Brunson Brothers have some huge you know what…

I don’t know whether the Brunson case is solid from a legal perspective, but I think it’s solid from an ethical, moral, and American perspective. If we had common sense laws that followed what is “right” versus legal loop holes and a justice system that has been so corrupted that “evil” is protected, then the Brunson’s case may have some traction.

Most people who have run up against the justice system will tell you that it’s fundamentally broken. It no longer upholds the constitution and it surely doesn’t deserve the name “Justice” system.

The sad reality is we have blackmailed and captured political judges who have abandoned their role to uphold the constitution and the law. They no longer oversee a “Justice” system, but an “INjustice” system that currently protects the powerful doing crime with immunity (this goes for many in congress too who form the laws).

Because of this, I am loving the fact that the Brunson brothers are attempting to bring sanity by forcing the courts to uphold the constitution. It is unclear that it will work. But it is working in the hearts and minds of the people. Thats because the people know what they are doing is right even if it may not be perfectly constructed by a BAR attorney.

We all know there are very few BAR attorneys who would ever risk their ass or risk their future earnings. Never mind the fact that if our country keeps going in this direction, their future earnings are seriously at risk anyways.


Below is the Brunson plan E published April 18th on Raland Brunson’s Facebook page:


From the Brunson Brother’s Website

While Plan D is in motion, let me tell you about…

Plan E!!

It took two months of preparation and with the help of my younger brother Deron, I was able to successfully file a law suit against three of the members of the US Supreme Court Justices. They were legally and officially served March 17, 2023.

* Elena Kagan

* Sonia Sotomayor

* Ketanji Brown Jackson

I’m accusing them of aiding and supporting enemies of the United States Government by refusing to protect the constitution by denying my petition regarding the allegations that there was interference in 2020 Presidential Election. My three defendants knew full well regarding the allegations, and for reasons that they need to explain, denied my petition. They are guilty of misprision of treason, which is “the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony.”

As of a few days ago, and in response to my lawsuit against them, they (like anyone else being sued) had to secure attorneys to represent them. They had no choice but to lawyer up, because by themselves, a US Supreme Court Judge does not have the power of influence over a lower court (unless an application for a temporary stay order is filed by a losing party regarding a decision made in the Federal Court, which of course, has nothing to do with the action of this case). Let me repeat. My defendants by themselves cannot and do not have any influence over a lower court. None. They are individuals who have to defend themselves, and in response to my action they acted accordingly. They lawyered up, and by doing so submitted to the future judgment of my local US District Court.

I want them to either grant me a hearing or be removed from office. Now, does my judge have the power to remove them from office? Yes, he actually does. So far there is nowhere in the rules, or statutes, or the Constitution that shows or indicates that my defendants have to be impeached first. In my study of law and how our government is structured, there is no legal power other than congress doing a majority vote that can stop the judicial branch from removing my three defendants from office. But, what if I prevail with my Federal Court Judge? My three defendants can appeal it. What if I win in the appellate court? They can appeal it to the US Supreme Court.

This means if I lose I can also appeal it. All the way to the US Supreme Court. What happens when it gets there? Clarence Thomas and colleagues will then have the opportunity (if they want) to grant me a hearing, and if I prevail, they could, with a court order, have them removed from office. Who and what power can stop them? An executive order from the U.S. President? No. Judges have often stopped Executive Orders. What about the DOJ? No again. They are also part of the executive branch. Outside of the rule that comes from the majority vote of congress, there is nothing more powerful in this country than a court order.

What’s my next step?

Deron and I are now preparing an offer. A settlement offer that by law, must be delivered to my three defendants personally through their legal counsel. (This is pretty cool because I now have a direct path of communication to my defendants.) Anyway, my offer is going to be this: If they can acquire the vote of another associate Justice, which will give me the four needed votes, and grant me a hearing, I will drop my case against them!