Ayahuasca, Parallel Reality & The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock

 This is the Video Banned by the ‘Ted Org’, Originally Presented at the TED Group in NYC. Graham Discusses Mind Expansion & Parallel Realities With Ayahuasca. Academically Researched & Articulately Presented, Hancock Offers Compelling Evidence of Valid Alternate Realities Experienced in Ayahuasca. Compelling & Controversial, it is a Must See Video Suggesting the Human Brain is the ‘Receiver’ of Consciousness, Not the Generator of Consciousness….and that Alternate Realities, Inhabited With High Intelligence , Guides & Teachers Are Accessible. he Documents Scientific Tests and Lab Experimments in Which the Participants Share Common Experiences in Which They Encountered a High intelligence, That Often Provide a ‘Life Review’ of The Life Changes That Should Be Made, for Each Individual….Which Correlates with the Egyptian After-Life Soul Measurement of the Book of the Dead & The Biblical After-Life Soul ‘Judgement’. Fascinating review of the Cautions & Amazing Benefits With Well Researched Evidence of How DMT May Have Been Used in Advancing Human Progress Thru History.