America Attacked on All Fronts, WWIII Underway – Steve Quayle

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle says just about every aspect of American life is under attack by Deep State demonic globalists who want to “take down America.”  Let’s start with the U.S. banking system that is teetering on insolvency and locked in a growing liquidity crisis.  Quayle explains, “This is a watershed moment in the world today.  In the world of financial happenings and events, we are watching the takedown, breakdown and total onslaught by multiple nations, namely the BRICs nations with total abandonment of the U.S. dollar.  World War III is underway. . . . It’s happening before our eyes, and the mainstream media, which is an accessory to genocide, do not report anything accurately. . . . For the first time in the history of federal banking, the ACH (automated clearing house) problem happened . . . multiple millions of people, from my sources, were waiting to get paid their paychecks.  For the first time in history, you know what the Fed said to the banks?  ‘It’s your problem.  You deal with it.’  I believe the Fed is in survival mode.  It’s treading water.  There is simply no more money to back up the big 5 or the big 12 banks.  We are seeing a focused liquidity crisis in the United States of America.  Our T-Bonds, T-Bills and T-Notes are selling at horrific discounts.  What people need to understand is banks of all sizes park their excess capital or their client’s funds in T-Bonds, Bills and Notes . . . and when the value goes down, that puts them into a position of financial jeopardy. . . . We are watching a breakdown, a takedown and a meltdown of the Federal Reserve Bank. . . . You need to get out of the big banks, and you need to get out of online banking because of cyberattacks and hacks . . .and the U.S. dollar is being vomited out by other nations.”

Another huge ongoing attack is at the southern border.  Quayle says, “I think what we are watching is the displacement of the American citizen and replacement by everyone else.  You can’t deny this.  The people orchestrating this are demon possessed, supernatural evil people, hellbent on destroying the United States from within.”

Quayle says there is a covert move by Deep State globalists that are wanting to shut down alternative news and conservative websites.  Quayle says, “They not only want to shut us down, but they want to shut us up.  Remember, ladies and gentlemen, when they shut down free speech and shut down free thinkers and speakers, then the world you thought you lived in has come to an ultimate crash with reality.”

Quayle says the coming war will see the need to “reinstate the draft” because Lucifer hates humanity and wants more to die.  Look for a new techno feudalism to control society.  Quayle also predicts a massive loss of jobs, and at some point, you will see a million jobs disappear in a single day because companies will have to cut costs quickly as the economy implodes.  He also contends there will be a continued takedown of Donald Trump throughout 2024.  The evil Deep State will continue to do anything and everything to stop Donald Trump from running for president again.

In closing, Quayle says, “This is the reality of Biblical, End Times. . . . Resist evil . . . Never believe the lie ‘aliens made us.’  They did not make us. . . . and put your faith in Jesus Christ.  He’s the real Savior of the world.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 13-minute interview.