Ascension is Possible NOW!

Ever wondered what the Kali Yuga and the Krystal Spiral are all about? The heavens themselves are lining up to pull humanity out of the darkness, we are about to become fully realized fractals of God. We are seeing and feeling the emergence of the true sacred geometry of the Krystal Spiral emerging beyond the false-light geometry of the Fibonacci spiral, AND we are seeing the end of the Kali Yuga. More on that later. We have the sun reconstituting our DNA back to its original 12 strand state, we have the Schuman Resonance at all time highs working with the Earth to facilitate ascension which would return to us to access to the full spectrum of frequencies of sound and light vibration, and the magnetic, feminine matter-universe so that we can be part of giving BIRTH to the the New Earth. The beautiful thing about this is that: These powerful energies are discarding the will of false idols on Earth. BECAUSE OUR INVADERS ARE NOT CONNECTED TO PRIME CREATOR SOURCE They have no way out but to expire or leave. Who are they? These are the Fallen Angels such as Drakonians, Annunaki (not all but most), elite human-hybrids, Necromitons, Dracos, Zetas, Odedicrons, Omicrons, Fatale, Shat-tar-El and Theta forces. It is the primary spiral that emerges from Source and carries the original creation encryption of the Kryst Code, hence the name Krystal Spiral. It is the Kathara Grid that GENERATES the Crystal Spiral which facilitates expansion INTO creation And our ultimate re-intergration back to SOURCE. The Cathars knew all about this ancient sacred geometry which was the PRIMARY REASON that the Catholic Church HAD to massacre them and all the other wise spiritual sects that came before them such as the BOGOMILS.