Brazil: A Last Stand in the Americas

I wouldn’t have run across this film if General Michael Flynn hadn’t posted it on TRUTHSocial and I’m so glad that he did. It was the shock of recognition, to get a deeper understanding of the history that I’d lived through, albeit unknowingly.

I can be forgiven for not knowing, because this is the nature of subversion and today, John F Kennedy’s April 27, 1961 now-hackneyed address before the American Newspaper Publisher’s Association rings truer than ever:

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. – John F Kennedy, April 27, 1961

Kennedy was talking about the Soviet Union but the Soviet Union was the creation of the same banker elite who are waging 5th Generation Warfare on the entire planet as we speak.


In his 1993 book, ‘Wall Street and the Communist Revolution’, Professor Anthony Sutton wrote that, “One of the greatest myths of modern history is that the Communist Revolution in Russia was a popular uprising of the downtrodden masses against the hated ruling class of the Tsars.”

What we find instead, is that the planning, the leadership and especially the financing of the Revolution came entirely from outside of Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States. The 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia was financed by the banker elite, led by Jacob Schiff, head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He was also a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

Black Lives Matter, the Marxist organization claiming to fight the power on behalf of the powerless is backed by the most powerful corporations on Earth. In July of 2020, one hundred of the largest companies in the US committed to donating over $1.6 billion to organizations “fighting racism and inequality”.

Marcos Schotgues, a Brazilian journalist with the Epoch Times and its affiliate NTD has released this excellent English language translation of Part 1 of his two-part documentary series, ‘Brazil: A Last Stand in the Americas’,  tracing the postwar history of the Communist agenda in Latin America, whose ramifications have been felt in the US, in the form of drug- and human-trafficking, as part of the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the US economy and thus precipitate Global Communism.

Lula da Silva is the corrupt, thrice-convicted felon who was sprung from prison and whose election was stolen for him by the Globalists using the same voting software that is stealing elections worldwide. He barely even campaigned, just like Joe Biden, who belongs in prison (or worse) and whose election was stolen the exact same way.

Like Biden, Lula ran on a “climate action” agenda and he’s the little darling of the World Economic Forum and the Globalist press. The only people these Globalists want in office are these totally blackmailed, controlled, criminal dead men walking, like Biden, Lula, Tedros and Zelenskyy. They’re thugs and they’re stealing the world out from under us. Just ask the Dutch farmers.

The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, whose father was a Nazi and who represents the most powerful of the global elites admires Vladimir Lenin so much that he has himself filmed with Lenin’s bust prominently displayed behind him. Globalism = Communism = The Great Reset = The China Model = The New World Order.

This film, ‘Brazil: A Last Stand in the Americas’ sheds light on the Latin American piece of their world domination puzzle. Part 2 of this series deals specifically with China’s role in the region (there is no English language version yet).

The story starts with the founding in 1990 of the São Paulo Forum to counter the defeat of Communism in Eastern Europe with the creation of a Communist Bloc in Latin America. Among the founding members were Lula da Silva and Fidel Castro.

As Trevor Louden explains in the film:

So it was set up, right from the start to bring together about 200 Latin American left-wing parties, Communist parties, Socialist parties, even terrorist organizations to coordinate and help each other, right across Latin America to elect leftist governments and they were very successful in the first decade.

Lula da Silva and his Workers’ Party is the model for Communist parties all around the world, because what he did was unite old-fashioned Communists and Trotskyists and Maoists and Liberation Theology Christians and Black activists all together under one umbrella.

The Workers’ Party was a coalition of the leftist groups to make them strong enough to win elections and that has been the model for political parties all through Latin America and even in Europe – even in New Zealand, my home country, we had an alliance party specifically designed on Lula’s Workers Party. The Democratic Socialists of America in the United States is modeled on the Workers’ Party of Brazil.

In the United States, Democratic Socialists of America, which has four members of Congress affiliated with the São Paulo Forum. So you’ve got a Latin American revolutionary organization that now has four members and many supporters in the US Congress but nobody in America knows that. Nobody in the United States knows that because nobody reports on it. Nobody even knows what the São Paulo Forum is.

Most of the Brazilian press is to the left, so they will not report on left hardcore Communist activities but the media is either unwilling to report on it or they’re scared to report on it, because there will be consequences for reporting on this organization.

After years of media denial, Lula thanked the São Paulo Forum for their support, as he had his legal conviction canceled and became eligible for the 2022 presidential race.

The Forum officially says it gathers 124 parties in 28 countries, including the Mir in Chile and the Venezuelan dictatorship’s party. In Brazil, there are five ,including the Democratic Labor Party, the Brazilian Communist Party, the Communist Party of Brazil and the Workers’ Party, with a total sum of 2,968 candidates proposed in the 2022 elections.

The Communist Party of Brazil and the Workers’ Party are in the coalition for the campaign of the organization’s founder, Lula.

Months before the Brazilian election, the case of Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal came to light, a scandal that seemed to give weight to the claims and confessions about the São Paulo Forum and expose more about how it allegedly acts.

Nicknamed “El Pollo”, he was arrested in September 2021 in Spain. He was a general in the Venezuelan Army and the director of the country’s Military Intelligence. A testimony he gave to the Spanish courts reads:

“The Venezuelan government has illegally financed left-wing political movements around the world for at least 15 years. While I was the director of military intelligence and counter-intelligence for Venezuela, I received many reports showing that these international funding was happening.”

He quoted the list of people he accuses of having benefited from this, among them, the Kirschner family in Argentina, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Fernando Lugo in Paraguay, Ollanta Humala in Peru, Gustavo Petro, recently elected in Colombia and Lula Silva in Brazil. They were all linked to the São Paulo Forum. Brazil and Colombia, according to him were priorities.

The hard proof that the former General says he can provide are pending while he awaits to know details about his extradition to the US. People accused by him deny that the allegations were true but the allegations of illegal funding are less curious than the charge on which he was arrested.

“El Pollo” was indicted in the American justice system as part of the Cartel de los Soles, or Cartel of the Suns in English. Quoted as a criminal faction within the armed forces and other institutions in Venezuela. Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, himself is also included in his indictment.

The former general was charged for partaking in what the court called a “narco-terrorism conspiracy” to, as the court documents stated, “Flood the United States with cocaine alongside the FARC.”

Something of note in the whole case and in the allegations that “El Pollo” made after his arrest was the presence, not only of agents linked to the São Paulo Forum but he mentioned one of its founding members, the Communist dictatorship of Cuba…

The American justices’ indictment of “El Pollo” Carvajal revealed more: This drug trafficking operation would not necessarily occur for money but to, in the words of the American courts, “Inflicts the drugs’ harmful and addictive effects” on users in the country.

The documents read: “Whereas, most drug-trafficking organizations in South and Central America have sought through recede from their roles in imparting narcotics into the United States, in an effort to avoid US prosecution, the Cartel de los Soles prioritized using cocaine as a weapon against America and importing as much cocaine as possible into the United States.”

The use of drug proceeds to prop up the Cuban regime and to underwrite Communist movements in Latin America goes back to 1960, according to ‘Red Cocaine’, a 1990 book, based mainly on testimony given by Jan Šejna, a major general in Communist Czechoslovakia during the Cold War and the second-highest-ranking officer to ever defect from the Communist Bloc to the US, who became a key source for American intelligence.

As Schotgues explains in the film:

According to Šejna, in the 1950s, the Soviet Union adopted the strategy of using drug trafficking and crime and corruption networks against so-called enemy countries, a strategy that dictator, Mao Zedong had also used in China. The São Paulo forum and Brazilian political agents could also be linked to this strategy.

Historically, the revolutionary value of drugs is twofold: One, you wither away…you degrade the morality of a society; Two, you create people who are willing to break the laws of that society and if you have people who are willing to break the laws of that society you then have people who are willing to do things that are unethical for money. Those are the types of people who can be hired, who can be recruited to be part of a revolutionary network or system.

Soviets mostly used the drug culture and those people for its attempted revolutions in the United States. The Chinese Communist Party’s done the same thing. When you get into Latin America, again ‘Red Cocaine’ talks about how they work for Cuba and so on, like that and Cuba being kind of the heart of the drug trade managing, in the US. Most of its operations were using spies and so on.

According to Šejna, Czechoslovakia’s secret service would send agents to 17 countries, to infiltrate various criminal factions. This included Latin America and Brazil. Terrorism would be incorporated into the drug trade, to further destabilize the targeted nations.

This was part of what the Soviets called “Basic Updated Revolutionary Strategy”.

Cuba entered the Soviet Bloc’s operation in 1960, a year after Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution. In 1966 at the Tricontinental Conference, it was decided Cuba would infiltrate agents in all operations in Latin America.

The Soviet strategy, coming from China and executed mainly through Cuba in the region was divided into five stages:

First, select and train revolutionary leaders as civil and military/intelligence covers;

The second step of the strategy was to train terrorists. This happened in disguise. Using a supposed struggle for liberation from “colonial powers” as a pretext, this guise of “National Liberation” was used to make intelligence operations look like movements of patriots fighting for their countries…

Cuba was one of several countries with training centers to teach crime and drug trafficking to activists, according to Šejna. In official declassified documents, the Brazilian Army confirms that the Cuban Communist Party provided guerrilla training to at least 202 Brazilian left-wing activists between 1965 and the 1971…

The third stage of the plan was international drug trafficking. Drug trafficking worked as a weapon in the Revolutionary War against the so-called “Bourgeoisie societies” and also recruited agents of inference around the world through crime. Fidel and Raúl Castro were described as great enthusiasts of this strategy.

Šejna said he had direct knowledge that by the mid-1960s, operations had been established in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile in the US, Canada, Brazil and others.

The fourth stage was infiltrating existing mafias and criminal organizations and establishing criminal unions controlled by the Soviet Bloc and the Communist movement.

Intelligence collection was a priority, with agents both inside the state and in organized crime, information would be gathered for blackmail operations against important targets in favor of the Communist movement.

Data was collected from both drug users and dealers. This made it possible to detect and recruit agents and offered a weapon to damage the reputation of people and organizations opposed to Soviet interests.

Šejna claims that by the end of the 1960s, the Soviets had information on corruption from more than 10,000 influential people in Latin America. This happened alongside the operations of the entire espionage apparatus of the Communist movement.

Former archivist in the Soviet Secret Service, Vasili Mitrokhin came from Russia to England in 1992. He copied and kept secret service documents.

The documents showed that former president of Argentina, Isabelita Perón was a Soviet confidential contact. Her finance minister was, as well.

In Brazil, at least one Diplomat was an agent. Soviet documents named Brazil as one of the five priority targets for operations in Latin America after 1974.

The fifth and final stage of the Soviet plan carried out through Cuba, as reported by Jan Šejna was to plan and prepare sabotage on a worldwide scale…

In 1987, three years before the São Paulo Forum came into being, a defector from the government of Nicaragua, a country run by members of The Forum said that the regime was still using drugs against the US. In his words, it is a form of warfare and it also brings profit.

Two Cuban military defectors confirmed that this was still occurring until at least the late 1980s, when they defected.

In 1989, Colombian drug traffickers pleaded guilty with video evidence of how the Cuban dictatorship aided drug trafficking. They said Fidel Castro even got a fee. This is the man who soon after created the São Paulo Forum, alongside Lula.

If what Šejna has said is true – and there’s wide evidence to support it is – to this day, thousands or more have had their lives and families destroyed by drugs and violent crimes linked to terrorist groups, without even knowing that this was, itself the goal; part of the revolutionary methods of the hard left in Latin America and the international Communist movement.

Šejna said that the strategy began to operate effectively in 1960. The FARC began to act formally in 1964, guaranteeing sanctuaries for illicit activities and inserting Colombia into the drug trade on an industrial scale…

From the point Šejna claims this plan started, entire nations seem to have become hostage to systematic corruption networks, not that different from those conceived in the referred Communist strategy…

[Trevor Louden speaking]: “It’s a perfect tool for revolution, because revolution is about destroying the existing social order, so that a new one may be imposed. So it’s no surprise the Communists would be heavily involved in the drug trade. It’s basically at the top levels, if your government is heavily corrupted and dependent on Narco money, they’re not going to be fighting Communism.

“You know, they’re getting their drugs from the Communists they are going to roll over to the Communists, they’re going to make as much money as they can, then hopefully get out of the country before the Revolution. That’s what they’ll try and do. So, it corrupts business, politicians, media figures – and those who are not corrupted are too scared to stand against it, so there’s no opposition. Nobody’s going to stand against these people, because they’ll kill you or they’ll kill your family, so these whole countries are taken over and they are basically now tools of the Communists.

“Mexico is now basically a tool of the Communist movement, which is why it’s allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to go through its country every day to flood the American Border, because they take drugs, they bring in terrorists and it’s part of the Revolution to destabilize America.

“So Lula and the São Paulo Forum were smart, you know? We will soften the image, we’ll not emphasize Communism, we’ll emphasize Social-Democracy an we will unite every party of the left that we can, from hardcore Communists to Social Democrat. We’ll run on a moderate, Social-Democratic program but we will bring our people into power, we all get money from the State, we will indoctrinate our children, we will control our media, we will make slow constitutional changes to basically make it harder and harder for conservatives to win and to embed our power in the main cities across Latin America and also into the agricultural areas through the ‘landless’ movements and and that kind of thing.

“So, it’s been a very slow process and it’s never been under the Communist flag, per se. It’s always been under the Social Democratic flag, the non-ideological left: ‘We’re opposed to the conservatives, we don’t like those authoritarian writers, we’re moderates, we just want to change our country to the better and we’ll work with the unions, we’ll work with elements of the churches and we will just gradually have progress in our countries.’

“But it’s always been a guise. It’s always been really under the Communist Banner. The São Paulo Forum doesn’t have a hammer and sickle in its symbol. It doesn’t fly the Communist flag overtly but it was put together by Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva and it has Communist parties in its ranks. But that’s never emphasized. It’s just the ‘social change’, the ‘equity’, the ‘fairness’ that is emphasized. Communism is being sold under a Socialist or a Social Democratic banner.

“And the goal is to work political power, then use the money of the State and the constitutional powers of the State to make things harder and harder for your enemy [conservatives] and easier and easier for you, to the point that they have enough power they can openly declare themselves Communists. By that time, it’s too late.

“And that’s the game for Brazil. That’s the game for Chile. Most people in Chile still do not understand they’ve elected Communist government there, even though there are Communist ministers, even though I can look at it and very clearly see a Communist government, you could look at it and see a Communist government but the average Chilean, they have no idea, because the media will not tell them.”