Brighteon Broadcast News, July 21, 2023 – The COLLAPSE of the dollar-based international monetary system is now IRREVERSIBLE

0:00 The COLLAPSE of the Dollar

44:58 Interview with Dr. Chris Martenson

– FedNow launches instant payments system

– A pilot project for CBDCs and financial slavery

– All the top people I know are warning of the financial system coming to an end

– James Rickards warns of COLLAPSE of the international monetary system

– Andy Schectman proven correct in rollout of BRICS decentralized monetary system

– Robert Kiyosaki says #gold, #silver and #crypto are the safe stores of value

– Rapid global de-dollarization is accelerating

– People are POOR because they don’t know the difference between REAL money and FAKE money

– Those left holding dollars will lose it all

– Mainstream media now admitting the war in Ukraine is LOST

– The US military has become the WOKE laughing stock of the world

– If the US attacks #Russia, the US will lose badly