Can Spirit be Measured?… THE 1 FIELD – A Film by Tsipi Raz

All cultures and ancient traditions talk about our being far beyond matter . “The 1 Field”, using the scientific tools of the 21st century, examines this assumption through interwoven storylines: The life stories and research of groundbreaking figures in the study of consciousness, and scientific experiments supervised by research institutes and scientists worldwide . Can spirit be measured? Is there a field that connects everything ? Can we use consciousness to influence our lives, our bodies, and our environment, beyond genes or environmental limitations into which we were born ? A groundbreaking extraordinary new film with leading experts: Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Lee Carroll, Dr. Rollin McCraty, Dr. Roger Nelson, Professor Carlo Ventura, Professor Konstantin Korotkov, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and many more … Producer, Director, Editor, Script: Tsipi Raz We invite you to share the film with everyone dear to you. Learn more and watch the latest experiments and activities: Any illegal distribution and reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action. Copyright @ The 1 Field, Tsipi Raz, 2019 Please consider donating to the cause that made this film available for free. Your donation will be used to continue the mission of spreading peace across the universe: If you found this video helpful or interesting, please consider giving it a thumbs up (LIKE) and sharing it with your friends/family (SHARE). Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel (SUBSCRIBE) for more videos from Gregg Braden. Stay Connected Official website:… Facebook:   / greggbraden   Twitter:   / greggbraden   Instagram:   / gregg.braden