over the fiscal side of the house and replacing the Executive Branch and replacing the Legislature!

The bankers can make up the rules and enforce them and literally get rid of the Legislature and the Executive branch. So this is a coup. This is a fundamental change in the governance system using the digital transaction system as control.

And understand what this means: So you think back to the pandemic. If they wanted to lock you down and they had this kind of financial control, then your money won’t work when you leave your house. If your car is electric, your car won’t work. You can’t buy fuel. You can’t recharge your car or buy gas. And if you don’t take your mandated vaccines, they can turn off your money.

So we’re talking about enforcement of a wide variety of food and healthcare. We just did a wonderful wrap-up called pharma food about synthetic grown meat and, you know, sort of insect-based flour and all these hideous new, you know, it’s food produced by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

And it was one of the hardest things, when I first read the first draft, it was one of the hardest things I ever had to read. And I thought, ‘How are they going to market this?’ And I realized, ‘Oh, with CBDC, basically, that’s what you get. Your money will only work to buy pharma food.’ And, you know, if you try and buy food from a local farmer, they turn off your money!

So, we’re talking about complete central control. And what’s important to understand is you’re talking about doing it in a way that is so invasive that it’s also part of, you know, a governance coup d’etat, but literally a surveillance and tracking and influence system that gives them permission, essentially, to mind control you. So this is a very ugly thing.

Maria Zeee: You said the Commonwealth Countries are pushing much more aggressively. Let me let people know what’s already happening in Australia.

We have one of the major banks – or, at least a subsidiary of one of the “Big Four”, we call them in Australia, that is shutting down all its branches and going completely digital by the end of the year. Another major bank has announced the same. We have major banks refusing cash transactions over the counter that are over a $1,000, sometimes just refusing them altogether. That’s ANZ that’s doing that.

Someone that I know had their account suspended because they didn’t go in to re-verify themselves. This is actually, when they went in, the teller said, this is to do with your digital ID long before the Digital ID Legislation was passed.

And the Commonwealth Bank is showing people on their statements, helping them track their Carbon Scores with every transaction. So these things are already happening in Australia, nearing closer and closer and closer to this type of control that you’re talking about.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So there are a couple of reasons why it’s happening in Australia. One is Australia, long ago very much consolidated the banking system in Australia and New Zealand. And it’s certainly very consolidated in Canada. But the other thing is they got gun control.

And if you look, you currently have over 4,000 banks in the United States, and there’s a real effort to try and consolidate them. But it wouldn’t surprise me before they go for authorizing legislation on CBDC, if they don’t start running more banks. We saw runs last year. To me, it looked like a prototype and some other things going on. It was complicated.

But because of the consolidation and the gun control in Australia, they can move very aggressively and very quickly and they’ve done that in a variety of ways, including on crypto. So they’ve got real control over the private currencies, and they’ve got real control that makes it very difficult for people to find alternatives.

Maria Zeee: Just think about with digital ID – I’m relating this to what’s going on with InfoWars at the moment, Catherine, with the government attempting to shut it down. Every day is a blessing that it’s still on air.

And if there was a digital ID, you wouldn’t even need the lawfare that happens right now against dissidents. You wouldn’t need the effort that they’re going to – even the media effort – that they’re going to, to try and discredit someone like Alex, for example. Because, all that would happen is if Alex doesn’t have a digital ID, or if I, Maria, don’t have a digital ID, I can’t access the internet. I can’t broadcast.

And you, having a digital ID, won’t be able to receive this content. All you’ll get is government rubbish propaganda, because that’s all that a digital ID linked with your internet connection will enable you to view.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. It’s absolute control. And part of what you’re seeing worldwide – and you’re seeing it very seriously in the United States – is the effort to shut down independent income. That’s what we saw in the Pandemic.

You shut down Main Street and you consolidate the market share into publicly-traded companies. And that’s part of bringing the small farms and small ranchers, sort of shutting them down. And that’s part of what we’re watching with Bird Flu, is the desire – because to control financial transactions, you’ve got to control the food system. And so there’s a very powerful relationship between food freedom and financial freedom. And that pushes on to limit the ways of transacting.

So, if you look at the current problems that InfoWars is having, we’ve seen websites – and we’ve experienced this, as well – where the payments processors and the payment gateways constantly suppress, hiccup you, throw you off, you have to go get another one. And there are constant higher expenses in trying to transact successfully, if you’re in the independent media. So this is longstanding, but it’s always been sort of sneaky and subtle. They’re bringing it to a head.

Maria Zeee: I’m so glad that you brought up the attacks on the small farms, because this is a sort of multi-pronged thing that’s going on right now. When the people are weak and unable to sustain themselves with quality food – and you spoke about the food, they want us to eat – I don’t know! Meat grown from cancer cells, for goodness sake, and cricket flour!

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Oh, it’s much worse than that! You ought to read, if you send me a mailing address, I’ll send you “Pharma Food”. It’s fantastic. But if you’re on a diet and you need sort of inspiration, read “Pharma Food” you won’t eat for a week! I mean, it’s just, I know it’s so frightening how they’re going to make this lab-grown meat. And we see manufacturing plants popping up here in the Netherlands and all around the world to do this. I mean, they’re very serious.

And the thing about it, Maria, is it’s totally uneconomic. You’re talking about spending five times what it costs to make a hamburger the regular way by doing it this way. But it’s controlled by publicly-traded corporations, and of course, it generates more money for their stock.

Maria Zeee: And this is absolutely the case, right now with the attack on farmers. I just got word of a small farm in Australia notifying their customers that even though there is no Avian Flu on their farm, and no one knows that they have Avian Flu on their farm because they’re using PCR to determine that – a test that doesn’t work – is going to produce false positives. Nonetheless, they don’t have Avian Flu on their farm, but the Victorian government in Australia is banning them from selling eggs, even though there is not a trace of illness in their animals. And so this is, and they’re a very small farm.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. But understand what’s happening. Let’s say we have a community of 5,000 people in Australia, in New Zealand, in the United States, in Canada, and anywhere in the English-speaking world, we have a community of 5,000. And in that community, we have people who understand health. We have people who are expert at food. We have people who understand finance and money. And so, and we have energy, but we have all the intellectual capacity we need to basically grow our own food, make our own energy and trade among ourselves.

We don’t need Central Bank Currency. We don’t need dollars. We don’t need Australian dollars. We don’t need Kiwi dollars. We don’t need US dollars. We can simply transact among ourselves. You know, if we have mesh networks, we can do it digitally, but we can also do it analog.

So, in the Great Depression in the United States, there were 3,100 counties and there were 3,100 community currencies, right? And that can work, as long as we have food and water. If we have food and water and can scrounge up our own energy, we don’t need their currency and we don’t need them, right? And this is why shutting down independent income and shutting down the food system is so important.

Maria Zeee: Yes, you’re right. I mean, even in Scotland, they’ve taken measures. Now, if you have one chicken, you have to register it with the government or you face a fine up to $5,000 or six months in prison.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. So what this comes down to – because if you look at the presentation – one of the presentations on the CBDC is Neil Kashkari, who’s president of one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the United States. And he was saying, “I can’t fathom why Americans would ever let this happen.” He said, “There’s no proof that it does anything to ease international or domestic transactions.”

And then he says, “What it’s good for is taking taxation without representation.” If you wanna take taxes directly out of somebody’s account, you just take it. So this is coming down to taxation without representation.

What we are all facing, we have a wonderful wrap up called “Taxation” that focuses mostly on the US tax system, but it can be applied to any sort of country in the English-speaking world. We’re paying taxes to a government and they’re using that money in ways which are criminal, that are outside the law.

And I can’t speak as to Australian law, but when you pretend there’s a Bird Flu when there’s not, and you pretend that it’s impacting a farm where it could and so it can’t sell chickens, that’s just a ruse.

There’s a wonderful article by James Kunstler. I don’t know if you ever read him when he said, it’s about two months ago. He said, “What all political divides in America have come down to is to two divides: between the sane and the insane. And the sane have had it about had it with the insane.”

And essentially, we’re talking about psychopaths who are using these various ruses to destroy independent income and get control of the food supply and put us into basically, a financial transaction lockdown. And the reality is, what we have to understand is it’s a ruse.

They’re lying and it’s a ruse to get complete control and it’s a coup d’etat. So the question is, are we going to continue to pay our taxes? Are we going to continue to finance the companies doing it? Are we going to continue to treat the people who are doing this as socially-acceptable?

One of the worst things that happened in Australia, I think it’s the last week, was two of your worst criminals just got the King’s Honor Award, right?

Maria Zeee: Yes, you’re referring to Daniel Andrews and the other, his name’s escaped my mind right now. Daniel Andrews is, of course, he was named “Dictator Dan”. He was a horrific, horrific leader during COVID, if you will; led the worst lockdowns in the Western world in Victoria – which, by the way, the UN called the “Melbourne Experiment”.

Monash University bragged about the Melbourne Experiment, where they said the people of Melbourne were used as a “living lab experiment”, which is going to continue past COVID for the whole world to keep them locked down indefinitely for Climate Lockdowns.

Catherine, first time I guest hosted the Alex Jones show, I exposed that and all of a sudden Monash University pulled that down off their website! They weren’t so proud of their Melbourne experiment anymore! Funny that! But this is a United Nations plan, you can find it on the United Nations website. It’s still up.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: But let’s, let’s look at this simply and clearly. The COVID operation was a mass atrocity. You had an operation which intentionally killed and disabled and maimed people. It intentionally poisoned people. It intentionally bankrupted people. It was, it was, you know, it, it was a government declaring war on its people in a way that killed, diseased and bankrupted people. Okay. So I’m going to call that a mass atrocity. The fact that they got honors is telling you what the real goal of the operation was. That’s what we have to face.

It’s so simple if you will just face it. And what, where I find, we just had a poll, Russ Mewson just did a poll in the United States, nearly one out of five Americans know somebody was killed by the COVID injection.

So, so that’s what we have to face. We are paying taxes to a government and in our retirement accounts and pension funds, we’re buying bonds and that money goes to the US Treasury or to the Australian Treasury and the government is using that money to depopulate us. That is a fact.

Our children are being poisoned. Right. They’re being, they’re being poisoned by the spraying. They’re being poisoned by the debasement in the food...

Maria Zeee: Catherine, we’ve got to go. We’ve got to go to break. We’ll be back on the other side. I think we’re going to play one of those clips that you were talking about so that people can see it. So stay with us. We are going to be back with Catherine Austin Fitts in just a moment.

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Maria Zeee: Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show. I’m your guest host, Maria Zeee, here with Catherine Austin-Fitts, breaking down exactly how far this control system that they want to build in the digital world [will go].

We’re talking about the end of financial freedom, the end of transactional freedom, the end of what you eat, choices for what you eat, the end of choices for where you travel, the end of even freedom of information on the internet. I’m not even talking about freedom of speech on the internet. I’m talking about even the freedom to access information.

If they successfully implement digital ID across nations and successfully get control of the internet, not only will they no longer need to do lawfare against Alex and InfoWars and other platforms like it, you just won’t be able to look at it anymore!

You will have complete control over what you can see like a babysitter, Daddy Government telling you what you can and cannot listen to. Now, imagine another COVID scenario – which by the way was a baby test run compared to what they actually want to do – imagine that with no access to real information!

That is what they’re trying to achieve so that in the emergency platform that the UN wants to implement, which is a perpetual crisis cycle where we are forever in a crisis, you will always be subjected to their propaganda, their nonsense, their modeling, their lies – and imagine a world without any truth, whatsoever to slice through those lies.! It would be absolute Hell! That’s why supporting InfoWars at the moment is paramount, paramount to our very existence.

Catherine Austin-Fitts is here with me today. We’ve got a couple of videos that we want to play. Catherine, you wanted to talk about those before we play them?

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Yes. So, there are two videos I would love for you to play. I think you’re going to play. The first one is Augustín Carstens. He is the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. And the BIS is running the global process of getting all 114 countries on a Central Bank Digital Currency.

And so, BIS is the “Central Bank of Central Banks”. It’s got 63 of the top central banks as members. So, the New York Fed and the Fed are major shareholders now. Augustín Carstens was doing a panel in 2020 online with J. Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve.

And I was watching it, Maria – and you have to understand, I was raised and trained to be a central banker – so, I’m used to listening to central bankers talk and I know their central bank talk. And this was the first time in my life I ever saw a central banker tell people the truth. I almost fell off of my chair!

And my co-host on Money and Markets, John Titus, was watching it. He was in the Heartland. I was in the Netherlands and I chatted to him. I said, “Did they just really say that? Did he say that?” He said, “Don’t worry, I got the clip!” And so, you know, the rest is history.

But here is Augustín Carstens doing a remarkable thing: telling you the truth of why he wants total, complete control and the end of human liberty. So the first one, it’s just one minute. Let’s see if we can play it.

(Plays video)

Augustín Carsten: Our analysis on CBDC, in particular, to the general use, we tend to establish the equivalence with cash. And there is a huge difference there. For example, in cash, we don’t know, for example, who’s using a $100 bill today. We don’t know who is using a $1,000 peso bill today.

A key difference with the CBDC is that Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability. And also, we will have the technology to enforce that.

Those two issues are extremely important. And that makes a huge difference, with respect to what cash is.

(Video end)

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So let me first tell you what he just said, and then we’ll watch the next one. What he just said is, “It’s not your money, it’s our money and we set the rules for how you can use your money. And we can enforce that, centrally.” And enforcement means including they can turn off your money.

Okay. And so the next one, so the Federal Reserve has 12 banks, and they run the train tracks of financial transactions in the United States, Maria. And so they’re presidents of the 12 Fed banks, and they’re private.

They’re owned by their members. Neal Kashkari was a Treasury official during the bailouts, and then he became the head of the Minneapolis Fed, which is one of the 12. So this is a Central Bank President telling you that, “This is dangerous, you should never do it.” So this is Neal Kashkari, 2023 at Columbia University, telling you why you shouldn’t do CBDC:

(Plays video)

Neil Kashkari: I keep asking anybody, anybody at the Fed or outside of the Fed, to explain to me what problem this is solving? I can send anybody in this room $5 with Venmo right now, right? No, seriously. So what is it that a CBDC could do that Venmo can’t do?

And all I get is a bunch of hand-waving. I get a bunch, well, maybe it’s better for financial inclusion. Maybe it’s better for cross-border remittances. “Maybe”? Is there any evidence that it is? And they say, “Well, what about China? China is doing it.”

Well, I can see why China would do it. If they want to monitor every one of your transactions, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo. If you want to impose negative interest rates, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo. And if you want to directly tax customer accounts, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo.

So I get why China would be interested. Why would the American people be for that?

(Video end)

Maria Zeee: He’s absolutely right. And Catherine, directly taxing, people think, “Okay, well, if I lodge my tax return and I have a tax bill, I suppose I don’t mind so much if the Government takes that.”

No, no! We’re talking about “carbon taxes”. We’re talking about “breathing taxes”. We’re talking about “taxes for drinking water”. I mean, the list of taxes really is endless.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: I think it’s much worse than that. When the World Economic Forum says, “It’s 2030 and you have no assets,” we’re talking about a system that permits them to take everything.

Maria Zeee: Yes.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. And they’re serious.

Maria Zeee: So they are serious. And I’ve read their sort of smart city plans and their biodigital convergence documents, Catherine, where they say, okay, well, you won’t own anything. You’ll be renting absolutely everything. A drone will come and deliver you lab-grown meat, because you won’t be allowed to have your own food supply –

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Only, Maria, if you’re good.

Maria Zeee: Yes.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Only if you follow the rules on the Social Credit System. So, you know, it’s real funny. I had this back-and-forth with Polly Tommy on CHD. She said, “Well, somebody is tweeting in and they’re saying, you know, I don’t have any assets. I don’t care what they take.”

And I said, “Really? You have your children. How do you feel about them taking your children?

Maria Zeee: That’s right.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Because we’re talking about a system where they can dictate the health policies for your children and they can take them.

Maria Zeee: Yes! I mean, how many people already lost custody of their children, Catherine, because I didn’t get them injected with the poison shots!

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So, we’re talking about a slavery system. I mean, that’s what you need to understand. We’re talking about a slavery system. We’re talking about the end of human liberty in the West. We’re talking about the end of any democratic process. We’re talking about 100% complete physical control, at the individual level. That’s what we’re talking about.

So, the Legislature determines how the people’s taxes are spent and it makes the rules and regulations and and the Executive Branch enforces that. All of that goes away because the Central Bankers just told you they can make the rules in Basel, Switzerland, and they can enforce them from Basel, Switzerland. They don’t need a Legislature and they don’t need an Executive Branch.

They may want to keep them for face-dressing, but they can replace them entirely with a digital ID, social credit system and and financial transaction control, you know, “Bye bye.” And that’s with every legislature.

So over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to to work with state legislators all over the United States. The thing that we have in the United States, and, you know, in addition to having lots and lots of guns, which is very convenient, is is under the Constitution, the power is not delegated to the Federal Government by the States; is reserved to the States.

And if you look at the Constitutional powers of the States, in many respects, in many areas, they’re superior. And once the state legislators realize that literally, you know, the Fed or the BIS is going to take complete control and replace all Legislative and Executive Branch powers, they’re starting to push back.

So we saw a ream of laws passed throughout the United States. We saw states pass laws saying “World Health Organization, WEF and UN have no jurisdiction in Louisiana, no jurisdiction in in Oklahoma”. We had Tennessee pass a law saying “You cannot be de-banked for political or religious reasons in the United States.”

So Chase throwing McCullough’s staff off of the bank, you couldn’t do it in Tennessee. It’s not, you know, so it was very funny. One of the best ones is Tennessee passed a Geoengineering Bill!

And what was amazing is, when they when they filed it, I said, Maria, “No chance, no chance for this bill.” And they they had a guy come in from California who testified in opposition of the bill because it was going to hurt his business. He wouldn’t be able to spray!

You literally had legislators coming up. We have a wonderful lobbyist who represents us in the statehouse in Nashville. Lobbyists coming up to her and saying, “I thought this was a conspiracy theory. And now I’m realizing this is really happening!

And sure enough, they passed the Geoengineering Bill. There’s a $10,000 fine if you spray in Tennessee. And it’s funny, somebody just reported to me that they saw spray. But I’ve I’ve had people tell me ever since past they haven’t seen any spray in Tennessee. So we’ll see what happens when I get back there.

Maria Zeee: Tennessee is leading the way in many different ways as well. They passed the the ban on “Vaccine Lettuce”. You know, you have to disclose whether there’s mRNA in your food. And one of the one of the Democrats – (Catherine interrupts).

Catherine Austin-Fitts: – Maria, let me correct you, because the thing about the folks in Tennessee, they’re so these these are people who are really close to the ground and they know their stuff and they’re quite clever. What they did was they said, “If you wanted to sell lettuce with vaccines in it, you had to sell it in a pharmacy. You couldn’t sell it in a grocery store.”

So they didn’t ban vaccine lettuce. They just said you got to sell it through a pharmacy! So it’s very clever the way they did it!

And what was so funny, because the video went viral. So one of the great leaders of, you know, not just in Tennessee, but in America is Senator Frank Niceley from Tennessee. And Senator Hensley sponsored and ran the bill. And he stood up on the Tennessee Senate and explained, you know, that the bill was going to require that vaccine lettuce had to go through a pharmacy.

And there’s a wonderful senator from Nashville who couldn’t fathom that such a thing existed. And she stood up and said, “This is ridiculous! This is a conspiracy theory! And then Senator Nicelye got up and he said, no, Heidi, you know, I hate to tell you this. People – it’s it’s that crazy – people really are doing this.”

And, you know, he could cite all the evidence in the articles and everything else. So, yeah, but that clip went viral all around the world. And it was, you know, it was once again, Tennessee. I’m very proud of Tennessee, what they’re doing. They’re working hard

Maria Zeee: They’re doing some phenomenal things. They’ve been doing some phenomenal things that perhaps, the people that are seeing spraying right now are actually seeing it as a result of them spraying in other places.

I wonder how this works with – because, for example, in in Australia, we have a rain-making legislation Act in Victoria – which does say that it will go to other states. And then there’s a process that they have to do, if it does travel to other states or whatever. And so you could be spraying, you know, in Florida and it travels up to Tennessee.

I mean, this can happen. So I wonder whether it’s a result of that. And if, you know, Tennessee needs to go further when it comes to other states spraying and entering the the state of Tennessee, that’s another extension that I think they need to look at.

But Catherine, I want to talk to you about the current situation in Europe. We’re seeing these elections and this sort of rise of what appears to be populist leaders getting elected, although I have my doubts about many of them. But what do you think is actually going on here? Is there going to be a difference in Europe moving forward? Because right now, Europe is in serious trouble with Ursula von der Leyen.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: What we see is a push for central control. So, for example, we had a vote in the Netherlands. You got somebody voted in who’s more, you would describe as more populist. And he’s now appointing to run the country somebody who’s a civil servant who is the former head of the intelligence agencies. And my understanding, this is just more, you know, this is the kind of person that the folks who run NATO would love to see in charge. So it’s just more central control.

If you look at, I just got a report from the Solari Report host who lives in Paris on what is happening with different elections and what Macron is doing. And yes, you know, there’s a real expectation that it will swing towards Le Pen. But if you look at who’s really going to be in control, it’s going to be more, you know, pro-central control NATO.

So we have to really see what happens. But I think the population is disgusted and furious with the leadership. And that is getting expressed in the vote.

But then if you see who gets engineered, you know, back to the real policies, it reminds me of a great Curtis Mayfield, one of my favorite performance artists had an album in 1988, 89 called ‘New World Order’. And one of his lines was, “Sometimes it seems like there’s one way in and no way out.” So no matter how populist vote, you know, we end up with same-old, same-old. So we’ll just have to see.

The thing to understand, Maria, is there’s so much we can all do without just working through the politicians. So if you look at the things we can do to use cash, to push back against this, to add friction to the system, you know, I’m always telling people, take your little black magic marker and fill in the QR codes wherever you go.

So if you look at all the different things we can do to push back as investors, as citizens, as activists, it’s enormous. And we’ve seen all around the globe, for example, in the natural asset companies in the US got kiboshed this year. We’ve seen the IHR amendments watered down and really cratered at the WHO.

And what was interesting is if you look at our Hero of the Week on The Solari Report is the anti-WHO crew. It’s six of the real leaders who’ve done such a great job of pushing back against the WHO.

As they were going around to different countries around the world, the leaders would tell them, “We know this is terrible. We know we don’t want to do this. But they’ve threatened to not roll over our loans and give us trade credit.” In other words, everybody’s in a debt trap.

And so now what you’re seeing – you still saw countries push back – and countries are trying to figure out, “How do I get out of the debt trap?”

So, for example, if you’re in the United States and you’re running a legislature or you’re the Governor, you know, you send a dollar to Washington, but then Washington sends a dollar and 20 cents back, because they control the Central Bank. The Central Bank will just buy debt. It’s part of the inflation game.

And so you’re getting bought out of the law. You have a challenge: “Do I obey the Constitution or do I take the extra 20 cents and go along with the federal government doing something which is really illegal, immoral or unethical?”

So, for example, in Tennessee, they tried to cancel Federal Education Aid, because if you look at the terms and conditions it comes with, I mean, it’s basically requiring you to teach our children how to be sex slaves.

So they’re trying to figure out how they can turn the money down. But we’ve gotten ourselves, you know, as individuals or a state governments or companies, we’ve got ourselves in a debt trap. And that’s part of figuring out the money.

How do we get out of the debt trap? But if you look at what happened with the IHR amendments, countries are figuring it out, because they push back and wouldn’t let it happen.

Maria Zeee: Well, sadly, a very substantial package of the amendments did pass. And unfortunately, the WHO basically is now appointing an IHR Authority in every country. They’ve approved vaccines and medicines – which means they don’t consider vaccines, medicines – gene technologies, you know, preventative measures for pandemics. So, it’s still very, very serious there.

But I just wanted to ask you in relation to the dollar, because you’re talking about the debt cycle and everything. I also note that something very significant just happened this week, which was essentially the end of the petrodollar. This this, you know, decades old agreement that the U.S. had with Saudi Arabia has come to an end. They’re not they’re not renewing it. What what’s this going to mean, Catherine?

Catherine Austin-Fitts: So the dollar is slowly losing market share in reserves, but it’s still very strong in trade. I mean, essentially, you know, the petrodollar has been replaced, Maria, by a debt dollar.

In other words, you’ve got most of the countries in the world in a debt trap. It’s one of the reasons Russia is so infuriating for the United States, because it’s not a debt trap. It got out of the debt trap after the so-called “Rape of Russia” in ’89 and the ’90s.

So but most countries are in a debt trap and need the dollar to keep servicing their debt. So if you look at the dollar after, you know, the agreement was up, in June 9th, June 10th the dollars up, you know, a point, the US dollar index is now up at 105 today, the last time I looked, so that, you know, the dollar system is very, very strong – because you have to understand, the dollar system, at this point is run by the ©lobalists. It’s not run by the US as a nation-state, in the way that people traditionally think of it.

Maria Zeee: Do they want to collapse it so so that they can bring in some universal digital currency? I ask that because one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that the universal basic income that they’re proposing in every country is two thousand dollars per month, which is strange because the U.S. dollar is worth something very different to the Australian dollar. And yet that’s the UBI being proposed as well as the pods are nine hundred dollars in San Francisco, as well as nine hundred dollars in the city of Melbourne. So that tells me that the universal basic income and the currency, the worldwide currency that they want to implement is in the works.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. So what they want is complete, total control and they want to basically wipe out independent income. And so, they control – think of this as sort of the Communist Manifesto. They want to control the Means of Production.

So you have total central control. You have total control of the economic and manufacturing and production process, which is controlled centrally run through corporations. And people have no independent income and basically are are managed on a on a Universal Basic Income with digital IDs. And so it’s a slavery system.

And unfortunately, if we’ve seen what happened during the pandemic, it’s not that we’re all going to sit around on a on a Basic Income, because they seem clearly committed to depopulation. So we see fertility rates crashing in many countries. I mean, just absolutely crashing, particularly – and if you look at the numbers, the US now has the lowest – life expectancy has been crashing since the ’90s, when the financial coup started – but it crashed even more during the pandemic. So, the U.S. has the lowest life expectancy of any of the top-20 industrialized countries. So, they are depopulating, one way or the other.

Maria Zeee: I could talk to you all day, literally for hours, because, you know, you’re so knowledgeable and, you know, you’re across absolutely everything that’s going on. But we’re almost out of time today and you did mention there are some things that we can do in the last minute or so that we have here, please let people know what what it is that they can do in their local areas, in their lives and also where people can follow you.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: OK, so so there are hundreds of things you can do. And if you go to and you read, “I want to stop CBDCs, what can I do?” Or on the right above the CBDC shorts, we have a memo called Financial Transaction Freedom.

And it it has scores and scores of lists of what you can do. One thing to understand, Maria, is first and foremost, this is a spiritual war. So you’re going to plug into the Divine Intelligence or the Demonic Intelligence. Which is it?

So I’m a great believer that prayer works. One of my favorite quotes from a doctor in Switzerland is as follows: He says “The currency of the future will be relationships of trust.”

If you’re going to make it through this process and add friction and push back – and I strongly suggest you push back – because, if you look at where these guys are going, death is not the worst thing that can happen. So push back, push back, push back!

But you need to you need to identify you need to clean out of your life people that you can’t trust. You need to you need to be a person who other people can trust and you need to work and and build relationships, because this is not about what you do, it’s about who you do it with, because the people who are going to make it through, whether it’s family or community, are going to be with like minded people.

One of the reasons I’ve been doing meet and greets and I’m going back to the United States in August to do meet and greets all the way from August to November is getting people together, because like-minded people have to find each other. People who want to fight for freedom have to find each other and we have to make sure we create those relationships.

So I would say “Pray, figure out who do you want to get in the boat with and go down the river with?” Because, we are at war and you need to have people who have your back and –

Maria Zeee: You need to have allies. Catherine, we’re literally almost out of time, today. Home dot solari dot com.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Right. Get the financial transaction freedom memo. There’s scads and scores of things you can do. And we’re just about to publish –

Maria Zeee: (Interrupting) Thank you very much for your time today, Catherine. Apologies. We’re right on the end of the broadcast. Please stay in touch. And I will definitely speak with you soon!

For everyone watching, continue to support InfoWars while we have breath. God bless.