BOMBSHELL: “Vaccine” Genetic Material is Integrating into Human DNA

This Substack has previously exposed the deliberate plasmid “contaminants” found inside the slow kill bioweapon DEATHVAX™:

BREAKING HORRIFIC UPDATE: HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 “Vaccines” — The Human Genome is Permanently Altered

BREAKING HORRIFIC UPDATE: HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 "Vaccines" -- The Human Genome is Permanently Altered

Last month this Substack covered a bombshell story about how HIV-infected green monkey DNA was detected in both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA “vaccines:” This story has just taken a terrifying turn for the worse. MIT Human Genome project leader Kevin McKernan and his research team’s discovery that highly carcinogenic simian virus 40 (SV40) is present in all…

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What we can now prove without a shadow of a doubt is that these “vaccine” foreign DNA contaminants are integrating into the human genome via the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery system. Thus, every single person that subjected themselves to these Modified mRNA “vaccines” has become genetically modified.

But the most harrowing part of this global eugenics project is that these “vaccine” DNA fragments can and will at some point in time express themselves as turbo cancers, or any of the plethora of adverse events; in other words, the human genome has been irrevocably mutated, despite all of the mendacious assurances by the likes of Pfizer, the FDA, CDC, et al. — they always knew precisely what they were doing.

This Substack is aware of a Toronto lab that over a year ago proved this “vaccine” genetic integration from whole genome sequencing of a “vaccinated” person, but the lead researcher will not release their data for fear of persecution. There have been discussions about sharing this information, but the concerns for now are too great.

Most importantly, Kevin Mckernan has organized CLIA-certified labs to do full human genome sequencing on “vaccinated” subjects to prove unequivocally that the genetic material is integrating into human DNA.

When this research is reproduced worldwide as per the below video interview, it will be the end of Modified mRNA “vaccines” once and for all, and the end of Pfizer and Moderna.

And it is now more important than ever to look for solutions to this global bio-democide:

Possible SV40 DEATHVAX™ “Contamination” CURE: HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 “Vaccines” — The Human Genome is Permanently Altered

Possible SV40 DEATHVAX™ "Contamination" CURE: HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 "Vaccines" -- The Human Genome is Permanently Altered

The human genome has been deliberately contaminated and modified by the slow kill bioweapon injections. The main component of this contamination is the highly carcinogenic simian virus 40 (SV40) promotor sequence that was willfully added to the “vaccines.”

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A synopsis for the below video interview:

Kevin McKernan is the genomics scientist who first discovered plasmid DNA contamination in the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines. Kevin has been working in his field for 25 years, having managed R&D for the Human Genome Project at Whitehead Institute/MIT, and now heading up cannabis and hemp science company Medicinal Genomics as founder and Chief Science Officer.
Kevin holds a B.S. in Biology from Emory University with a focus on cloning and expressing Norepinephrine Transporters

In this episode, we discuss the following:

– Kevin was the first scientist to discover plasmid DNA contamination in the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, in February 2023. Kevin tells us it was an accident and explains why he was using these vaccines while working on another project.

– Kevin explains that he found the plasmid DNA at levels that should not be in the vaccine. The political climate in peer review, is slow and not favourable, so he decided to find a way to make it easier for other scientists to reproduce his work. Reproduction is better than peer review.

– Kevin’s findings have now been reproduced by other scientists in South Carolina (Prof Buckhaults), Massachusetts, Ontario (David Speicher), Denmark, Germany (Dr Konig), and Japan.

– Kevin has published his work, it is a preprint still, see link below. David Speicher has published his work, and investigation into 27 vials. See link below.

– Pfizer did not use the same method of production of the vaccine for its clinical trial (process 1) and the rollout (process 2). Process 1 used PCR to create the DNA. Process 2 used Bacteria Ecoli and Plasmid DNA. The regulators knew this, but the public did not.

Unlike Pfizer, Moderna used the same method for production of their vaccine in the trials as in the rollout. They also used Bacteria and plasmid DNA.

– Kevin explains how the mRNA is made in manufacturing using the Ecoli and the Plasmid DNA. It is not easy getting rid of the bacteria and Plasmid DNA. It is clear from Kevin’s tests that some of the Plasmid DNA is trapped inside the lipid nanoparticle .

– Kevin did not measure the bacterial endotoxin, (which is leftover after the Ecoli burst open), but explains that the LAL assay used to measure it by Pfizer is not good enough, there are better tools.

– Kevin tells us that Pfizer used an enzyme is used to break the Plasmid DNA up. The enzyme being used is not the best one for the job.

– 10 ng of DNA per injection, is the limit set by the regulatory authorities as acceptable, however, Kevin tells us that this is the old limit used for the older vaccines. The mRNA vaccines are entirely different as the DNA is inside the LNP and gains entry into the cell. In addition, the plasmid DNA has been broken up into pieces, with sticky ends, which makes it more dangerous than the DNA of the old vaccines. The acceptable threshold of DNA contamination needs to be changed.

– We discuss the tests that can be done on vaccinees to see if their DNA has been affected.

– Kevin tells us that Pfizer used an enzyme (DNAse 1) to break the Plasmid DNA up. It is not the best one for the job. Part of the problem is that the RNA and DNA combine to make hybrids. Better enzymes could be used.

– Kevin reviews with us the Pfizer quality control test of a Pfizer batch, FL7649, which was released as part of a freedom of information request in Feb 2022, to the TGA, the Australian regulatory authority. There was a different assay used to measure the RNA, to that used to measure the DNA, and it looks like an intent to deceive. Deliberately making the amount of DNA contamination look smaller than it is, to pass the regulations. This batch has a lot of adverse events recorded against it.

– We discuss the Health Canada emails, which revealed that Health Canada was not informed by Pfizer that the SV40 promoter was in the DNA plasmid. But worse than that, Kevin believes that someone at Pfizer had to actually remove the SV40 promoter from the annotated diagram sent to Health Canada. Health Canada confirmed that the SV40 promoter is in the DNA plasmid sequence sent by Pfizer. So the sequence sent by Pfizer did not match the annotated diagram that they sent.

– We discuss the SV40 (Simian Virus 40) history with the polio vaccine. Is the SV40 promoter dangerous. Why?

– Kevin states that the SV40 promoter was not necessary for this DNA plasmid for the vaccine. Why is it there?

– Kevin states that contrary to what Health Canada states in their emails, the DNA fragments are dangerous. They have sticky ends and can integrate into the human genome.

– We discuss the departure in medical ethics that this rollout of these mRNA vaccines represents.

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