Bank Collapse In China! $40 Trillion Dollar Debt Heading To Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH

KONFRONTASI –   When will the Economic Collapse of China happen? Well, it’s already started. First, it was Baoshang Bank , then it was Bank of Jinzhou, Now it is  Heng Feng Bank. This is the third bank failure in China in only three months! And they’re getting bigger in size! Kyle Bass is saying that the Chinese banking regulators have at least 500 banks flagged for potential collapse. A Chinese banking regulator admitted at the beginning of this year (this was not covered in Western media) that there would be many bank failures, bailouts, and potential bank runs. He said that the mess is way more extensive than anyone’s guess.

According to the French investment bank Societe Generale, The Chinese banks are looking down the barrel of a staggering $1.7 trillion – worth of losses which to put this in perspective that’s the entire GDP of Australia. Put another way, 60 percent of capital in China’s banks is at risk as authorities start the delicate and dangerous process of reining in the debt-bloated and unprofitable state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector. China is lending itself a large amount of money that it doesn’t have and, more importantly, that its banks don’t have. China could lose as much as half of its banking capital if a chinas yuan crash or a financial crisis ensues. So China has a significant banking problem. China’s financial system is quietly dealing with this major crisis, although some of the activities are disclosed, they’re underreported and largely downplayed.  



This is an attempt to prevent the imminent economic collapse as it rots from the still lingering problems first highlighted in 2008. No country is immune; no Domino will be left standing. The Chinese economy is definitely heading to economic collapse, and there are a lot of headwinds. It seems reasonable to worry that China could be heading for a huge chinas yuan crash in the coming year. Understand what’s happening here in 2019: three banks have failed in China. Now you might argue: well, there weren’t failures the government just took them over. Well If the government didn’t step in, they would have collapsed entirely. This is a rapid deterioration of the situation in the financial system of China. And as China’s economic and debt pain spreads We’ll see more banks going belly up with a major stock market crash.


China’s four biggest state banks have fallen to an average price to book ratio of 0.6, one of the Hong Kong exchange a level not seen since 2016. We are watching right now as all of these companies lose to the value of where they were at their peak. There is no chance of actually fixing the coming economic collapse with central bank easing. They’re trying to get back to what they thought was this impeccable growth that would persist forever, and they can’t have it. People aren’t prepared, and they never will be, and they’ll see after it’s too late China’s 40 trillion dollar banking system heading to a huge bank collapse and chinas yuan crash. It’s not just China; it’s not only the US; it’s not Europe; this is a global problem. The entire financial system top to bottom is interconnected. We will see a world economic collapse.  It’s a conundrum that China is dealing with at this time.

Watch the video: (Jft/Epic Economist)