Bamboozled by Bullshit, Episode #1, “The War on Terror” *Warning Graphic Images*

Introduction: Terrorism would be used if it was necessary to help convince Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place … or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities

This is an ambitious project that will require a premise by premise foundation.

Humbly, this may be beyond my skillset to lay out adequately. I shall do my best, but I’m passing ideas along before I have full verbal and textual mastery over them.

Project Premises:

  • Large scale patterns of crisis and “events” spurring massive change and social upheaval are almost certainly long planned and coordinated.

  • The media in conjunction with politicians and corporate masters do much of the heavy lifting of explaining these patterns and misdirecting you towards narratives that protect those inflicting these patterns upon you, i.e. their bosses. In the modern era, this propaganda service has been outsourced to social media minders which is also captured by the US Military Industrial and Intelligence Community controls, acting as always at the behest of Global Oligarchic controls.

  • An illusion of standing up to the Operation must be proffered to keep you from looking behind the curtain too closely and revolting. This is the ballyhooed “controlled opposition” or “limited hangout”. This resistance is paralleled with efforts to keep you diverted to constant other villains and threats as presented. These threats will be made real in your life one way or another. As such, it is very difficult to track up the chain as you are sinking in quicksand.

  • As an aside, one of the reasons that I clocked the Damar Hamlin reporting closely was I’m quite sure that many who work in sports “journalism” are not read in to any Master Operation. How this misdirection gets done via top down manipulation remains a White Whale of interest for me.

  • The best agents of Psy Oppery are those True Believers down the chain who are in a double bind and go along. They just need enough of a plausible “good” to wall off their minds to evidence which push them back into the double bind.

  • The media pretends to do fake pushback on the Monster, usually peeling off elements of bureaucracy that cannot and will not be punished. But the media always stops short. They must stop short. Tucker Carlson is the greatest Mockingbird Media Op in history, an absolute master of solemnly putting you into an implicit double bind of “don’t believe your lying eyes, hello kids, I’m one of you.”



The double bind confronts you as you are aware of things that your favorite Gleaming Talking Head must avoid, or at the least, not pursue aggressively.

Many of the GTH are succumbing to their own allegiance to their masters. Because they did not ask the right questions.

Much as with Trump and now Bobby…you will have to make excuses for them. Now you are “read in” in a way. You are invested.

You are invested in Stockholm Syndrome identifying with the Middle Managers, and concocting rationales for why he or she do not aggressively pursue with commensurate intensity the crimes that you are not supposed to fully absorb.

And the populace does make excuses.

To not make excuses means to confront giant Evil and lies that underpin Evil.

Thus, our own double bind. Confronting massive coordinated execution of Evil is painful and exceedingly unpleasant and many will not be able to bear this process. Hence the double bind.

Why doesn’t the DOD sue Pfizer for the greatest crime in history, promo code: Naomi?


The answer is obvious: the DOD is further up the org chart than Pfizer and for them to sue their contractors in cull would expose themselves.

Could you, dear reader, watch a person get murdered with a vent, sedatives, and a toxic antiviral in a hospital? Would you try to stop it?

Do you know that doctors had to be aware that the protocols were killing people?

Many were. Double bind.

I just lifted that heavy ass weight for you, Donald, Bobby, and Tucker.

And I didn’t even have to get funding from DNC Megadonors to solve the case.

Do you see the disconnect?

The cliff looms. Tucker and all the Middle Managers merely hop[e to be ensconced in the bunker as you go over the cliff with your dioxin poisoning (Agent Orange, Ohio Train Terrorist Attack) or your mRNA poisoning, and they will blather and bargain that the next human rollout will go better and there is a bear at their country house.


double bind


Synonyms of double bind

: a psychological predicament in which a person receives from a single source conflicting messages that allow no appropriate response to be made


  • People are gullible and don’t ask the right questions.

  • Trust is exploited.

  • I’m just typing stuff now.

  • Yes, they really want to kill you because you.


Premise #1: Planning, as described in 1969, and is this really a giant leap?


    There was a discussion of terrorism. Terrorism would be used widely in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Terrorism at that time was thought would not be necessary in the United States. It could become necessary in the United States if the United States did not move rapidly enough into accepting the system.

But at least in the foreseeable future it was not planned. And very benignly on their part. Maybe terrorism would not be required here, but the implication being that it would be indeed used if it was necessary. Along with this came a bit of a scolding that Americans had had it too good anyway and just a little bit of terrorism would help convince Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place … or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities.





So we have testimony.

We have second hand testimony in 1988 regarding a warning in 1969 about sooooo many things that came to pass and are coming to pass fairly rapidly right now to this very day.

Listen to all four hours of the Day Tapes recollections from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, including the interviews with Randy Engel and Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty.


If you are going to say that the Day Tapes are fake, then you also have to explain Randy Engel and Stan Monteith are involved in the Op and all are the best voice over actors in history.

But as always, all I care about is what is real.

And then you also have to debunk Aaron Russo who seems to me extremely credible.

I’m going with: Day Tapes and Russo Rockefeller anecdotes are real for now.

Always open to new information, which, given the new Deep Fake Tech may be coming and will have to be assessed.

On that basis, if what they say and what was predicted was real…then the media fall out response to 9/11 provides clues as to how the quandary of COVID-19 has been reported by not just Tier One, but Tier Two Media…and may hold clues to the same style of 5G Warfare.

(Guess who was always there. Back then, 9/11, and right now. Any guesses?)


Listen now · 0:23

So already, this is going to cause many normies to check out and float off the cliff perched on their rafts munching on Doritos while shouting angrily.








Arguing from within the paradigm as presented

The Rockefellers All the Way Down are so far ahead of my rudimentary attempts to outwit my inherent Sweet Summer Childness.

Last night while watching this comprehensive 9/11 was an Op flick, I realized that CIA Agent Rather and other Mockingbird Media Operatives were arguing within the hijackers hate us for our freedoms paradigm.

“We were warned about the hijackers, and we blew it!”


And I noticed that the debunkers of the day were debunking on that basis.

Which, okay, I get it. You get going on a building block premise as presented, and you argue against it.

But it keeps you in the cul-de-sac. And what if the master premise itself is fake? (This is meeebbeeee why the True Believer NAVs get so worked up which is a whole other potential cul-de-sac.)

And this bothered me a lot when Steve Kirsch did the same logic thought bubble back in the day when he interviewed Pilot Bob Snow, arguing about spreading COVID after being injected, as though we didn’t already know that the injections do not stop infection and transmission.

Steve was arguing the rationale of American Airlines mandates from inside the walls of Blue Pill Covidian mythology: the “vaccines” are mandated because they are designed to stop the spread.

In very much the same way that CIA Dan Rather is counter-intelligence arguing against the Security State for being Dolts Botching Shit, unprepared but warned, but hey, they meant well!

Steve was basically trying to give American Airlines a Dolts Botching Shit path and not asking the right questions.

And Steve was too smart for that.

So this is sophisticated and at the limits of what I can process and explain.

But the real takeaway is probably thus:

Framing the (fake) push back from the guiding (fake) master premise in order to give Dolts Botching Shit immunity and we’ll do better…is bamboozling with bullshit.

It protects the Master Op.

BADDIES RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS or BADDY GERMS ARE ATTACKING and our bunglers in the Security State or Federal Health Agencies or corporations like American Airlines are botching shit.

Instead of: They are trying to kill us and seize power.

And control population. Because controlling population (and thus, resources) requires lots and lots of power.

Studies in Intelligence Vol. 51 No. 2 (2007)

Strategic Counterintelligence What Is It and What Should We Do About It?

Michelle Van Cleave


In the eyes of our potential adversaries, the relative weakness of the United States and its democratic allies clearly is the openness of our societies and people. The opportunity for intelligence officers and their agents to move about freely, develop contacts, and operate unnoticed is no more lost on foreign intelligence adversaries than it was on the 19 hijackers that September morning.

From the standpoint of foreign intelligence interest, there are many potentially valuable targets outside our borders. These would include US government personnel and the far-reaching activities of American commerce and industry. But the real intelligence treasure trove for adversaries is here in the United States.

*The central targets of foreign intelligence interest are principally within the borders of the United States:

  • The institutions and people responsible for the formulation and implementation of American plans, intentions, and capabilities.

  • Intelligence production and weapons design, the secrets of our nuclear labs, and the key R&D activities of our premier industrial enterprises, such as Bell Labs, Boeing, Dupont, and others.

  • Thousands of facilities engaged in classified national security work and hundreds of thousands of workers with security clearances dispersed around the country and in most every congressional district.

The CI problem is not only one of sheer numbers of potential targets or foreign intelligence personnel. The larger and more compelling issue is the scope of these activities.


And as usual, the Spooks tell us what they are doing by what they claim to want to defend against. Yes there really is a capture of our nation by foreign intelligence, it’s the Rockefellers and the CFR and the Global Bankers and many of them don’t even know or care to ask any questions whatsoever and the few at the top maneuver them just the same.


And the Spooks will make you, gullible citizen, the foreign controlled baddy.

And they will try to get you to focus your double bind ire on some hapless person or persons who looks like someone that you think is a baddie and false flag you again and again and play on your identity and your tribalism.

Because when you own the nodes of control and the media…It’s easy.

But they do tell you if you have the cheat codes.

Very much like Bob Malone warning you against Fifth Generation Warfare.

That does not happen by accident.

Bob doesn’t talk about anthrax or viruses that much.

He is absolutely giving you plentiful data, but you have to have the cheat codes.


I’m not sure how to do this series, but the spaghetti is going up on the wall, and we’ll see what sticks.

Next up, I’ll cut a video of the “arguing within the paradigm” of 9/11 Mockingbird Media.

And if I can stay connected to the Great Vision Fairy, I will try to work the Damar Hamlin Op into the mix. (It’s fading right now, tbh.)

Thanks for hanging out and keeping me company and helping me sharpen ‘dat steel.