Recently, there has been some excitement about this economic alliance of strong and prominent countries that is now ready, so we’re told, to take on the hegemony of the West when it comes to banking and financial affairs. People are starting to hope that this increasingly powerful grouping of five prominent countries (with another six nations due to join in January 2024) is going to take down the US Dollar and the power of the private central banking cartel that deliberately drowns the entire world in unsustainable debt by use of outright fraud and by using flawed legislation that has been passed by incredibly stupid or, as seems more likely, completely corrupted and ‘bought’ politicians.

Sorry to disillusion you all, but I was reliably informed by experts and insiders some eight years ago that BRICS is no more than a deliberately planted illusion and distraction. One high-level City of London insider and whistle-blower (a good friend of the late Ken Palmerton and the late David Pidcock, both lifelong money reformers who had dialogue with some developing countries’ governments, such as Malaya, who were desperately trying to find ways of breaking free from the usury-based and criminal central banking cartel) told me bluntly over a Skype call with Ken, that I was not to be distracted by this ‘deceptive initiative’ as it was set up to simply create the necessary arguments, chaos and division needed to pursue and fast-track a single global digital currency. He did not use the phrase ‘Central Bank Digital Currencies’ as we do today as that name had not yet become common parlance.

And you only have to look at the countries involved to see that this anonymous ‘gentleman of the City’ was absolutely right:

Brazil – The Central Bank of Brazil is a full and key member of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) whose current president, Lula da Silva, is a ‘critic of the system’ but was, in 2010, honoured with a global statesman award by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is happy to attend the World Social Forum to placate the ordinary people about how unfair the current economic system is, but he is then even happier when kowtowing with the globalists at Davos.

Russia – The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is a full and key member of the BIS. The war in Ukraine is a planned distraction and an opener for what is coming. Putin, despite what people may think, is a WEF supporter through and through and allowed Klaus Schwab to open an office in Moscow to promote his Fourth Industrial Revolution.

India – The Reserve Bank of India is a full and key member of the BIS. This is a country that can, allegedly, send an unmanned probe to the ‘dark side’ of the Moon but cannot feed, house and look after hundreds of millions of its own people properly. Narendra Modi, the current PM of India, is a darling of the WEF and Davos crowd.

China – The People’s Bank of China is a full and key member of the BIS. This is the country that is the blueprint for what is coming for all of us unless we get our act together fast, especially when it comes to programmable money and how the central banking system led by the BIS is THE enemy of the people. Please remember that Klaus Schwab’s son, Olivier, spent some years in China hobnobbing with the great and good about helping to set up a full-blown Chinese technocracy which we can see in action today.

South Africa – The South African Reserve Bank is a full and key member of the BIS. It is also a country that is known for high levels of corruption from the President down. Apartheid may have ended but it has been replaced by a ‘nodding dog’ government to the BISWEF patriarchs of corporate greed and enslavement. And please read this…

In his excellent book A History of Central Banking – and the Enslavement of Mankind, the late Stephen Mitford Goodson, who was himself a Non-Executive Director of the South African Reserve Bank from 2003 until 2012 and who witnessed at first hand the private central banking system from the inside, wrote:

For any nation/state/society/community to have full sovereignty and independence in its affairs, absolute control over the means it employs to exchange goods and services must reside with the organs which represent the people, and must not be delegated to private individuals.

Throughout recorded history periods of state control of the money supply have been synonymous with eras of prosperity, peace, cultural enrichment, full employment and zero inflation. However, when private bankers usurp control of the money creation process, the inevitable results are recurring cycles of prosperity and poverty, unemployment, embedded inflation and an enormous and ever increasing transfer of wealth and political power to this tiny clique who control this exploitative monetary system. Whenever these private and central bankers have been opposed in the past by nations seeking restoration of an honest money system, these parasitic bankers have invariably invoked a “patriotic” war in order to defeat the much maligned “enemy”. This has been a feature of almost all wars during the past 300 plus years.

There we have everything in a nutshell.

And look which country, along with Egypt, Iran, UAE, Argentina and Ethiopia, is signing up to BRICS from January 2024…Saudi Arabia, a cruel, ruthless and autocratic kingdom that is now building the completely absurd and Orwellian The Line!  I rest my case!

If you actually read the lengthy BRICS Johannesburg Declaration with its 94 points, you will see quickly that it is very much business as usual as regards the push by the globalists towards establishing a global totalitarian technocracy – one that is almost identical to what is being rolled out by the Chinese Communist Party much to the detriment and enslavement of the Chinese people. It is high-tech corporate fascism, pure and simple!

The existing countries that make up BRICS all commit themselves to the UN’s highly deceptive ‘Seventeen Sustainable Goals’ and the completely bogus ‘science’ of Man-made Global Warming (CO2 is actually the ‘Gas of Life’ – we want more, not less)! There is nothing in that BRICS Declaration which can give the now burgeoning Truth, Peace and Freedom Movement any hope at all that some sort of change for the common good will come out of their pronouncements. And there is no mention at all of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – the one key organisation that holds this entire usury-based criminal banking and financial set-up together and which all those five countries are full blown members of through their privately controlled central banks that they have no actual control over. What a surprise!

Bottom line, the entire global financial system is rotten to its very core. Money creation and money supply should be in the hands of people who are elected, accountable and where the minutes of meetings are widely available. In other words, the complete antithesis to what happens today.

So please, no more talk about BRICS coming to our rescue. The financial and banking system of the world is a criminal enterprise that has to be shut down immediately and in its full entirety. Only debt-free and interest-free sovereign money will rescue us from unlawful debt…and the Truth, Peace and Freedom Movement right across the board now needs to wake up properly to this one salient fact. Those who control the world’s money, control the world’s stage. It really is as simple as that.

Justin Walker

(New Chartist Movement, Holistic Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) and supporter of the new Great Rising) 29th August 2023