Book Release for “Undreaming Wetiko”


Since the root essence of the wetiko mind-virus is not knowing one’s true nature, not recognizing who we truly are, this then insures that our true nature, instead of expressing itself creatively in service to ourself and others, will be channeled destructively in a limited and uncreative way that drains our life force. If we don’t mobilize our creative resources, wetiko is more than happy to use our inner assets in a way that serves its agenda rather than our own true nature. Instead of endlessly tapping into our source and re-sourcing and refreshing ourselves, our own natural reserves get turned against us in a way that creates a nightmare, just like the one we are currently dreaming up in the world.

I’d like to introduce the term nightmare mind-virus as a synonym for wetiko. This coinage feels right, as it captures an aspect of this virus of the mind that adds to and complements the name wetiko. The nightmare mind-virus is the deviant psychic factor that’s at the bottom of our unconscious creation of a real-life nightmare in our world. Finding the name for what is afflicting us is like a deliverance from a nightmare. 

I like how the word nightmare refers to and implies dreaming. Nightmares are an unmediated expression and symbol of the darker and unintegrated parts of our unconscious having their way with us. This is precisely what the nightmare mind-virus of wetiko does when it gains the upper hand in our psyche and in our world, and runs amok. By teaching us how nightmares work, the nightmare mind-virus can potentially empower us to transform and stop dreaming up the nightmare we are living through. Multidimensional phenomenon like wetiko have inspired many names throughout history, yet any one name can’t possibly capture all of its multiple aspects. And so to find the name for this parasite of the mind that we are dealing with is important, for it helps us get a handle on it and how it operates. 

In exposing this psychic counterfeiting operation, this book is outing the biggest psyops in the history of the world, an order of magnitude bigger than any psyops that people think might (and may actually) be taking place in our world’s body politic. This psyops is taking place within our very minds, and in our unknowing collusion with this operation we are the ones who are perpetrating this nightmare upon ourselves.