Beating the Banks and Creditors the Ninja Way

In this video… Meet Paul Yates, author of the book, “The Title is Unimportant”. The book, and today’s conversation will take you down a path to an understanding of banking law that, until now, only the elite have been privy to. His book is based upon his own experiences of tried and true highly effective methods and techniques in fighting against creditors…and winning. Paul’s journey involved court cases and studying contract and banking law. He highlights the power dynamics within the banking system, removing the veil that hides the real fraud behind the scenes. You’ll discover the real mechanism of creating money by the people and how it has been misrepresented by the banks we’ve all trusted for so long. There are a lot of nuggets in this unscripted conversation of which it is our hope you find some value in. Debt Ninjas Facebook Page:… Debt Ninja Website: #BeatCouncilTax #DebtFreeJourney #HowToPayOffDebt #DebtCollector #DebtConsolidation #IVA #HowToGetOutOfDebt #ShouldYouGetAnIVA #TheStrawman