By Anna Von Reitz

They use filmed child abuse as the dirt solidifying the “brotherhood” of the criminals at the government level of planetary administration.
“They only trust you, if you are as dirty as they are.”
Go here and listen to The First Salvo released by Lin Wood on Telegram, January 19th, 2021.
It describes Chief Justice John Roberts’ use and abuse of his adopted children as “the commodity” to buy his way into power.
It describes a complex web of evil orchestrated by Justice Roberts planning the assassination of other judges throughout America, using an FBI-constructed group of disaffected divorced fathers infiltrated by agency personnel to do the dirty work.
This FBI Agency Terror Cell broadly discussed their plans and initiated them and planned to act in the would-have-been first year of Hillary Clinton’s anticipated presidency. Their plans were written out, with surveillance, maps, arms, roles, etc.
This attack on conservative judges would have been used to promote gun control and would have gotten rid of conservative judges and justices, including Antonin Scalia.
The plotters discussed all the details of the Scalia assassination; the assassins were brought in as servants and laborers at the ranch where the murder occurred.
They discussed using DMSO to deliver heart attack or asphyxiation drugs to Scalia.
They discussed all this with Justice Roberts and Roberts wanted a say in who was going to take Scalia’s spot. And this was all taking place before Scalia’s death.
Hillary Clinton knew about it. All of it.
And now, you know it, too. No thanks to mainstream media.


Joint Special Operations Command
Pentagon Pedophile Task Force