Biden Impeachment, Increasing War, CV19 Vax Keeps Killing

Many House GOP members want to impeach President Biden for taking bribes from foreign countries.  The U.S. Constitution clearly states this is a reason to kick a President out of the White House.    The FBI and DOJ have not been slow walking their investigations into the Biden grifting family, they have been moon walking them backwards.  Speaker Kevin McCarthy is blocking the impeachment of President Biden, but he is in for a fight from his own party on what many say is obvious bribe taking in the millions of dollars for Biden and his clan.

The American public is totally in the dark about how bad the increasing war is in Ukraine.  We are told one lie after another about what is going on, as Washington shovels cash into the black hole called Ukraine.  Putin is warning of a coming nuclear conflict, but his warnings are falling on deaf ears.  Why is the drive for war so great in Washington?  Is it because the dollar system is about to crash with the introduction of the new “BRICS+” currency?  Fed Head Jay Powell is fighting inflation, but is he really raising interest rates to protect the dollar from a massive devaluation after it is no longer the world’s reserve currency?  If the dollar falls, how high will inflation rise?

There is new data out that says 600,000 Americans a year are dying from the CV19bioweapon/vax.  It just keeps killing people.  The CV19 injections are also disabling people at a much higher pace than its kill rate.  People are waking up to this nightmare, and it won’t be long before enough people wake to totally put a stop to the carnage and jail the evil people who pushed this genocide on America and the world.

There is a lot more in the 52-minute newscast.