BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People

by The Sharp Edge

We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their recently published report on a proposed “unified ledger” called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.”

Control of All Assets

In simple terms, the BIS’ blueprint proposes that all private property in the real world, such as money, houses, cars, etc., would be “tokenised” into digital assets within an “everything in one place” global unified ledger.

CBDCs would be “core to the functioning” of this tokenised world and serve as the reserve currency on the unified ledger. Transactions between CBDCs and tokenised assets, which represent real-world assets, would operate seamlessly through smart contracts on one programmable platform.

Each token representing a real-world asset in this digital space would contain a large amount of data received from the real world in real time about what it is, who it belongs to, etc., as well as rules on how that particular asset can and cannot be used.  The BIS explains how these rules are set up by “directly embedding supervisory features into the token itself, which can be tailored to specific rules.”

The main takeaway of this BIS blueprint is that whatever happens in their dystopian digital world, has legally binding impacts on assets in the real world.  So, maybe the WEF’s catch phrase should be “You may own digital tokens, but we will control the real assets.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

Control of All Information

The “data environment” of this unified ledger would encompass all the tokenized assets plus “all information necessary to incorporate real-world events into any contingent performance of actions.”  That’s a broad statement. 

We can only assume this means that the unified ledger wouldn’t just store tokenised versions of every piece of private property on the planet, but every piece of information from real-world events that could possibly impact assets or transactions on the global unified ledger.

Source: “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” BIS, June 20, 2023

What kinds of information from the real world would be entered into this global database?  We can only imagine.  But the BIS does suggest that information stored and shared on this unified ledger could “enhance financial inclusion” by providing “disadvantaged segments of the population such as racial minorities,” with alternative forms of credit by using “non-traditional data,” a feature that ominously compares to a social credit system.

Control of All People

International organizations are coordinating to accelerate their plans for this global CBDC platform that centralizes control over all assets, information, and people.  On the same day that the BIS blueprint was released, June 20, 2023, Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed that the U.N. financial institution is “working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform.” 

The timing of this announcement by the head of the IMF, coinciding with the BIS blueprint, is no coincidence.  Georgieva remarked, “We used to say before the pandemic that the future was digital.  With the pandemic, the future arrived.  We now have an accelerated transformation.”

Financial expert George Gammon remarked, “The global elite have just revealed their Marxist agenda to control your life.”  Gammon added, “I don’t think most people can really grasp the type of power they would have.”  In this must-watch video, George Gammon breaks down the full BIS blueprint into plain language, including what it is, why it’s terrifying, and what you can do about it.

Source: “BIS Plan For A GLOBAL CBDC Was Just Released,” George Gammon, June 30, 2023

“We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode.

Fitts added that a unified ledger connected to a CBDC system is “so frightening because there’s only one way to achieve that, and that’s with massive slavery and mind control.”  Fitts also strongly believes that many of the efforts “to constrain our health freedoms” would be tied to this global unified ledger and “implemented by controlling transactions.” 

Catherine Austin Fitts highly recommended two Solari reports, under additional resources below, for more information about what financial transaction freedom means, what threatens it, and what we can do to prevent it from being taken away. 

Source: “Missouri V. Biden + The First Amendment,” Children’s Health Defense, Financial Rebellion, July 13, 2023

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