Brighteon Broadcast News, June 26, 2023 – CRYPTO POWER GRAB as Blackrock, Fidelity and banksters unleash plan to DOMINATE digital currency

0:00 Decentralization

20:11 New Show

21:28 Elements of Fraud

48:15 Interview with Mark Sherwood

– Blackrock ETF is a Trojan Horse attempt to hijack Bitcoin

– Big Banks want to control crypto, on ramps, off ramps, wallets and exchanges

– It’s all about surveillance and centralization of control

– It violates the original vision of Bitcoin as P2P, decentralized,

– PRIVACY coins will become even more valuable and important

– Humanity will be forced to choose between decentralized digital money (freedom) and centralized digital money (slavery)

– Basic crypto skills you need to master to protect your assets

– ALL forms of money have a history of scams and rug pulls (especially the dollar)

– Details about my new show Decentralize TV

– Full interview with Mark Sherwood, naturopath and former SWAT sniper

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