Barack Obama Running His Third Term in the Shadows


Kim Dotcom April 5, 2023 Twitter thread:

It was Barack Obama who orchestrated the sabotage against the Trump presidency. Obama ordered the spying against Trump and his aides. All that followed from Flynn to the Russia hoax to the impeachments was planned by Obama, Clinton and Biden (OCB).

Trump was a threat to OCB. If he had uncovered the corruption from China to Ukraine they could all be in jail. Trumps ‘draining of the swamp’ had to be stopped. The deep state is in bed with OCB and vice versa. Together they must prevent another Trump presidency or be destroyed.

Trump was a fool in his first term. He did not understand how powerful the deep state forces were both in the Democratic and Republican Party. The deep state plays both sides. Trump appointed people who played on his enormous ego, charmed him and then stabbed him in the back.

Now Trump is even more dangerous because he finally understands the corrupt game they are playing. If Trump wins again he would appoint people he can trust and dismantle the deep state which protected OCB and benefitted from large scale treachery at the expense of Americans.

The OCB indictment against Trump has corruption written all over it. Matthew Colangelo is a former Deputy Assistant to Obama and now leads the case against Trump in the Manhattan DA office. Not to mention the Soros donations to DA Bragg. It couldn’t be more obvious.

To understand how Barack Obama is running his third term in the shadows you just have to listen to his own words. If you understand what he’s saying everything that’s happening in the US makes perfect sense. Why do you think you have a clown like Joe Biden as US President?

Here’s another video of Obama explaining how he’s running the US Govt in his unofficial third term. It’s naive to think that Joe Biden won his election fair and square. OCB and the deep state will do anything to prevent another Trump presidency. Absolutely anything.

Trump and I have something in common. We have both been raided and indicted by OCB corruption and we are victims of the deep state. But unlike Trump I can see that Assange and Snowden are the good guys and making America great again will unfortunately come after a deep long fall.