Break Through The Limits of the Brain with Joseph Selbie

It’s so easy to blame the outside world on our woes, so easy to look outside of ourselves in general for answers. The truth is, everything that we are experiencing is part of a much larger holographic reality in which we are co-creators. From the moments we confer with our guiding teams before birthing into a body, we begin setting up what we will attempt to learn, be gifted with and challenged by. Once we understand that this transitory moment, this single lifetime is part of a continuum that has been traveled for aeons, we can relax a bit and put the craziness of the moment into context. Maybe even have a laugh or two and the insanity – including our own! Joseph Selbie is the perfect person for the message as a lifelong devotee to studying consciousness resulting in his book Break Through the Limits of the Brain and The Theory of God. Enjoy!