Annunaki: The Movie | Episode 1 | Lost Book Of Enki – Tablet 1-5 | Astral Legends

Zackaria Sitchin’s “The Lost Book of Enki” comprises firsthand testimonies and spoken accounts chronicling the experiences of Enki, an advanced extraterrestrial being hailing from a sophisticated civilization on another planet that descended upon Earth 350,000 years ago. Identified as The Annunaki or Atlanteans, Enki’s species played a crucial role in the engineering of modern humans and earth as we know it in modern day. Moreover, the Prologue, titled “Attestation of Endubsar,” recounts the tale of a scribe summoned by Enki himself to transcribe Enki’s testimony onto clay tablets. This narrative unfolds as the authentic story of mankind, revealing a hidden and forbidden lost history on earth. PLEASE NOTE: The royal families of the Atlantean Anunnaki, who governed the civilization of Nibiru and later earth, were hybrids with Lyran Sirian and Draconian Royal ancestry. They typically stood between 8 and 14 feet tall, possessed large heads, muscular builds, and featured a blend of mainly African, Asiatic, Albino, & Indo-European facial characteristics. Their skin tones ranged from non-melanin to full melanin with a spectrum of colors, and they often had 6 fingers, pointed ears or ears resembling those of cats. These beings engaged in intermarriage with various extraterrestrial races from different planets, resulting in the formation of distinct royal houses. The content of this film does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the channel, its affiliates, or assert that the portrayals of characters and scenes are entirely accurate or without flaws.